LYON FAMILY in Pennsylvania

I. JOHN LYON,1 with his family, emigrated from Knniskil- len, county Fermanagh, Province of Ulster, Ireland, to the Province of Pennsylvania, in the year 17(53, and settled in Camber- land county, now Milford township, Juniata county, about two miles west of Mifflintown. The warrant for his tract of land, two hundred and seventy-three acres and sixty-three perches, is dated September 18,1766. In 1773, the Proprietaries grant to John Lyon et. al twenty acres of land for the use of the Presbyterian church of Tuscarora, where he is buried; d. in 1780; he in. in Ireland, Margaret Armstrong, sister of Colonel John Armstrong, one of the prominent and patriotic PennsyIvanians of Provincial and Revolutionary times; was a woman of bright intellect, remarkable intelligence, and a fine conversationalist; d. about 1793, and also buried in Tuscarora. They had issue, all born in Ireland:

3. i. William, b. March 17, 1729 ; in. Alice Armstrong.

4. ii. James; m. Martin.

5. ti». Samiul; in. Eleanor Blaine.

6. ic. John; m. Mary Harris.

c. Mart/, l>. 1748: m. Benjamin Lyon, (see VIII.)
vi. Frances, b. 1752; d. May 4, 1-S39; m. William Graliam.b.
1753; d. April 4,1813; both buried in Tuscarora ceme-
tery. Left descendants.

7. mi. Margaret-Alice: m. Thomas Anderson, in Ireland.
cm. Agnes; d. nnm.

If. James LvoN,1 the younger brother of John Lyon, who heads this record, never emigrated to America, but his three sons came over with the family of John Lyon, their uncle, in 1763. Neither he nor his wife are believed to have been living at the date of the emigration. His sons were:

i. William; who espoused the British cause in the Revolutionary war, settled in Canada, and became estranged from the family.

ii. Robert; enlisted in the Revolutionary service; promoted from sergeant of the 12th Pennsylvania to a lieutenancy in the 6th Pennsylvania regiment, Continental line; settled in Northumberland, Pa., where he died, August 19, 1823, aged seventy-seven years.

8. Hi. Benjamin, b. in 1752; m. Mary Lyon.

IIL William Lyon,’ (John,1) preceded his father and family to the Province, having arrived about 1750, and attained the position of assistant surveyor to his uncle, John Armstrong, deputy surveyor/and justice of the peacefor Cumberland county, a well educated man, who had arrived from Ireland in 1748. Together, they laid out the town of Carlisle, by order of the Proprietaries, in 1751, and the seat of justice was then permanently established there. William Lyon entered the provincial military sen-ice for the defense of the frontier against the French and Indians, and as first lieutenant of the Pennsylvania regiment, appointed December 6,1757, participated in Forbes’ great expedition against Fort DuQuesne, in 1758; resigned March, 1759; appointed a magistrate in 1764, by Governor John Penn, then in Carlisle, dispatching Col. Bouquet on his second expedition. On the opening of the Revolution and the suppression of the Provincial authority, he was appointed, by the " Supreme Executive Council," a member of the "Committee of Safety," October 16, 1776; prothonotary for Cumberland county, March 12, 1777; clerk of the orphans court, February 9, 1779; and register and recorder, February 13, 1779 ; he was re-appointed, by Governor Mifflin, register of wills, September 4, 1790. and prothonotary, register, and recorder, and clerk of the orphans’ court, August 17,1791; he was also re-appointed, by Governor McKean, January 29, 1800, prothouotary and clerk of the courts, and continued prothonotary by proclamation in 1802 and 1805; he was appointed, by the "Supreme Executive Council/’ to receive subscriptions for Cumberland county, for a loan of twenty million dollars, authorized by Congress June 29, 1779. William Lyon, b. March 17, 1729, in Ireland; d. in-Carlisle, Pa., February 7, 1809; m., first, in 1756, Alice Armstrong, daughter of his uncle, Col. John Armstrong, of Carlisle, Pa. They had issue:

9. f. James, b. October, 1757 ; m. Sallie Eyre.

He married, secondly, in 1768, Ann Fleming, of Carlisle, Pa. They had issue:

ii. Margaret, [Peggy,] b. May 9,1770,; m., in Carlisle, July 25, 1793, the Rev. David Denny, of Chambersburg, Pa.

iit. John, b. October 13,1771; m. Priscilla Coulter, of Greens- burg, Pa. He was a prominent member of the bar at Uniontown, Pa.

tr. William, 1?. June 17,1773, went south and died in early life at St. Francisville, La., where he is buried.

10. r. Samuel, b. January 20, 1775; m. Hetty Broome.
ri. Mary, b. August 20, 1776; d. 1832: unm.

rit. Alexander-Parker, b. August 4,1778; d. 1808; unm; law-
yer in Carlisle.
riit. Navcy, b. August 16, 1780); d. 1800; unm.

11. ix. Alice-Armstrong, b. September 25, 1781; m. George Cham


12. x. Gcorye-Armstrong, b. April 11,1784; m. Anna G. Savage.

