Information from "Burke’s, Peerage and Baronetage, 1967" page 2399.

Found in Cardiff Library.

THE 16th EARL OF STRATHMORE AND KINGHORNE, Timothy Bowes-Lyon, Viscount Lyon and Baron Glamis, Tannadyce, Sidlaw and Strathdichtie in Scotland; Baron Bowes of Streatlam Castle in the co.Durham, and Lunedale co.York and Earl of Strathmore in the United Kingdom; Educ. Stowe, late 2nd Lieut. The Black Watch, supp. Res.of Officers. (ret. with hon rank of Lieut. owing to ill health 1944), Dep. Gov.-Gen. Royal Stuart Soc. from 1959; born 18 March 1918 (twin with his sister, Nancy Moira), succeeded his father as 16th Earl 1949; married 18 June 1958, Mary Bridget daughter of Peter Brennan of Clonasee,co.Leix, and has issue,

(1). Caroline Frances, born 8 December 1959, died 1 January 1960.

CREATIONS: Baron Glamis 1445; Earl 10 July 1606. Renewed patents 30 May 1672 and 1 July 1677, in Scotland; Baron Bowes in United Kingdom 1 July 1887.

ARMS: 1st and 4th, arg.,a lion, rampant, az.,armed and langued. within a double tressure, flory-counterflory, az.,for Lyon; 2nd and 3rd, erm.,three bows, strings palewise. ppr.,for Bowes. CREST: Within a garland of bay leaves, a lady to the girdle. richly habited, and holding in her right hand the royal thistle, all ppr.,in allusion to the alliance of Sir John Lyon with Jane,daughter of Robert II. SUPPORTERS: Dexter, an unicorn, arg.,armed, maned, and unguled. or; sinister, a lion, party per fess, or and gu. MOTTO: In te Domine speravi. SEATS: Glamis Castle, Glamis, NB. (where the Chevalier slept in 1715, and had above eighty beds made for himself and his retinue), and Streatlam Castle, Darlington.

Lineage: Sir John Lyon, son of John de Lyon, feudal Baron of Forteviot. Chamberlain of Scotland 1377-82; was appointed one of the Auditors of the Chamberalian, 13 January 1368-9, Keeper of the Privy Seal, 1371 on the accession of Robert II., and Chamberlain of Scotland 20 October 1377, before which date he had been Knighted. He had a grant from Robert II. of the lands of the thanage of Glamis, in the sheriffdom of Forfar, 18 March 1372 and several other grants. Sir John married before 4 October 1376, Jean, widow of Sir John Keith and daughter of Robert II. by his first wife, Elizabeth Mure by which marriage he obtained the thanedom of Tannadyce. By her (who married 3rdly, Sir James Sandilands of Calder) he had issue. John (Sir) his heir.

Sir John was slain by Sir James Lindsay of Crawford, 4 November 1382 and was succeeded by his only son.

Sir John Lyon of Glamis, Knighted 1404; married his cousin, Lady Elizabeth Graham, 2nd daughter of Sir Patrick Graham, Earl of Strathern, by Euphemia, Countess Palatine of Strathern, daughter of David, Earl Palatine, of Strathern, son of King Robert II.; and dying in 1435, buried at Scone, leaving three sons, of whom the eldest son.

Patrick Lyon, 1st Lord Glamis, one of the hostages for the ransom of King James I.,delivered up to the English 28 March 1424, and released 9 June 1427. This feudal chief was created a peer of Parliament, as Lord Glamis in 28 June1445. His lordship was sworn of the privy council and appointed master of the household in 1450-2. He married Isabel daughter of Sir Walter Ogilvy, of Lintrathey, and by her (who married 2ndly, 1st Lord Kennedy and died 1484), had issue:

(1). Alexander, 2nd Lord.

(2). John, 3rd Lord.

(3). William, ancestor of the Lyons of Easter Ogil,co.Forfar.

(4). Patrick, living 1481.

(5). Elizabeth, married Alexander Robertson of Strowan.

His Lordship died 21 March 1459 and was succeeded by his eldest son.

Alexander, 2nd Lord Glamis, one of the Lords Auditors of Parliament, and one of the Lords of Council at the same time as his young brother. He married Agnes daughter of William Lord Crichton, Chancellor of Scotland, but by her (who married 2ndly 20 October 1487, Walter Ker of Cessford) had no issue. His Lordship died 1486 and was succeeded by his brother.

John, 3rd Lord Glamis, also one of the Lords Auditors and Lords of Council. He was appointed one of the great Justices 1487 and one of the Crown Auditors 1489, in which year he was sworn of the Kings Privy Council. His lordship married Elizabeth daughter of Sir John Scrimgeour of Dudhope, constable of Dundee; and dying in 1497 had issue, was succeeded by his eldest son:

(1). John 4th Lord.

(2). David of Baky and Cossins, who fell at Flodden, 9 September 1513, ancestor of the Lyons of Cossins, and the Lyons of Wester Ogil.

(3). William killed at Flodden 9 September 1513.

