History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield, Volume 1


Extracts from "History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield, Volume 1" (HOFV1), Jacobus, Donald Lines, Daughters of the American Revolution, Fairfield, CT, 1930/2 (reprinted by Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Co., 1991)

Page: 27

Banks, Benjamin … he m. at Fairfield, 29 June 1679, Elizabeth Lyon, dau. of Richard. She m. (2) abt. 1695, William Rowlandson. Benjamin receipted 1 Mar. 1680 to mother-in-law Margaret Lyon for 40 [pounds] due wife Elizabeth under will of her father Richard Lyon.

Page: 204-205

Fitch, Thomas … Richard Lyon of Fairfield gave by will 1678 L7 [pounds] to his "cousin" Mary Fitch. She is usually supposed to be the dau. of Thomas; but since that Mary must have been m. several years before that date, we cannot agree. Thomas Fitch, Jr., had a dau. Mary, b. abt. 1668, but it is not clear how she could have been related to Lyon

Page: 319-320

Jackson, Henry.
Came from London aged 29 on Elizabeth and Ann, 1635; settled first in Watertown, Mass. where he was a lease of fishing rights. Rem. to Fairfield, where he made an agreement with the town about the tide mill, 2 Feb. 1648 [1648/9]; and sold the mill to Thomas Morehouse, 1653.
He bought land in Fairfield, 16 June 1650, from Thomas Wheeler, Jr.
Will 11 Nov. 1682, proved 22 Sept. 1686; son Moses, house at "Poquanocke"; son Samuel already had land; gr. childe Moses Jackson, land at Campo; son John gr. child Samuel Jackson; wife; the old negro woman; sons John, Moses, and Samuel, and dau. Hannah; Maj. Nathan Gold and Mr. Joseph Harvey, overseers; portion due to Est. of my son Joseph per her father Godwin’s will; five children of son Joseph. Inv. 21 June 1686.
Adm’n was granted, 12 Jan. 1718/9, to the gr. sons John and Robert Jackson, on undivided lands belonging to the Est. of Henry Jackson; distribution ordered to the legal representatives of the sons, John (eldest), Moses, Samuel, and Joseph. Distribution, dated Stratfield, 3 Jan. 1720; heirs of John Jackson, viz. Moses and John Jackson, and Susanna Lyon; heirs of Moses Jackson, viz. Robert Jackson and Deborah Smith; heirs of Samuel Jackson, viz. Daniel, Jonathan, Ebenezer, and Gabriel Jackson, Hannah Jennings, Deborah Fairchild, Rachel Lyon, and Abigail; and Sarah wife of John Bartram.
John, b. abt. 1640.
Hannah, m. (1) Philip Galpin; m. (2) Stephen Sherwood.

Page: 320

Jackson, John, s. of Henry.
Born abt. 1640, he testified on 4 Aug. 1680 ae. 40.
Married Elizabeth Smith, dau. of Giles, whose will 1669 called her Elizabeth Jackson.
He settled in Eastchester, where he lived several years, but returned to Fairfield.
Inv. 11 Nov. 1689. Widow Elizabeth made oath. Adm’n granted to Joseph Seeley and Moses Jackson, Jr.
Children, the three youngest recorded at Eastchester:
Elizabeth, perhaps the nameless dau. b. at Stamford, 21 July 1662; m. Isaac Sherwood, who gave receipt to Moses Jackson, 10 May 1692, for portion of wife in Est. of father-in-law John Jackson.
Susanna, b. 10 Sept. 1670; m. Samuel Lyon.
John, b. 27 Oct. 1674; gave receipt to bro. Moses, 26 Dec. 1699, for portion in Est. of father John Jackson.
Margery, b. 14 July 1677, d. y.

Page: 393

Lyon, Henry. … He entered for record at Fairfield, 9 Feb. 1655 [1655/6], land purchased of Richard Lyon.