IV. James Lyon,s (John,1) arrived in the Province of Pennsylvania, landing in Philadelphia in 1763, and, about 1766, located on land in Cumberland county, now in Granville township, Mifflin county, and near the site of the old Fort Granville, which was captured by the French and Indians in 1756. The tract embraced all the broad plateau on the south bank of the Juniata river and the mountain side, (known as Anderson station, Pennsylvania railroad.) He was assessor for Cumberland county in 1777; died and buried on his own domain in his family burial-ground. He married, in Ireland, a lady named Martin, and had issue:

i. John, b. in Ireland ; settled in Butler county, and left descendants ; was in the Revolutionary service, and lived on a farm on the north side of the Juniata river until he went westward.

n. Margaret, [Peggy,] b. in Philadelphia, three days after the family arrived, in 1763 ; d. June 8,1847 ; m, in 1783, John Oliver, b. in Derrybeg, county Derry, Ireland, in 1750; d. 1843, and both buried in McVeytown cemetery. John Oliver came over in the ship " Sophia," in 1770; became a citizen of Cumberland, now Mifflin, county, and taught school in the neighborhood, his future wife being one of his pupils ; he became a prominent man, and was appointed an associate judge for Mifflin county by Governor Mifflin; his residence was in Oliver township, (named after him,)

on the Juniata, six miles west of Lewistown. They had issue (surname Oliver):

1. James; m. Cunningham; d. s. p.

2. ./,’,"/,»J: m. John Campbell, of Mifflin county,

and had live children.

3. Elizabeth ; m. Joseph Campbell, brother of John,

and had eight children.

4. Nancy [Agnes]; ut. SamueJ Campbell, brother of

John and Joseph ; had ten children.

5. Margaret [Peggy]; m. Rev. Lochrane; d. s. p. 0. Polly; d. in 1871 ; unut.

7. Jane; m. John Campbell, of Centre county;

cousin to John, Joseph, and Samuel, and had six children.

8. Margery; d. in 1882; unm.

9. John; m. Esther Strode, of Mifflin county, and

had two children.

10. George; m. Margaret Jackson ; had three children.

11. Sydney; m. George A. Lyon, her cousin, (see

‘ XX VI.)

12. Andrew; m. Edwards; d. 3. p.

13. iii. William, b. January 31,1765; m. Rebecca Graham.

iv. Elizabeth ; lived to the age of eighty-eight years; m. John McVey, after whom the town of McVeytown, Mifflin county, was named; moved to Zanesville, (-).

14. v. Isabella, b. August 14,1770 ; m. John Patterson, merchant.

15. vi. Nanvy; twin sister; m. John Patterson, Esquire.

vii. Mary, b. May 6, 1774; d. February 24, 1861; m. Robert Forsythe, of Mifflin county, Pa., and had eight children.

16. viii. James, b. February 11,1786; m. Elizabeth Lyon.

V. Samuel Lyon,2 (John,1) settled ou land adjoining his father’s tract, and inherited one half of his father’s farm, in Cumberland, now Juniata, county, Pennsylvania; became a deputy surveyor under his uncle, Col. John Armstrong; appointed, May 22, 1770, by provincial authority, a magistrate for Milford township; re-appointed justice of the peace, June 19, 1777, by the "Supreme Executive Council," who made all appointments previous to the formation of the State Government, in 1790. April 3, 1780, Col. Lyon was appointed commissioner of purchases for the Revolutionary army for the county of Cumberland, and July 7, 1780. assistant commissioner of purchases, and the Council ordered his " quota of whiskey at 500 gallons per month." Before 1785, he changed his residence to Carlisle. November 9, 1789, appointed deputy surveyor for Cumberland county, and re-appointed, November 3, 1791; m. Eleanor Blaine, b. 1750; d. April 9, 1795; sister of Col. Ephraim Elaine. They had issue:

i. Maryuret, [Peggy,] b. March 26, 1772; m., in Carlisle, January 16, 1795, her cousin, James Blaine, son of Col. Ephraim Blaine, and had Ephriam-Lyon, who married Maria Gillespie, of Washington county. Pa., and had Jamen-Gillespie, author and statesman, and presiden- idential candidate on the Republican ticket in 1884. The other children of Margaret Blaine were Jane, m. William Semple.of Washington, Pa.; Ellen, m. Major John Ewing, a prominent citizen of Washington, Pa.; Anna-Lyon, m. Rev. D. Mason; William, Samuel, James, m. Miss De- Villemont; and Mary.

ii. Isabella, b. February 14,1774; m., first, in Carlisle, April 12, 1798, William Hoge, of Washington, Pa.; m., secondly, Alexander Reed, of same place; d. s. p.

Hi. John, b. February 1,1776; d., 1814, unm.; an eminent lawyer of Bedford, Pa.

in. Nancy, b. April 27,1778; d. June 22,1867, at Washington, Pa.; unin.

17. v. Rebecca, b. November 2, 1785; m. James M. Russell.

18. vi. Samuel, b. January 19,1791; in. Nancy Campbell.

VL John Lyon,* (John,1) came into possession of one half of the homestead, Samuel coming into possession of the other half, in Mil ford township, by the will of his father, dated December 13, 1779, after his death in 1780. Resided thereon until June 1, 1797, when he conveyed it to Stephen Dougle- inan, who conveyed it to the Sterrett family; its present owners being Hon. James P. Sterrett and his brother Dr. John P. Sterrett John Lyon then removed to Butler county, and d. about 1820; m. Mary Harkis, daughter of John Harris, the founder of Mifflintown, Pa, and had issue:

i. Thomas-Harris.

ii. William.
Hi. John,
ic. James.

v. Margaret,
vi. Mary,
vii. Catharine.
viii. Kancy.