(4). George killed at Flodden 9 September 1513.

(6). Violetta, married 1st Lord Lovat.

(7). Janet, married Gilbert Hay.

(8). Christian, married 1492, 4th Earl of Erroll.

(9). Agnes, married 1stly, 5th Lord Forbes, who died sp.1493 and 2ndly, John Ross of Craigy.

(10). Margaret, married James Rynd, younger of Broxmouth.

(11). Mariota, married William Ochterlony.

(12). Elizabeth, married William Forbes and died sp.

His Lordship died 1 April 1497 and was succeeded by his eldest son.

John, 4th Lord Glamis; married 1487 Elizabeth daughter of Andrew 2nd Lord Gray, and by her (who married 2ndly, 1511, 3rd Earl of Huntly, and 3rdly, 1525, 4th Earl of Rothes) had issue, was succeeded in 1500 by his eldest son.

(1). George, 5th Lord.

(2). John, 6th Lord.

(3). Alexander, Precentor of Moray,died 1541.

His Lordship died 1500 and was succeeded by his eldest son.

George, 5th Lord Glamis; at whose decease, unmarried in 1505, in minority. The title and estate passed to his brother.

John, 6th Lord Glamis. The nobleman married Janet Douglas, 3rd daughter of George, Master of Angus, and sister of Archibald, 6th Earl of Angus, by

whom he had issue:

(1). John, 7th Lord.

(2). George, imprisoned with his brother 1527, but released at the death of James V.,1542, but died unmarried soon after.

(3). Margaret, died unmarried 15 June 1610.

(4). Elizabeth, who married 1stly, John, Master of Forbes, who was beheaded 17 July 1537; married 2ndly, Thomas Craig of Balmely; and 3rdly, John Tullock of Montcoffes; and 4thly, John Abernethy.

His lordship died 8 August 1528, and his widow married Archibald Campbell of Skipnish. This lady, her husband, her son Lord Glamis, his kinsman John Lyon, and an old priest, were indicated for designs against the life of King James V.(the implacable anger of James V. against the house of Douglas) ,by poison or witchcraft, with the intention of restoring the house of Angus. Lady Glamis was condemned to the flames, and endured the savage sentence on the Castle Hill of Edinburgh 17 July 1537. Her husband, Campbell, endeavouring to escape from the castle, was dashed to pieces on the rocks which form the base of that edifice. The elder son,

John, 7th Lord Glamis, was also sentenced to be executed, but respited until he should attain majority; in the interim, he was ordered to be closely confined, and his estates were declared forfeited. The accuser, however, one Lyon. confessing that the whole story was a fabrication, his lordship was released, and restored to his estates and honours by parliament 15 March 1542-3. He married 6 February 1543-4 Janet Keith, sister of William, 4th Earl Marischal and left issue:

(1). John his heir, 8th Lord.

(2). Thomas (Sir), ancester of the Lyons of Auldbar, in Forfarshire. Styled Master of Glamis, Treasurer of Scotland 1585-96; married 1stly, Agnes sister of 5th Lord Gray and widow of Robert Logan of Restalrig, and of 5th Lord Home, and had issue, two daughters. He married 2ndly, 1586, Eupheme daughter of 7th Earl of Morton and by her had issue, two sons and a daughter. He died 18 February 1608.

(3). Margaret, married 1stly, (contract 30 September 1566) Gilbert, Earl of Cassillis; 2ndly, (contract 30 December 1577) 1st Marquess of

Hamilton, and died 1626.

His Lordship died before 18 September 1559 and was succeeded by his elder son:

John, 8th Lord Glamis, the friend and supporter of the Regent Morton. He was appointed Chancellor of Scotland and Keeper of the Great Seal for life, 8 October 1573, constituted lord chancellor of Scotland in 1575. His lordship married 11 April 1561, Elizabeth daughter of Alexander, 6th Lord Saltoun; and widow of William Meldrum, of Fyvie, and had issue.

(1). Patrick, 9th Lord and 1st Earl.

(2). Elizabeth, married (contract 18 May 1575), Patrick, afterwards 6th Lord Gray, whom she divorced in 1585. She married 2ndly (contract 14 February 1586-7), William Ker of Grange, and by him had issue.

(2). Jean, married 1stly, (contract 19 March 1582) Robert Douglas, younger of Lochlevan; 2ndly (contract 29 July 1587), 8th Earl of Angus; and 3rdly, 1st Lord Spynie.

(3). Sibilia, living 1579.

His Lordship was accidentally killed17 March 1578 in an encounter between his followers and those of the Earl of Crawford, was succeeded by his only son.

Patrick, 1st Earl of Kinghorne, capt.of the Guard, and one of the privy council of King James VI.,born 1575, was created Earl of Kinghorne 10 July 1606. His lordship married Anne( died 27 February 1618) daughter of John Murray, 1st Earl of Tullibardine, and had issue.

(1). John, 2nd Earl.

(2). James, of Auldbar, MP. for Angus, a supporter of the Covenant died sp. before 13 August 1641.

