Clan Lamont Connection

Clan Lamont is one of the oldest Scottish clans, with an oral tradition of descent stretching back to the Kings of Ireland. The name is derived from a chief in the 13th century, Sir Laumon, whose charter granted lands to the Paisley Abby and is still in existence. Few clans can document their existence at such an early date. 

Although the name comes from the 13th century chief, the clan is much older, being known as MacKerracher before Sir Laumon’s time. The famous Scottish poet, Sir Walter Scott refers to him in Antiquary as “Lamon mor “, or the Great Lamont in English. Sir Laumon’s mother is believed to have been a daughter of the great Somerled, ancestor of the MacDonalds and founder of the Family of the Isles. 

Tradition, supported by a genealogical work of 1682 found in Inveraray Castle, maintains that a son of Sir Laumon, had to flee Cowal as a result of a murder; and founded the Lyon family of Glamis. He took the name of LYON from the Lamont arms, and chose as his arms, the reverse of the Lamonts, a blue lion on a silver field

 Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk, the celebrated twentieth-century herald and historian, asserts that Sir John Lyon, who became Thane of Glamis in 1372, was a son of the chiefly house of Lamont. He points out that the Lamont arms bear a silver lion on a blue shield, while the LYONs’ bear a blue lion on a silver shield. Such a simple reversal of the colour scheme of a coat of arms was a recognized manner of differencing used by cadets.


Lamont Coat of Arms


Lamont Clan Crest


lamontTartanAncient lamontTartanModern
Lamont Ancient Lamont Modern
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