Sir Henry Lyon (1355-xxxx)

Son of John Lyon
Born about 1355 in Norfolk
Resided in Ruislip

Children of Sir Henry Lyon:

  1. John Lyon (1380)

Descendant Tree:
A  John Lyon 1380-xxxx
. 1  Henry Lyon 1410-xxxx
… a  Henry Lyon 1440-xxxx
….. i  John Lyon 1470-xxxx
……. +  Emma Heade About 1470-xxxx
….. ii  William Lyon 1475-xxxx
… b  John Lyon 1450-xxxx
….. i  John Lyon 1510-1592
……. +  Joan xxxx-xxxx
… c  Thomas Lyon 1453-xxxx
….. i  John Lyon xxxx-xxxx
….. ii  Henry Lyon 1495-xxxx
……. +  Dorothy xxxx-xxxx
… d  William Lyon 1460-xxxx
. 2  John Lyon 1416-xxxx

Lyon Family of Massachuetts (1905)
based on research done by Mr. Phillipe of the Rolls Office in London for Amos Maynard Lyon.

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