(3). Patrick, died young.

(4). Frederick, of Brigton, MP.co.Forfar, a supporter of the Covenant; married 1stly, Margaret daughter of Sir Patrick Ogilvie of Inchmartins, and by her was ancestor of the family of Lyon of Brigton, which was sold by his descendant Charles Lyon 20 May 43, He married 2ndly Jean Stewart widow of George Crichton of Arbeckle, but by her had no issue. He died 1660.

(5). Anne, married 1618 William afterwards 10th Earl of Erroll.

(6). Jean, died before 2 October 1618.

The Earl died 19 December 1615, was succeeded by his eldest son.

John, 2nd Earl of Kinghorne; born 13 August 1596; married 1stly,(contract 19 June 1618) Lady Margaret Erskine, 3rd daughter of John, Earl of Mar, High Treasurer of Scotland, by whom he had no surviving issue. He married 2ndly, Lady Elizabeth Maule, only daughter of Patrick, 1st Earl of Panmure, by her (who married 2ndly, 30 July 1650, 3rd Earl of Linlithgow and died October 1659), had issue.

(1). Patrick, 3rd Earl.

(2).Elizabeth, married 1stly,(contract 28 August 1665) to Charles, 1st Earl of Aboyne.

His Lordship died 12 May 1647 and was succeeded by his only son:

Patrick 3rd Earl of Strathmore, born 29 May 1643. This nobleman obtained a new charter, dated 30 May 1672, extending the reversionary limitation of the earldom, in default of direct male issue, to any person or persons nominated by himself, and in failure of those, to his heirs and assigns whatsoever; and his lordship procured another charter, dated 1 July 1677, providing, "That (himself) Patrick, 3rd Earl of Kinghorne, and his heirs male, or heirs whatsoever, should in all future ages be styled Earls of Strathmore and Kinghorne, Viscounts Lyon, Barons Glamis, Tannadyce, Sidlaw and Strathichtie". His lordship, who was a privy councillor and an extraordinary lord of Session, died in 1695; and married Helen Middleton (died May 1708) daughter of John, Earl of Middleton) and had issue:

(1). John, 4th Earl.

(2). Patrick of Auchterhouse, MP. for Angus 1702-15; married Margaret (died 14 April 1742), sister of James Carnegie of Phinhaven, and was killed at Sheriffmuir 13 November 1715, died sp.

(3). Charles, died 1692.

(4). Grizel, married 8 May 1696, 3rd Earl of Airlie.

(5). Elizabeth, married 1stly, 2nd Earl of Aboyne; 2ndly 3rd Lord Kinnaird; 3rdly, Capt Alexander Grant of Grantsfield, and died January 1739.

His Lordship died 15 May 1695 and was succeeded by his eldest son:

John, 4th Earl of Strathmore, born 8 May 1663, who married (contract 21 September 1691) Lady Elizabeth Stanhope(died 24 April 1723), daughter of Philip,2nd Earl of Chesterfield, and had issue. (1). Patrick, Lord Glamis, died sp. before 10 September 1709.

(2). Philip, Lord Glamis, bapt.29 October 1693, died sp. before 10 September 1709.

(3). John, 5th Earl.

(4). Charles, 6th Earl.

(5). Hendrie, bapt.1 July 1700; died young.

(6). James, 7th Earl.

(7). Thomas, 8th Earl.

(8). Helen, married 1714, 7th Lord Blantyre, but died sp. 19 December 1723.

(9). Mary, died unmarried 26 May 1780.

(10). Catherine, died young.

His lordship died 10 May 1712 and was succeeded by his eldest surviving son.

John, 5th Earl of Strathmore, bapt.27 April 1690; who was slain in rebellion 18 November 1715 at the battle of Sheriffmuir, and was succeeded by his brother.

Charles, 6th Earl of Strathmore, bapt.12 July 1699; married 25 July 1725 Lady Susan Cochrane, 2nd daughter of John, 4th Earl of Dundonald, by whom (who married 2ndly, 2nd April 1745, George Forbes, her factor, afterwards master of the horse to the Chevalier, and died 23 June 1754) he had no issue. His lordship died in consequence of an accidental wound received in a scuffle 11 May 1728, and was succeeded by his brother.

James, 7th Earl of Strathmore, bapt.24 December 1702; who married 6 March 1731, Mary daughter of George Oliphant, MD.,but dying without issue in 1735 was succeeded by his brother.

Thomas, 8th Earl of Strathmore, bapt.6 July 1704; who married 20 July 1736, Jean (died 13 May 1778) daughter and heiress of James Nicholson, of West Rainton,co.Durham and has issue.

(1). John, his successor, 9th Earl.

(2). James Philip, born 2 July 1738; who whilst in the EI.Co’s. service was taken at Cossimbazar, by Mir Cossim. Nabob of Bengal and murdered at Patna, by order of the Nabab, with several English gentlemen in 1763.