VIL Margaret Alice Lyon,* (John,1) m. Thomas AnDerson, who emigrated to America in 1766; he married, the same year, and probably came from the home of the Lyon family in Ireland. They had four children, of whom we have the names of:

i. liobert; d. in infancy.

ii. Rebecca; d. in infancy.

tii. John, b. 1770, in Bedford, Pa.; d. in 1839; studied medicine at Carlisle, and entered upon the practice of his profession in 1796, in which he became very successful; for years he was the president of the Allegheny Bank, at Bedford, and also president of the Chambersburg and Bedford turnpike company; besides being actively engaged in other enterprises; m., in 1807, Mary Espy, b. 1779 ; d. 1815, (see Espy record,) and had issue (surname Anderson):

1. George- Wood*, b. June 27,1805; d. June 20,1879;

studied medicine with Dr. Watson, and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania; m. Caroline Morsell, of Prince George’s county, Maryland, who died in 1860.

2. Espy-Ly&n, m. Louisa Watson.

3. Ann-Jane; d. in infancy.

4. Mary.

5. Elizabeth.

VIII. Benjamin Lyon,* (James1,) b. in Enniskilleii, county of Fermanagh, Ireland, in 1752. Emigrated with the family of his uncle, Johu Lyon. in 1763, finally settling in Mil- ford township, where he was assessed as a single freeman, in 1775. He enlisted in the Revolutionary cause, and participated in the battle of Long Island, August 27, 1776; recommended by General Hand to General Washington for promotion, and appointed lieutenant, September 25, 1776. His regiment was engaged in the battles of Brandy wine, Paoli, and Germantown. in 1777. Promoted to first lieutenant, July 16, 1777, and to a captaincy, December 8, 1778. The hardships of the service affected his health, and, as a consequence, his resignation ensued in May, 1779, when he returned to Milford township. He removed about four years after his marriage to Northumberland, Pa., and returned to Tuscarora valley about the year 1800, where he remained till his wife’s death, in 1811, when he went to reside with his daughter, Elizabeth, in Shirleysburg, Huntingdon county. Pa., where he died in 1826. Advanced in years, he appeared as a man of medium height, weighing about 150 pounds, rather full in the face, with florid complexion, blunt in manner, and plain in speach; m., in 1780, his cousin, Mary Lyon, b. April, 1748, daughter of John Lyon, who d. October 9, 1811, and buried in Tuscarora. They had issue :

t. Elizabeth, [Betsy,] b. in Tuscarora valley, December 15, 1780; d. January 21, 1849; buried at Green Hill Presbyterian church, Fulton county, Pa.; m. James Lyon, her cousin, (see XVI.)

19. ii. John, b. August 11, 1782; m. Jane Maclay.

20. Hi. James, b. April 12,1787; in. Ann Forman.

iv. Margaret, A. at Pennsylvania Furnace; aged 25 years; buried in Bellefonte cemetery.

IX. James LYON,3 (William,2 John,1) b. October, 1757; d. November 21, 1811; m. July 25, 1793, Sallie Eyre, of Northampton county, Va., where he was a practicing physician. They had issue:

i. William; d. unm.

it. Margaret; m. William Taylor, lawyer, Norfolk, Va., and

had issue (surname Taylor), Sallie, William, Robert, and


X. Samuel LYOK,3 (William,2 John,1) b. January 20, 1775; merchant, Baltimore, Md.; m. March, 1800, Hetty Broome, of Wilmington, Del, and had issue:

21. i. William; m., first, Miss Reynolds; secondly, Miss Mulhol-


22. t’i. Rev. Gfeorye-Armstrong; m. Mary Sterrett.
tit. Jacob; lived in Clarion county, and died there.
iv. John; residence. Clarion county, Pa.; deceased.

v. Rachel; m. Hugh Campbell, M. D., of Uniontown, Pa.,
and had (surname Campbell), Susan, who m. an Allison ;
Bev, Samuel, Rev. William, Judge Edward, Benjamin,
who m. Mary Hitner; Sarah-Louise, and Hugh-Francis.

XL Alice Armstrong Lyon,s (William,* John,1) b. September 25, 1781; d. 1848; in., in Carlisle, March 6, 1810, George Chambers, of Charnbersburg, Pa. They had issue (surname Chambers):

i. Sully.Ann ; d. unm. it. Margaretta; d. unm. iit. George; d. unm.

it’. Benjamin; m. Eleanor Thomas, and had issue (surname Chambers), George, Mary, Benjamin, Annie, Emma, Olirer, and Bertha.

v. William; m. Emeline Kennedy, and had issue (surname Chambers), Alice, Marjaretta, Ellen, and Carrie.

XII. George Armstrong Lyon,s (William,2 John,1) b. in Carlisle, Pa., April 11, 1784: ,l. January 6, 1855; an attor. ney-at-law, president of the Carlisle Bank, and a prominent and influential citizen of his native place: m. June 14, 18I5, Anna G. Savage, daughter of Thomas Lyttleton Savage, of Northampton county, Va., where she was b. February 10, 1797; d. in Atlantic City, August 25, 1876, and buried in Carlisle, Pa. They had issue, all born in Carlisle, in the house in which their father was born and died:

i. Virginia-T.,b. July 31,1817; d. 1866; unm.

23. it. William, b. August 3,1819; m. Augusta Bahhvin. iit. John, (the reverend,) b. July 26, 1821; unm.

iv. Susan-Ellen, b. May 24, 1823: d. October 27, 1852; m. J.

\V. Burbridge, of New Orleans.

v. Mary-Elizabeth, b. March 25,1825 ; d.^lay 25, 183S.
ri. Anna-Margaret, (setXXX.)

24. rit. Alexander-Parktr,\). June29,1829; m. ElizaT. Denniston. ritt. Thomas-Lgttleton, b. April 29,1832 ; d. March 29,1883; m.,

first, Mrs. A. Marks; m., secondly, Beulah Clark; d. March 29,1883; residence, New Orleans.