Page: 393-394

Lyon, Richard.
Married Margaret _____, who d. in 1705. Her Inv. taken 23 Mar. 1705, exhibited by Richard Lyon, Apr. 1705. Will 12 Apr. 1678; sons Moses, who was to pay "to my Cosen Mary fitch" L7 [pounds]; sons Richard, William, Samuel, Joseph; dau. Hester Perry; son-in-law Nathaniel Perry; wife Margaret (Exec’x); daus. Betty, Hannah and Abigail (all under 19). Witnesses, Nathan Gold, Mary Murwin. Inv. 17 Oct. 1678.
He conveyed to sons Richard and Moses, 1677/8; and Moses purchased from his mother Margaret, 1681.
Richard and Samuel Lyon agreed 1699 on distribution of Moses Lyon’s property; the owners of the other four part are Joshua Jennings, Samuel Smith, William Rowleson, and Esther Grumman. Samuel Lyon bought of Esther Grumman, his brother Joseph Lyon, and also from Samuel Jannings right in land which latter bought from Joshua Jennings, Samuel Smith and William Rowleson which befell by the death of their brother. [Fairfield Deeds.]
Distribution 10 Mar. 1723/4 of commonage to heirs of Richard Lyon, who left five sons, Moses (eldest, dec’d without heirs), Richard, Samuel, William dec’d, Joseph dec’d, and four daus., Hannah, Esther dec’d, Elizabeth dec’d, Abigail dec’d. The children of William are Nathaniel (dec’d, left childre), William and Benjamin. Joseph had two sons, Joseph, and David (dec’d left children). Children of Esther: Joseph Perry, Esther (dec’d, wife of Daniel Burr, left children), Mary (dec’d, wife of John Downs, left children), and Samuel Grumman. Children of Elizabeth: Benjamin and Joseph Banks, also Elizabeth (dec’d wife of Samuel Davis, left children). Abigail left dau., wife of William Odell.
Richard, b. abt. 1653.
Elizabeth, m. (1) at Fairfield, 29 June 1679, Benjamin Banks; m. (2) abt. 1695, William Rowlandson.
Esther, b. abt. 1658; m. (1) Nathaniel Perry; m. (2) John Grumman.
Hannah, b. abt. 1661, d. Nov. 1743 in 83 yr (g. s., Westport); m. Joshua Jennings, who receipted 17 Aug. 1688 to mother Lyon for wife’s portion.
Abigail, b. [say 1673], d. 6 Mar. 1698; m. at Fairfield, 9 Jan. 1696 [1695/6], Samuel Smith.

Page: 396-397

Lyon, Samuel, s. of Richard. Sergt.
He was bapt. at Fairfield Church, 18 Mar. 1704/5, with the four eldest children.
Married Susanna Jackson, dau. of John, b. 10 Sept. 1670. Susanna, wife of Sergt. Samuel, bapt. at Fairfield Church, 19 Oct. 1718.
Will 17 July 1732, proved 21 Sept. 1733; wife Susan; youngest son Ephraim; four sons, John, Samuel, James, Ephraim; four daus. Margert, Abigail, Ann, Jemima.
Children, recorded at Fairfield:
John, d. in 1735; will 13 Dec. 1734, proved 4 Feb. 1734/5; m. Hannah Kimberly, dau. of Nathaniel, b. at New Haven, 13 Apr. 1694. She m. (2) Thomas Pike.
Samuel, d. in 1767; will 19 Feb. 1767, proved 11 Nov. 1767; Inv. 4 Dec. 1767; called "2d" and Ens.; m. at Stratfield, 8 May 1718, Mary Davis [dau. of John, by Greenfield, rec.].
Margery, m. 9 Aug. 1727, John Meeker.
James, b. 21 Mar. 1704; m. 14 Dec. 1732, Abigail Rowland, who d. 26 Mar. 1752.
Abigail, bapt. 12 May 1706, d. Sept. 1757; m. 2 Jan. 1724, Daniel Morehouse.
Ephraim, bapt. 27 Sept. 1708, d. in 1751; will 14 May 1751, proved 2 June 1751; m. Eunice Thorp, dau. of John, b. 18 Mar. 1710. She m. (2) 12 Feb. 1755, John Fanton, and d. 2 Oct. 1762.
Ann, bapt. 6 Aug. 1710.
Jemima, bapt. 1 Apr. 1713.

Page: 397-398

Lyon, Joseph, s. Richard.
Married Mary Jackson, dau. of Joseph. She m (2) John Bagley.
He was bapt. at Fairfield Church, 28 July 1695, and his wife Mary renewed Covenant same date.
Inv. 11 Mar. 1697/8. Samuel Lyon gave bond to pay portions to the two sons. John Bagley, father-in-law of the children Joseph and David, to have charge of their portions in the place of Samuel Lyon, 13 Nov. 1700.
David, son of Joseph, chose father-in-law John Bagley for guardian, 2 Apr. 1712. Joseph and David gave receipt to their uncle Samuel Lyon 2 Aug. 1718.

Children, bapt. at Fairfield:

Joseph, bapt. 28 July 1695, d. a Cohansey, N. J., by 1729; admin granted to Thomas Jones of Cohansey, 12 May 1729. On 10 Nov. 1718, being still of Fairfield, he made his bro. David attorney to recover lands descended from our father Joseph dec’d, or from our mother Mary dec’d, who was on of the daud. of Joseph Jackson dec’d.

David, bapt. 27 June 1697, d. abt. 1723; will 4 June 1722, proved 7 Feb. 1723; m. Elizabeth _____, prob. niece of the wife of Thomas Nash.

[tjf – SinceJohn Bagley married their mother, he would have been their step-father, not their father-in-law]

Page: 617-618

Try, Michael … Will 13 Apr. 1676 … Codicil 17 Apr. 1676; legacy of ten shillings to Richard Lyon, Sr

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