(3). Thomas of Hetton House,Durham, MP.,born in 1741; married 13 June 1774, Mary Elizabeth daughter of Farren Wren of Binchester,co.Durham, (who died 13 May 1811) and died 13 September 1796, having had surviving issue.

(1). John of Hetton House,Durham, married 3 February 1812 Anne daughter of Barrington Price; and died 20 June 1829, leaving by her (who married 2ndly, 1830, Lieut. John William Oldmixon, RN.) an only daughter.

(1). Maria, married 1832, Hon.Russell Barrington and died 20 July 1871, leaving issue (see Barrington, V). He died 15 February 1835.

(2). Charles, born 1792; married Miss Gibson and died 14 August 1859.

(3). Mary, married 1 January 1799 Thomas Wilkinson and died 22 June 1803.

(4). Anne.

(5). Frances, married 24 June 1811 Rev.Thomas Thurlow,brother of Edward, 2nd Lord Thurlow and died 5 January 1863.

(6). Charlotte, married 20 November 1809 Rev.Henry George Liddell, brother of Lord Ravensworth and died 30 January 1871.

(7). Susan, married 20 May 1811, Rev.John Fellows, of Shottisham in Norfolk.

(8). Mary Anne, married 31 October 1821, John Clutterbuck, of Warkworth in Northumberland.

(4). Susan, married 5 September 1763, General John Lambton of Harraton Hall,co.Durham, died 26 February 1769 leaving issue.

(5). Anne, married 15 July 1768, John Simpson of Bradley,co.Durham.

(6). Mary, died unmarried 22 May 1767, aged 18.

(7). Jane, died unmarried 22 August 1836, aged 60.

His lordship died 18 January 1753, was succeeded by his eldest son.

John, 9th Earl of Strathmore, a Representative Peer for Scotland 1767-76, born 17 July 1737; married 24 February 1767, Mary Eleanor, only daughter and heiress of George Bowes, of Streatlam Castle and Gibside,co.Durham, and assumed in consequence by act of Parliament 1767, the surname of Bowes. By her (who married 2ndly, 17 January 1777, Andrew Robinson Stoney, MP. for Newcastle on Tyne and High Sheriff, Durham, 1780, eldest son of George Stoney of Greyfort,co.Tipperary, and from whom she obtained a divorce 3 March 1789, and died 28 April 1800), he has issue,

(1). John, his successor.10th Earl.

(2). George Bowes, of Paul’s Walden,Hertford, born 17 November 1771, married 14 June 1805, Mary daughter of Edward Thornhill, of Kingston Lisle,Berks, and died without issue 31 January 1806, she married 2ndly in 1811, Barrington Price.

(3). Thomas, 11th Earl.

(4). Mary, married 11 May 1789, Col.Barrington Price, of Becket,Glos.,and died 22 April 1806.

(5). Anne Maria, married 22 January 1778, Henry James Jessop and died 29 March 1832.

His Lordship died 7 March 1776 and was succeeded by his eldest son:

John, 10th Earl of Strathmore, a Representative Peer of Scotland 1796-1806, and 1807-12, was enrolled among the peers of the United Kingdom by the title of Baron Bowes of Streatlam Castle, 18 July 1815. He was born 14 April 1769, married 2 July 1820, Mary daughter of J Millner of Staindrop,co. Durham, and died the day following. His widow married 2ndly, 16 March 1831, Rt.Hon,Sir William Hutt,KCB.,PC.,MP. and died 5 May 1860. Following his lordship’s death the Barony of Bowes in the United Kingdom became extinct, and the Scottish Peerage devolved upon his brother:

Thomas Lyon-Bowes, 11th Earl of Strathmore, born 3 May 1773; married 1stly, 1 January 1800, Mary Elizabeth Louisa Rodney (died 1 June 1811), only daughter and heiress of George Carpenter of Redbourn, Herts. and had issue:

(1). Thomas George, Lord Glamis; born 6 February 1801; married 21 December 1820, Charlotte (died 19 January 1881) daughter of Joseph Valentine Grimstead, and died 27 January 1834, having had issue.

(1). Thomas George, 12th Earl.

(2). Claude, 13th Earl.

(3). Charlotte, died 22 October 1844 aged 18.

(4). Frances, to whom a patent of precedence was granted 10 February 1847, married 2 February 1858, Hugh Charles Trevanion, and died 27 January 1903, leaving issue. He died 10 September 1901.

(2). Mary Isabella, married 8 August 1824 (marriage dissolved 1833), John Walpole Willis, DL. and had issue. He died 10 September 1877.

He married 2ndly, 1812 Eliza daughter of Col.Northcote and by her had issue:

(3). Sarah, married 1stly, 2 November 1834, George Augustus Campbell, HEICS. He died 7 November 1841. She married 2ndly, 13 July 1843, Major Charles Philip Ainslie, 14th Light Dragoons, and died 6 June 1847.

His Lordship married 3rdly, 8 December 1817 Marianna (died 23 October 1849) widow of Sir Alexander Campbell, Bt. of Ardkinglas, and daughter of John Cheape, of Sauchie, and died 27 August 1846, when he was succeeded by his grandson.