25. ix. Alice-Chambers, b. April 13,1836; m. Thomas C. Lazear.

XIIL William Lyon,s (James,2 John,1) b. January 31, 1765, in Carlisle, during the temporary residence of his parents; buried on the farm on which he lived and died; m. Rebecca Graham. They had issue:

i. William-Graham, b. March 7,1799; d. April 11,1816.
it. Ann-Eliza, b. January 7, 1801; d. October 10, 1811.

26. iti. George-Armstrong, b. December 12, 1803; m. Jessie Alex

ir. Rebecca-Armstrong, b. August 21, 1806; d. June 11, 1831;

m. Stuart Turbett, of Tuscarora Valley; d. s. p.
r. .Amanda, b. August 31,1808; d. in childhood.
ri. John-R.,b. August 19, 1810: d. in childhood.

Bit. James; in. Mary Holmes, of Pittsburgh; had two daughters : A,in-illi:: i and Sarah.

XIV. Isabella Lyon,s (James,8 John,1) b. August 14, 1770, at the homestead, west of Lewistown, on the Juniata river; d. June 28, 1858; buried at Tuscarora church: in., June 20.1793, John Patterson, merchant, b. October 2,17(58, the eldest of six children of John Patterson, one of six brothers, coming from Ireland ia 1750, and settled in Bucks county, on the Delaware, on adjoining farms; the father being dead, the family sold the homestead, and in 1791 John commenced merchandizing in Tuscarora valley, in the vicinity of Academia, there being no store nearer than Carlisle; d. October 9, 1836. They had issue (surname Patterson):

t. James, b. March 14,1794; d. December 8,1823: unmarried. it. Sarah, b. June 1,1795; d. May 9. 1835 ; m. Wm. C. Kelly. m. Margaret, b. January 15, 1797; d. June 4,1863; in., January, 8,1822, Robert Sterrett. ti>. William-Hurt, b. January 1, 1799; d. August 3, 18-58; m.

Mary Ann Wilson. v. Robert, b. March 20, 1801; d. March 7,1873; m., first, Jane

Wilson ; in., secondly, Lncinda Elaine, tri. Elizabeth, b. May 1, 1803 ; d. April 9,1839; unmarried, m. Andrew, b. February 2, 1805; d. August 13,1884; m., first,

Ann Kliza Walker; m., secondly, Mrs. Mary Brazee. wit. Mary-L., b. January 10, 1807; d. 1871; in. Robert Patterson.

ix. John, b. Marjh 26,1809; m., October 6, 1836, Ellen Van-
Dyke, of Mercersburg, Pa.; residence, Peru Mills, Ju-
niata county, Pa. Mr. Patterson is the only survivor of
the twenty children of the Patterson connection.
x. Isabella, b. January 16,1811; d. April 5,1837; unmarried.
xi. Jane, b. April 30,1813; d. May 25,1837.

XV. Nancy Lyon,s (James,8 John,1) twin sister of Isabella, (see XIV,) b. August 14, 1770; d. April 16, 1855; buried at the Presbyterian church in Tuscarora; m. John Pattersox, Enquire, b. in Bucks county, Pa., October 6, 1772; d. October 10, 1843; first cousin and brother-in-law of John Patterson, merchant, (see XIV.) He was son of Alexander Patterson, whose father, with six sons, came from Ireland about 1750, and settled in Bucks county ; three of the sons moved to the Cumberland valley, and two to Tuscarora, Alexander locating himself on a farm two miles distant from the Presbyterian church. now Academia, where he lived and died. John Patterson came into possession of the farm, and it is now owned by the fourth generation of the name. They had issue (surname Patterson) :

i. Alexander, b. 1795 ; d. March 15,1869; m., first, Elizabeth

Hackett; second, Polly Sterrett, sister of Robert Sterrett. ii. James, b. May 1, 1797; d. March 27, 1869; m. Jane Kelly,

sister of W. C. Kelly ; had eight children. itt. Andrew, b. March, 1799; d. November, 1883 ; m. Elizabeth


iv. Elizabeth, b. 1801; d. March 6,1870; m. Moses Kelly.
v. Phebe, b. 1802; d. April, 1884; m. William McClure.
vi. Rachel, d. 1862; m. James McClure.
mi. John, b. November 1807; d. March 19, 1877; m. Jane

Graham, grand-daughter of William Graham.
riti. William-Lyon,b. April 11, 1809; d. August 24,1846; m.

ix. Robert, b. 1812; d. March 13, 1830.

XVI. James LroN,3 (James,2 John,1) b. on his father’s plantation in Mifflin county, February 14, 1786; d. March 20, 1872 ; buried in Green Hill cemetery, Fulton county, Pennsylvania; m. April 12, 1808, Elizabeth Lyon, his cousin, (see VIII.) Resided at Shirleysburg, Huntingdon county, and, finally, at West Dublin, Fulton county, where he died. They had issue:

i. Margaret-Olicer,\). June7,1810; d. March 1863 ; m. in 1832, D. C. Ross, and had seven children.

27. ii. John-William, b. December, 1811; m. Catharine V. Ross, itt. Benjamin-Alexander-, b. May 25,1818 ; unm.

28. iv. James-Graham, b. October3, 1820; m. Margaret Roberts.