Thomas George, 12th Earl of Strathmore, 1st Life Guards and a Representative Peer 1852-65, born 28 September 1822; married 30 April 1850, Charlotte Maria (died sp. 3 November 1854) eldest daughter of 6th Viscount Barrington, and died 13 September 1865, when he was succeeded by his brother,

Claude, 13th Earl of Strathmore, a Representative Peer for Scotland 1870-87; Lord-Lieut. of Forfarshire, DL. City of Dundee; JP.Sussex; sometime an officer 2nd Life Guards; created Lord Bowes of Streatlam Castle,co.Durham and of Lunedale,co.York, in the peerage of the United Kingdom, 1 July 1887; born 21 July 1824, married 28 September 1853, Frances Dora (died 5 February 1922) daughter of Oswald Smith of Blendon Hall,Kent (see Burke’s LG.),and had issue:

(1). Claude George, 14th Earl.

(2). Francis, of Ridley Hall,Bardon Mill,Northumberland; DL. and JP. Forfarshire and Northumberland, Col.cmdg. 2nd Vol. Bn. The Black Watch (Royal Highlands); sometime Provincial Grandmaster, Forfar, born 23 February 1856, educ. Eton, married 23 November 1883, Lady Anne Catherine Sybil Lindsay (died 15 December 1936), 5th daughter of 25th Earl of Crawford and Balcarres, and died 18 February 1948, having had issue.

(1). Charles Lindsay Claude, MICE., Lieut. 3rd Bn. The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders); born 15 September 1885; killed in action 23 October 1914.

(2). Geoffrey Francis, Capt. late The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), served in World War 1 1914-16 (wounded); born 30 September 1886, educ. Eton, married 31 October 1914 Edith Katharine (The Capron, Keere Street, Lewes,Sussex), daughter of Sir Lewis Amherst Selby-Bigge, 1st Bt.,KCB.,and died 30 August 1951, leaving issue,

(1). (Francis) James Cecil, OBE.(1962), MC. and bar, Major-Gen. late Gren. Guards, served in World War II (47 Chester Square, SW.1; White’s and Guards Clubs); born 19 September 1917, educ. Eton, married 22 April 1941, Mary 2nd daughter and co-heiress of Sir Humphrey Edmund de Trafford, 4th Bt., MC., and has issue.

(1). John Francis, born 13 June 1942, educ. Ampleforth.

(2). David James, born 21 July 1947, educ. Ampleforth.

(3). Fiona Ann, born 3 July 1944, married 4 January 1966, Joseph Henry Goodhart (Ellerker House,Everingham,Yorks),son of Lt-Col. Joseph Henry Goodhart, MC.,of Keldholme Priory, Kirkby-moorside, Yorks.

(2). Anne Caroline Lindsay, born 7 May 1916; married 1 August 1939, Lieut. Ross Llewellyn, RNVR.,elder son of Col. and Hon. Brig.-Gen. Evan Henry Llewellyn, DSO.,JP.,of Nethway House,South Devon, and has issue.

(3). Sarah Susannah, born 20 May 1920; married 29 May 1940, Lt.-Col. Peter Hugh Dudley Ryder, MBE.,5th son of Hon.Archibald Dudley Ryder, of Durns,Beaulieu,Hants (see Harrowby, E), and has issue.

(3). Ronald George, MVO. (1925), Capt. RN.,entered RN. 1906; Equerry to HRH.Prince George 1923-25, Capt. of the Dockyard, King’s Harbour Master and Dep. Supt.,Malta 1936-39; served in World War I. 1914-18 (despatches), and in World War II. 1939-45 (despatches), Dir. of Navigation, Admiralty 1940-42, Dir. of Welfare, Admiralty 1945-47, born 22 June 1893; married 1stly, 24 January 1925 (marriage dissolved by devorce 1947), Mary Claire only daughter of the late James Russell. He married 2ndly, 30 June 1947 Mrs Cecilia French (122 Clarence Gate Gardens,NW.1), formerly wife of Joseph Mordechai Marks, and daughter of Isaac Goldfinger and died sp. 17 April 1960.

(4). Muriel Frances Margaret, served in World War 1 (Nursing), despatches, France 1918 (Beltingham House,Bardon Mill,Northumberland), born 29 September 1884.

(5). Doris Cicely, born 16 December 1887; died unmarried 27 October 1918.

(6). Winifred Geraldine (Beltingham House,Bardon Mill,Northumerland), born 18 December 1889.

(7). Lillian Helen, authoress of several volumes of poetry; born 22 December 1895; died unmarried 25 July 1949.

(3). Ernest, 2nd Sec. HM. Diplomatic Service; born 4 August 1858; married 23 November 1882, Issobel Hester (died 15 July 1945) daughter of Harvey Drummond, of Iping,Sussex (see Perth, E), and died 27 December 1891, having had issue:

(1). Hubert Ernest, Capt. late Service Bn. Royal Fus.,served in World War I. (wounded), born 6 October 1883, educ. Haileybury, and RMC married 1stly, 14 January 1905, Mary Agnes (died 5 March 1914), daughter of James Hay Smeaton, and had issue:

(1). Hubert Ernest Malcolm, F/Lt. RAFO.;born 17 May 1907, married at Johannesburg, 12 July 1943 (marriage dissolved by divorce 1964), Fanny Rose, daughter of late Simon Jacobs, of South Africa, and had issue.

(1). Jennifer Merrill, born at Cairo 12 April 1944.

(2). Douglas Ian Gordon, Lieut. CAC. (ret), served in World War II. (1245 Clemenceau Avenue,Crawford Park,Verdun 19,PQ. Canada), born 30 June 1912, married 20 June 1942, Charlotte, daughter of Norman Herbert Gardener, and has issue:

(1). Douglas Malcolm born 17 August 1946.

(2). David Gordon, born 7 August 1949.

(3). Charlotte Mary Diane, born 19 April 1943.

(4). Deborah Jane, born 9 June 1958.

(3). Constance Mary, born 24 December 1904, obtained a decree of legitimation by Court of Session, Edinburgh, June 1924, married 30 July 1933, at Blantyre,Nyasaland, George Clark Dow, a tobacco planter (Chikunda Farm,Box 62,Blantyre,Malawi,Central Africa), son of late William Dow, of 47 South Hamilton Street,Kilmarnock.

He married 2ndly, 13 August 1919, Margaret May (died 25 May 1966), widow of James Graham and only daughter of Frank Nuttall of Belfast and died 28 April 1959, having by her had issue:

(4). Sonia Gabrielle, late ATS.; born 1 October 1922; married 15 May 1948, Lt.-Col. Stephen Otteran Murphy, MBE.,The Devonshire Regt. (Higher Polgrain,St.Wenn,Bodmin,Cornwall), son of late Major Frank D’Assisi Murphy, of Dunsland Court,Exbourne,Devon.

(2). Susan Frances, born 25 October 1884; drowned by the wrecking of SS. Sidon, off Corunna, Spain 28 October 1885.

(3). Dorothea Marion, born 12 April; died 10 July 1886.

(4). Joan Isobel Margaret, born 30 April 1888; married 1stly, 24 June 1909, Capt. Alfred Ernest Parker, 3rd Bn. The Black Watch, formerly 10th Royal Hus., youngest son of Alfred Traill Parker of Aigburth, and had issue (see Burke’s LG.) He was killed in action 7 November 1914. She married 2ndly, August 1915 (marriage dissolved by divorce 1926), Capt. Frank Ashton Bellville, 3rd son of William John Bellville of Porchester Terrace,W. (see Burke’s LG.), and died 6 July 1954. He died 22 July 1937.

(5). Marjorie Effie (26 Longfellow Road,Worthing,Sussex), born 6 July 1889; married 1stly, 20 April 1909, Capt. Douglas Walkden Roberts, RA.,son of late John M Roberts, of Bath and has issue. He died 20 January 1920. She married 2ndly, 16 January 1924, Richmond Campbell Pinder, son of Walter Pinder, of Bishop’s Stortford,Herts, and has further issue. He died 16 January 1926. She married 3rdly, 3 August 1927, Brig.-Gen. Sir Ormonde de l’Eppe Winter, KBE.,CB.,CMG.,DSO., son of Wiliam Henry Winter, of Sutton Court Lodge,Chiswick. He died 13 February 1962.

(6). Ernestine Hester Maud (Nabarrense,Basses Pyrenees,France). born 19 December 1891; married 1stly, 23 November 1910 (marriage dissolved by divorce 1918), Francis Winstone Scott, son of Walter Scott. of Mostyn,Tadworth, and has issue. He died 14 May 1948. She married 2ndly, 4 October 1918, 10th Baron de Longueuil, and has issue.

(4). Herbert, BA., Barrister-at-Law, Major Essex Regt.,formerly Lieut. RN.,JP.,Kent, DL.,Angus, born 5 March 1863, married 9 August 1893, Alice Wiltshire (died 1 March 1953), ward of Capt.Arthur Lister-Kaye, of Manor House,Stretton-on-Dunsmore, and died 5 October 1946, having had issue.

(1). Gavin Patrick, Lieut. Gren. Guards; born 13 December 1895; killed in action Novemebr 1917.

(2). Angus Patrick, born 22 October 1899; died 10 July 1923.

(3). Jean Barbara, born 9 October 1904, died unmarried 7 January 1963.

(4). Margaret Ann, born 19 June 1907; married 2 June 1945, Lt.-Col. Francis Arthur Philip D’Sbreu, ERD.,Ch.M.,FRCS. (37 Chester Terrace,Regent’s Park,NW.1),son of late John Francis D’Abreu, LRCP., LRCS.,DPH., of Handsworth,Staffs. and has issue (see Burke’s LG.).

(6). Kenneth, born 26 April 1867; died unmarried 9 January 1911.