XVII. Rebecca Lyon,s (Samuel,2 John,1) b. November 2, 1785; m.. February 6, 1812, James McPHERSoN Russell, b. November 10, 1786. in York, Pennsylvania; d. December 14, 1870, in Bedford, Pennsylvania; son of Alexander Russell and Mary McPherson. He read law with James Riddle, of Cham- bersburg, and was admitted to the Franklin county bar November 10,1807. The year following, he settled in Bedford, Pennsylvania, and soon acquired a large practice. He held a numher of civil offices, was trustee of the Bedford academy, treasurer of the Chambersburgand Bedford company during its construction, and chief burgess of the borough. lie was a member of the constitutional convention of 1837-8, and served as a member of the Twenty-seventh Congress. They had issue (surname Russell):

t. Alexancler-Lyon, b. November 29, 1812, in Bedford, Pennsylvania: d. in 1885, at Montevideo, South America; he was educated in the schools and academy of Bedford, and at Washington College, Pennsylvania; studied law under his father, and was admitted to the Bedford county bar August 28,1834, but never practiced his profession ; was appointed, August 7,1846, by Governor Johnston, Deputy Secretary of the Commonwealth, and January 25, 1850, Secretary of the Commonwealth; on January 9, 1862, was appointed by Governor Curtin, Adjutant General, and held the office until October 11, 1867; was re-appointed by Governor Geary January 8, 1870, and continued in office until May 17,1873 ; in 1879. was appointed by President Hayes, Consul at Montevideo, Uraguay, South America; was twice married; first, Miss King; secondly, Elizabeth Fisher.

li. Samuel-Ltfon, L. July 30, 1810; educated at Washington College, Washington, Pennsylvania; studied law with his father, and was admitted to the Bedford county bar November 29, 1837 ; served as a member of the Thirty- third Congress, and was a member of the constitutional convention of 1873.

tit. Jolm-Lyon ; m. Elizabeth Ogden.

ir. William- L,
v. James-Sydney.

vi. A nn-Ljjnn; m. James King, M. D.. and had /Innieand Effit.

vii. Ellen-Lyon ; m. Rev. Milligan.

tn’it. Mary-Lymi; m. Benedict.

XVIII. Samuel Lyon," (Samuel,8 John,1) b. January 19, 1791; m. Nancy Campbell, daughter of Parker Campbell, a distinguished lawyer of Washington, Pa.; residence, principally in western Pennsylvania. They had issue:

i. Parker-Ctunpbell; resided at Richmond, Va., where his widow and children still live; a very successful business man.

ti. Ellen ; in. Rev. Nichols, of Mobile, Ala.

XIX. John LYON,3 (Benjamin,2 James,1) b. in Tuscarora Valley, now Juniata county, Pa., August 11, 1782; d. in Allegheny City, January 25.1868, and buried in the Allegheny cemetery. He was an iron-master, and head of the well-known firm of Lyon, Shorb & Co., among the earliest and roost extensive iron manufacturers in Pennsylvania, with works in Huntingdon. Centre, Blair, Clarion, and Allegheny counties; principal .office at Pittsburgh ; principal residence, Pennsylvania Furnace. Mr. Lyon was a man of large physique and vigorous constitution, erect in carriage, dignified and courteous in manner, positive in character and fearless in speech, terse and concise in language, with a well cultivated mind, hospitable and generous. His business abilities were of a high order, and his life was a success; m., first, in Harrisburg, Pa., April 29, 1808, by Rev. Mr. Sharon, Jane Maclay, youngest daughter of the Hon. ‘William Maclay; she d. April 30,1809 ; aged twenty-six years, and is buried in Paxtang grave-yard. They had issue :

i. WilHam-Maclay,b. April 20,1809, in Harrisburpt, Pa., member of the firm of Lyon, Shorb & Co.

John Lyon m., secondly, September 7,1814, Ann (nancy) Patton, daughter of General John Patton, of Centre county, Pa., a Revolutionary officer; she d. May, 1817, aged twenty-six years; buried in Bcllefonte cemetery. They had issue:

29. it. Jnhn-Patton, b. June 5, 1815 ; m. Westanna S. Elliott.

John Lyon m., thirdly, July 20,1820, Margaret E. StewArt, daughter of Samuel Stewart, of Hanover township. Dauphin county, Pa., (see Stewart record,) d. May 26, 1835; buried in the First Presbyterian church-yard, Pittsburgh. They had issue:

30. m. James-Benjamin, b. April 21.1821; m. Anna M. Lyon.

31. iv. Samuel-Stewart, b. November 11, 1822; m. Anna Valen


32. v. Mary A., b. December 24,1824; m. J. Robert Lowrie.

33. vi. George-W., b. November 7, 1826; m. Anna C. Porter.

m. Jane-Alice, b. near Centre Hall, Penn’s valley, Centre county, Pa., March 24, 1829; m. April 11, 1854, at Pennsylvania Furnace,by Rev. Daniel Hughes, Bucher Ayres, (see Ayres recoril.)

34. viii. Margaret-Elizabeth, (twin,) b. March 24, 1829; m. Robert

Ham ill.

35. ix. Sarah-Walker, b. April 28, 1831; m. George Bucher Por


36. x. Thomas-Stewart, b. May 15,1833; m. Nannie ,J. Wright. xi. Kmma, b. in Pittsburgh, April 4,1835; d. in infancy.

John Lyon, m., fourthly, Ann Parr Hitbley, daughter of Joseph Ilubley, attorney-at-law, Lancaster, Pa., and an officer of the Revolutionary army. She was grand-daughter of Michael Hubley, and Rosina Strumpf, both from Germany, a magistrate and a signer of a treaty with the Six Nations of Indians, made at Lancaster, July, 1748. She was b. October 21, 1788; and d. in Bellefonte, Pa., November 13, 1884; buried in Bellefonte cemetery; this distinguished lady enjoyed extraordinary and uninterrupted good health during her long life of over ninety- six years; survived her husband sixteen years.

XX. James Lyon,s (Benjamin,2 James,1) b. April 12, 1787, at Northumberland, Pa.; d. August 28, 1851; merchant of Oswego, N. Y.; m., April 25.1811, Ann Forman, of Rhine- beck, N. Y. They had issue:

i. Joseph-Benjamin, b. March 3,1812, at Onondago, N. Y.; d. November 9, 1872, at Cleveland, O.; m. Ann ,

37. it. John-Edwanl, b. June 18, 1813 ; m. Catharine M. Tracy, itt. Mary-Elizabeth, b. December 24,1814, at Oswego, N. Y.;

m., first, Theodore Morgan,and had issue (surname Morgan), James-Lyon: killed in the war of the Rebellion; Mrs. Morgan m., secondly, Charles Whittlesey, of Cleveland, O., where she now lives.

38. iv. James-H., b. April 6,1817 ; m. Ann Maloney.

v. Margaret, b. August 29,1822, at Oswego, N. Y.; m. George W. Noxon, of Syracuse, N. Y., and had issue (surname Noxon), George, Mary, and Margaret, m. M. Pike.

vi. Joshua-Forman, b. June 6,1830, at Oswego. N. Y.; d. April 12, 1856; unm.

XXI. William Lyon,< (Samuel,3 William,2 John,1) lawyer, Bedford, Pa.; m., first, Miss Reynolds; m., secondly, Miss Mulholland, and had issue, among others :

i. William; d.

it. Samuel, attorney-at-law, Blairsville, Pa.

iii. Mary, m. Gen. Duchat; residence, Chicago, Il1.

tv. George-McDonald; unm.; Chicago, Il1.

XXFI. Rev. George Armstrong Lyon, D. D.4 (Samuel,3 Willliam.2 John,1) of Erie, Pa.; d. March, 1821 ; m., 1829, Mary Sterrett. of Carlisle. They had issue:

i. Margaret, b. 1830; m. John W. Douglass, lawyer, Washington city.

ii. Alexander-McDonald, b. 1835; m., first, Anna Lowry; m., secondly, Maria Crolby, and had two children.

m. George-Armstrong, b. 1837; m. Rose Vincent; had two

Ib. Wilber, b. 1841; m., first, Hattie Cadwell; m., secondly,
Maria Derrickson; had two children.

XXIII. Rev. William Lyon,4 (George-Armstrong,2 William,2 John,1) b. August 3, 1819; d. June, 1862; m. July, 1846, Augusta Baldwin. They had issue:

i. Georye-Arnmrong, b. July 6, 1847.
ii. John-Littleton, b. August 13,1849.
tii. Henry-Webb, b. June, 1852.
tv. Lucy-Baldwin, b. August, 1854.

v. Anna-Grace, b. Ju,1e, 1859.
ri. William-Lgttltton,b. September, 1860.

XXIV. Alexander Parker Lyon,4 (George-Armstrong,3 William,2 John,1) b. June 29, 1829; d. December 17, 1861; m. May 10,1855, Eliza T. Denniston, of Pittsburgh. They had issue:

t. Catharine-Thaw, b. May 6, 1854; m. Albert Fell, banker

and broker, of Philadelphia, and had issue (surname

Fell): Andrew-Fleming. ii. Churles-Lgttleton, b. January 26,1858; m. Annie Reed, of

Pittsburgh, itt. Alexander-Parker, b. December 27,1859 ; m. Mary Suydam,

of Pittsburgh ; and had issue, Emma. iv. John-Denniston, b. January, 1861.

XXV. Alice Chambers Lyon, 4 (George-Armstrong,3 William,2 John.1) b. April 13, 1836; m. June 13, 1861, Thomas C. Lazear, attorney-at-law, Pittsburgh. They had issue (surname Lazear):

i. Anna-Lyon, b. May 24,1862.
it. Jesse-Thomas, b. February 17, 1866.
iti. Lgttleton-Lyon, b. December 21,1867.

XXVI. George Armstrong LYON,4 (William,3 James,2 John,1) b. on his father’s estate, in Mifflin county. Pa., December 12, 1803; cl. in Kishacoquillas valley, October 23, 1873; in., first, November 11. 1830, Jessie Alexander, of Mifflin county, who d. May 12, 1835. They had issue:

i. Rebecca-Armstrong, b. November 18,1831: m., first, James McAllister, of Juniata county, Pa.; m., secondly, January 16,1879, David Wilson, Ph. D., of Port Royal, Juniata county, Pa. Professor Wilson was born in Lancaster county,in 1813. Upon acquiring the printer’s art, he entered Jefferson College and graduated with first honors, in 1837 ; after a year in teaching and study, he became, October, 1839, principal of the Tuscarora Academy, at Acaderaia, a then recently incorporated institution of learning, which soon attained a high position through the influence of his scholarship and executive ability. In 1859, Dr. Wilson accepted the professorship of mathematics—subsequently changed to the chair of belles-lettres —in the Pennsylvania State Agricultural College, Centre county, under the presidency of Dr. Pugh. This was the most popular and flourishing period in the life of this institution, and the only time in its existence when its halls were filled with students. After four and a half years, Professor Wilson returned to the home of his choice, at Port Royal. Juniata county,which he had previously established, where his years are passed in the education of youth in his "Airy View Academy," and in scientific farming; he has been recently reelected to the executive committee of the State Board of Agriculture. ii. James-Alexander, b. April 8,1833; m. Orlie A. Mitchelson, of Galesburg, 111., and had Albert-Chase and James-Park; resides at Wymore, Gage county, Nebraska.