(7). Malcolm, Lt.-Col. late 5th Bn. The Black Watch (TF), formerly Capt. 2nd Life Guards, served in South African War 1899-1900 and 1902, and in World War I. 1914-18 (wounded), born 23 April 1874, educ. Eton, and Trin. Hall,Cambs.; married 28 September 1907, Winfred (died 30 May 1957), formerly wife of Charles Eustace Hutton, and only daughter of Hector John Gurdon-Rebow, DL.,late of Wyvenhoe Park,Essex (see Burke’s LG., Gurdon of Burgh House), and died 23 August 1957, leaving issue.

(1). (Clodagh) Pamela, born 15 July 1908; married 1stly, 18 April 1931 (marriage dissolved by divorce 1952), W/Cdr. Lord Malcolm Avendale Douglas-Hamilton, OBE.,DFC.,MP.,RAFO., 3rd son of 13th Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, and has issue. He died 21 July 1964. She married 2ndly, 5 March 1962, Sir Tresham Joseph Philip Lever, 2nd Bt.

(2). Mildred Marion, married 1 July 1890, Augustus Edward Jessup, of Torquay, and died 9 June 1897, having had issue.

(3). Maud Agnes, died unmarried 28 February 1941.

(4). Evelyn Mary, died 15 March 1876.

His Lordship died 16 February 1904, and was succeeded by his eldest son.

Claude George, 14th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, KG.,KT.,GCVO.,Pres.TA.Assoc.;DL. Dundee, JP. and CC.,Herts.,Hon.LL.D.,St.Andrews; received Freedom of the Burgh of Arbroath 1932; Lord Lieut. of Angus 1904-36; Hon.Col. 4th/5th Bn. The Black Watch (TD.); formerly Lieut. 2nd Life Guards; K.St.J.; born 14 March 1855; created GCVO. 26 April 1923, KT. 11 October 1928, KG. 11 May 1937, and Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne in the United Kingdom, 1 June 1937; married 16 July 1881, Nina Cecilia, GCVO., D.St.J.,(died 23 June 1938), daughter of Rev.Charles William Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck (see Portland, D), and had issue:

(1). Patrick, 15th Earl.

(2). John Herbert, DL. Forfar, Lieut. 5th Bn. The Black Watch, served in World War I. (wounded); born 1 April 1886; married 29 September 1914, Hon. Fenella Hepburn-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis (died 19 September 1966) younger daughter of 21st Baron Clinton and died 7 February 1930, having had issue.

(1). Patricia, born 6 July 1916; died 18 June 1917.

(2). Anne Ferelith Fenella, born 5 December 1917, married 1stly, 28 April 1938 (marriage dissolved by divorce 1948), Major Viscount Anson, Gren. Guards, elder son of 4th Earl of Lichfield, and has issue. He died 18 March 1958. She married 2ndly, 6 September 1950, HH Prince Georg of Denmark, CVO. (81 Carlisle Mansions, Carlisle Place,SW.1), elder son of late HRH Prince Axel of Denmark (see Royal Linage).

(3). Nerissa Jane Irene, born 18 February 1919; died unmarried February 1940.

(4). Diana Cinderella Mildred, a bridesmaid to HRH The Princess Elizabeth, 20 November 1947, born 14 December 1923; married 24 February 1960, Peter Gordon Colin Somervell (Fettercairn House, Kincardineshire) only surviving son of late Major Sir Arnold Colin Somervell, OBE.,DL., JP.,of High Borrams, Windermere (see Burke’s LG), and has issue.

(1). Katherine Elizabeth (for whom HM The Queen was sponsor), born 23 August 1961.

(5). Katherine, born 4 July 1926; died unmarried 1961.

(3). Alexander Francis, born 14 April 1887; died unmarried 19 October 1911.

(4). Fergus, Capt. 8th Bn. The Black Watch; born 18 April 1889; married 17 September 1914, Lady Christian Norah Dawson-Damer (died 29 March 1959), who married 2ndly, 4th June 1919, Capt. William Frederick Martin, MGC. (died 6 Otober 1947), 3rd son of Charles William Wall Martin,LL.D.,of Killenshandra, co.Cavan (see Burke’s LG.), daughter of 5th Earl of Portarlington, and was killed in action 27 September 1915, leaving issue.

(1). Rosemary Lusia, received Coronation medal 1937; born 18 July 1915; married 28 April 1945, Edward Wilfrid George Joicey-Cecil, only surviving son of late Col. Lord John Joicey-Cecil (see Exeter, M), and has issue.

(5). Michael Claude Hamilton, DL. and JP.,Beds., Vice-Lieut. from 1945, Capt. late 3rd Bn. Royal Scots, served in World War I. 1914-17 (prisoner), and in World War II. as Lt.-Col. HG.; born 1 October 1893, educ. Eton and Magdalen Coll. Oxford, married 2 February 1928, Elizabeth Margaret, MBE. (1945) (died 19 January 1959), only daughter of John Cator, of Woodbastwick Hall,Norfolk (see Burke’s LG), and died 1 May 1953, leaving issue:

(1). Fergus Michael Claude, late Scots Guards, heir presumptive (The White House,Glamis,Angus; Hazyhill,Humbie,East Lothian; White’s, Pratt’s and New (Edin) Clubs), born 31 December 1928, educ. Eton and RMA. Sandhurst; married 10 April 1956, Mary Pamela, younger daughter of Brig. Norman Duncan McCorquodale, MC., of Maxton House,St.Boswells,Roxburghshire, and Winslow,Bucks (see McCorquodale of Newton, B and Burke’s LG.), and has issue:

(1). Michael Fergus, born 7 June 1957.

(2). Elizabeth Mary Cecilia, born 23 December 1959.

(3). Diana Evelyn, born 29 December 1966.

(2). Michael Albemarle (6 Pembroke House,7 Chesham Street,SW.1; Turf Club), born 29 May 1940, educ. Eton, and Magdalen Coll. Oxford.

(3). Mary Cecilia, born 30 January 1932, married 10 November 1951, Timothy James Alan Colman, JP. (Bixley Manor,Norwich), elder surviving son of late Geoffrey Colman, of Framingham Chase,Norfolk (see Burke’s LG), and has issue.

(4). Patricia Maud, born 30 January 1932 (twin), married 10 June 1964, Oliver Robin Tetley (2 Brook Street,W.2), elder son of late Geoffrey Tetley, and has issue.

(1). Alexander, born 4 March 1965.

(6). David (Hon. Sir), KCVO. (1959), JP. Herts, Lord Lieut. 1952-61, High Sheriff 1950; Capt. Herts. Regt. (TA), appointed to Min.of Economic Warfare 1940, employed in British Embassy,Washington 1942-44. Dir. Royal Exchange Assce., The Times Publishing Co., Martins Bank Ltd., and Dunlop Rubber Co., born 2 May 1902, educ. Eton and Magdalen Coll.Oxford (MA); married 6 February 1929, Rachel Pauline (St.Paul’s Walden Bury, Hitchin,Herts), younger daughter of late Lt.-Col. Rt.Hon. Herbert Henry Spencer Clay, PC.,CMG.,MC.,MP. (see Burke’s LG), and died 13 September 1961, leaving issue:

(1).Simon Alexander (St.Paul’s Walden Bury,Hitchin,Herts; St.James’ Club), born 17 June 1932, Educ. Eton, married 11 April 1966, Caroline M V., elder daughter of Rt.Rev.Victor Joseph Pike, CB., CBE., MA., DD., Bishop of Sherbourne, of The Walton Canonry,The Close,Salisbury, Wilts.

(2). Davina Katharine, born 2 May 1930; married 14 January 1960, 13th Earl of Stair, MBE.,DL.,JP., and has issue.

(7). Violet Hyacinth, born 17 April 1882; died 17 October 1893.

(8). Mary Frances, DCVO. (1939); born 30 August 1883, married 14 July 1910, 16th Baron Elphinstone, KT., and died 8 February 1961, leaving issue. He died 28 November 1955.

(9). Rose Constance, GCVO. (1953), DCVO. (1945), Hon. LL.D. Queen’s Univ.,Belfast (1951), C.St.J., born 6 May 1890; married 24 May 1916, Vice-Adm. 4th Earl Granville, KG.,KCVO.,CB.,DSO., and has issue. He died 25 June 1953.

(10). Elizabeth Angela Marguerite (HM. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother) (see Royal Family).

His Lordship died 7th November 1944, and was succeeded by his eldest son.

Patrick 15th Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, DL. and JP. Angus; JP.co.Durham; Capt. late Scots Guards, served in World War I. as Major 5th Bn. The Black Watch (TA) (wounded); born 22 September 1884; married 21 November 1908. Lady Dorothy Beatrice Godolphin Osborne (died 18 June 1946), 3rd daughter of 10th Duke of Leeds, and has issue:

(1). John Patrick, Master of Glamis, Lieut. Scots Guards; served in World War II. 1939-41; born 1 January 1910; killed in action at Halfaya Pass, 19 September 1941.

(2). Timothy, 16th and present Earl.

(3). Cecilia, born 28 February 1912, married 8 March 1939, Major Kenneth Douglas Evelyn Herbert Harington, younger son of His Hon. Judge Edward Harrington (see Harington, Bt), and died sp. 20 March 1947.

(4). Nancy Moira, born 18 March 1918 (twin), married 1stly, 25 April 1940 (marriage dissolved by divorce 1950), Lance Amigo Percy Burra Robinson, RAFVR.,only son of late Capt. P D Robinson, 9th Northumberland Fus., and of Mrs E L Dimond, of Ladywood Seal,Chart,Kent, and had issue. She married 2ndly, 1954, John Michael Matheson Blair, 2nd son of Ribton Gore Blair, of St.Mary’s,New Buckenham, Norfolk, and died 11 February 1959. He died 16 December 1955.

His Lordship died 25 May 1949, and was succeeded by his only surving son.

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