George A. Lyon m., secondly, October 31. 1836, Sidney J. Oliver, daughter of Judge John Oliver, of Oliver township, Mifflin county, Pa.; resides at Belleville, Mifflin county, Pa. They had issue:

iii. Afary-M., b. March 23,1840.

XXVII. John William Lvox,4 (James,8 James,* John,1)

b. December, 1811: d. February 27, 1845; fanner, Fulton county, Pa.; m., December, 1838, Catharine V. Ross, of Shirleysburg. Pa.; d. January, 1885. They had issue:

i. Elizabeth, b. October 10, 1839; m. George Chestnut, of

Fulton county, Pa.
it. Margaret, b. May, 1841 ; m. J. W.Patterson, of Academia,

Juniata county, Pa.
iit. James-Graham, b. February, 1843.
it’. Jiihn, b. January, 1845.

XXVIII. JAMESGRAHAMLYON,4 (James,3 James.2 John,1) b. at Pern Mills, Juniata countv, Pa., Octobers. 1820; farmer, West Dublin, Fulton county, Pa. ; m. June 27, 1857, MarGaret Roberts, of Somerset, Pa. They had issue:

. i. Mary-Ida, b. May 10, 1858; d. February 14, 1864.
it. Ettie-Elizabeth, b. October 10, 1859.
itt. James-El i,er, b. February 2, 1869.

XXIX. Joffic Patton LyoN,4 (John,3 Benjamin.2 James,1) iron manufacturer, Sligo, Clarion county, Pa. ; lieutenant colonel and aid-de-camp to Governor William F. Johnston; b. in Centre county, Pa,, June 5, 1815 ; m. February 11, 1840, Westanna S. Elliott, daughter of Rev. David Elliott, senior Professor in the Western Theological Seminary, of Allegheny City, Pa. They had issue :

i. John-Edward ; d. in infancy.

39. ii. David-Elliott, b. December 26, 1844 ; m. Ettie M. Smith. iit. Anna-Ellen ; d. in infancy.

iv. Funny-Grant; m. February 22, 1870, George B. I,ogan,of
Pittsburgh, and had (surname Logan), John. Thomns,
Patton-Lyon, Archibald-Hodge, Alice-Lyon, Henrietta-
Brgan, and Frances-Elliott.
v. Alice-Patton.
ri. John-Patton ; d. in infancy.

vit. Edward- West : m. August 24, 1882, Minnie M. Reinhart,
daughter of H. W. Reinhart, of Thomasville, N. C., and
had Margori-Minon.
viii. Marian-Bella.

XXX. James Benjamin Lyon,4 (John,3 Benjamin,2 James,1) glass manufacturer, Pittsburgh, Pa.; b. at Pennsylvania Furnace, Huntingdon county, April 21, 1821 : m., in Carlisle, by Rev. M. R . Johnson, October 3, 1850, Anna M. Lyon, daughter of George Armstrong Lyon, Esq., (see XII,) and had issue :

t. Ellen-D., b. April 5,1852.

ii. John-6lnmis,\>. July 20,1855; glass manufacturer, Pittsburgh, Pa.; m. Adelina C. Langworthy, of Westerly, II. I.; and had issue, James-B., b. October 3,1883.

m. Margaret-Stewart, b. May 19,1858.

iv. James-Benjamin, b. October 9. 1860.

v. Qew<je-Al(zander, b. March 22, 1863.

rj’. Mary-Lowrie, \>. March 15,1866.

m". 2’lwmas-Lyttltton, b. February 17,1869.

XXXI. Samuel Stewart Lyon,* (John,3 Benjamin,2 James,1) a citizen of Bellcfonte, Pa.; elected chief burgess in 1877; 1). at Pennsylvania Furnace, November 11, 1822: m. October 16, 1855, Anna Valentine, daughter of Abraham Valentine; b. May 19,1829, at Logan Furnace, Centre county, Pa.; d. April 5, 1885. They had issue:

t. John-Stewart, b. in Centre county, Pa., January 4,1857;

m. April 2,1885, Margaret McKuight, of Pittsburgh, it. Abraham-Valentine; d. in infancy. Hi. Anna-Valentine, b. in Bellefonte, Pa., April 1, 1S58. to. Clara-Valentine, b. in dittany Valley, Centre county, Pa.,

March 14,1861; m. William J. Nicols, civil and mining

engineer of Pottstovvn, Pa., and had Clara-Lyon. v. Mary-Lowrie, b. September 19, 1863; m., December 25,

1884, Ellis Orvis, Esq., attorney-at-lavv, of Bellefonte, Py.. iv. Bebecca-Pugh, b. January 23, 1872.

XXXIL Maby A. LYON,4 (John,3 Benjamin,3 James/)b. at Coleraiuc Forges, Huntingdon county, Pa., December 24, 1824; d. March 7, 1863. and buried in the Warrior’s Mark cemetery; m, February 15,1848, at Pennsylvania Furnace, by Rev. Robert Hamill, J. Robekts Lo\vrie,* attorney-at-law, Warrior’s Mark, Huntingdon county, Pa. They had issue (surname Lowrie):

t. Sallie-ltoberts, b. December 29,1854. ii. William-Lyon, b. November 18, 1859. n’t. Roberts, b. November 3,1861.

*He was the son of the lion. Walter Lowrie, born in Edinburgh, Scotland, December 10,1784, coming to America with his parents in 1791, and who served in the Pennsylvania State Legislature several terms, and in the United States Senate from this State from 1819 to 1825; was secretary of the Senate from 1825 to 183G, and, the last twenty years of his life, secretary of the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions; died in New York, on January 1, 1868.

XXXIII. George W. Lyon,4 (John,2 Benjamin,2 James,1) b. at Colcraine Forges, Huntingdon county, Pa., November 7, 1826; iron manufacturer; residence, Pennsylvania Furnace; m. June 25,1863, by Rev. Thomas C. Porter, Anna C. Porter, daughter of John Porter, of Alexandria, Pa., (see Bucher record.) They had issue :

t. Clare-Charlton ; d. in 1865, in infancy. it. Georye-Porter; d. in 1870, in infancy. I’m. John-Porter, b. July 29, 1872.

XXXIV. Margaret Elizabeth LroN,4 (John,3 Benjamin,2 James,1) b. Centre Hall, Penn’s Vallev, Centre county, Pa., March 24,1829; d. at Oak Hall, same county, October 12, 1867; buried in the cemetery of the Spring Creek Presbyterian church: m. October 15, 1851, at Pennsylvania Furnace, by Rev. Daniel Hughes, Rev. Robert Hamill, D. D.; b. in Norristown, Pa.; son of Robert Ilamill, who came from county Antrim, Ireland, in 1798, was the first elder and founder of the First Presbyterian church, at Norristown ; and married Isabella Todd, of Bucks county, Pa. The sou is pastor of Spring Creek church; resides at Oak Hall, Centre county, Pa. They had issue (surname Hamill):

i. John-Lyon, b. July 23, 1852, in Centre county, Pa.; a merchant of Philadelphia ; m. Mary J. C. Faries, daughter of Robert Faries, civil engineer, and had issue (surname Ilamill):

1. Margaret-Lyon, b. November 14, 1882.

2. Mary-Furies, b. August 13, 1885.

it. Robert-H., (M. D.,) b. May 24, 1855, at Cedar Spring.
m’. Mary-Lyon, b. March 6,1858, at Cedar Spring.
iv. James.Lyon, b. January 11, 1861, at Oak Hall.

r. Samuel-MeClintock, b. November 3, 1864, at Oak Hall,
vi. Margaret-Isabel, b. September 28, 1807, at Oak Hall.

XXXV. Sarah Walker Lyon,4 (John,3 Benjamin,2 James,1) b. Centre Hall, Penn’s Valley, Centre county. Pa,, April 28, 1831; d. at her residence, "The Cedars," on Spruce Creek, Huntingdon county, Pa.. May 15, 1860; buried in the Spruce Creek Presbyterian cemetery; m. at Pennsylvania Furnace, by Rev. Robert Hamill, December 23, 1852, George Bucher Porter, b. March 13,1826, of Alexandria, Pa, ; mer

chant, (see Bucher record.) He was a son of John Porter, merchant of Alexandria, and prominent in the Presbvterian church as one of its most esteemed elders, and, for over fifty vears, superintendent of Sunday-school; represented Huntingdon countv in Pennsylvania Legislature in 1831; son of Thomas Porter, of Donaghedy, Ireland, who emigrated July 11, 1790, and settled in Centre county. Pa. They had issue (surname Ported:

i. Maria-Bucher, b. in Alexandria, Pa., October 17. 1853; m. at "The Cedars" February 24, 1881, Adolphus M. I.a Porte, of Tyrone, Pa.

it. John-Lyon, b. at Curlsville, Clarion county, Pa., September 15,1857; m. November 25,1880, Carrie Phillips, daughter of William Phillips, of Alexandria, Pa.

itt. Willi’tm-Lyiin,’b. at "The Cedars" May 1, 1860; m. October 23, 1881, Elizabeth Brown, daughter of Robert Brown, of Erie. Pa.

XXXVI. Thomas Stewart LvoN,4 (John,3 Benjamin,2 James,1) b. at Huntingdon Furnace, Huntingdon county, Pa., March 15,1833; m. September 14,1865, Nannie J. Wright, b. August 17, 1847, daughter of Ezra Wright, of Reusselaer, Indiana. Reside at Topeka, Kansas. They had issue :

i. Miriam, b. November 12, 1866, at Aughnacloy, Huntingdon county, Pa.

it. Margaret-Hamill, b. February 12,1873; d. in infancy. tit. WH,iam-Maclay, b. March 16,1874, in Pittsburgh, Pa.

XXXVII. John Edward LvoN,4 (James,3 Benjamin,2 James.1) b. June 18, 1813, at Onondaga, N. Y.; m. September 6, 1836, Catharine M. Tracy, of Attica, N. Y. Residence Oswego, N. Y., Flouring Mills. They had issue :

t. Kate; married.
it. James; lives in California,
itt. Annie; unmarried; Oswego, N. Y.
iv. Gardiner.

XXXVIIL James H. LroN,4 (James,3 Benjamin,2 James,1) b. April 6,1817; resides at Chicago, HI.; m. February 23,1846, ANN Maloney. They had isssue:

i. Mary; m. F. Richie, of Chicago.
ii. Kate; (artist.)

XXXIX. David Elliott Lvon,5 (John-Patton,4 John,3 Benjamin,2 James1) b. December 26, 1844, at Pennsylvania Furnace. Captain D. E. Lyon. entered the military service in the Rebellion as first l,eutenant of company Il, One Hundred and Fifty-fifth regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers, and, having been promoted, commanded his company in the battles of Chancellorsville and Gettysburg; m. June 23, 1868, Ettie M. Smith, daughter of Daniel Smith, of Brookville, Jefferson county. Pa. They had issue:

t. Alice-Patton-West. ii. Westanna-Elliott.

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