Lyon Family History by Laura Jessie Shay Lyon

Notebook on Lyon and Shay Family History
By Laura Jessie Shay Lyon
Part One
Lyon Family History From Sam Lyon, Greenbriar, TN
With information added from US Census as noted.

From Samuel Lyon, Green Briar
Tenn. 1890

Father’s great grand father ‘Samuel Lyon’ came from England to Philadelphia when there were but three cabins on the site, and settled in the vicinity, had a family of two or three children when he came. After a time moved to Maryland and it is believed died there.

All that is known of his family is of a son, Samuel, Father’s grandfather, who weighed more than 200 pounds and of an irascible temperament. And died in 1807 or 8 aged 101 years. Was twice married, had 22 children, eleven children by each wife.

And Father’s recollection is eleven each boys and girls. One wife was named Susan. Some of the boys names were Humphrey, Hesekia, Samuel, and John. The later belonging to Morgan’s men, and had his nose shot off at the battle of Saratoga, Oct. 7, 1778 or 9.

Jonathan, Jacob, and Abraham, the latter, Father’s father. The family moved to Red Stone Block House Fayette Co. Penn. about 1780. About the year 1770 Humphrey was killed by Indians on Mississippi, while on a trading expedition. Jacob, Samuel, Abraham and their father left Red Stone about 1795 and moved to George Town Penn. near Pittsburgh where the father, Abraham & Jacob remarried. Jonathan went down the river bought the ground where Madison now stands, and laid it out for a town. He had with him a man named McCartney, to Father’s recollection.

After a time Jonathan sold out his interest at Madison and moved to Salem (Indiana very likely). A sister of Jonathan’s, Sallie by name, married a man named Blackmore who carried on the business of Hatter. Samuel moved to Kentucky about 1800 but where he settled was never known.

Nancy, another sister, married an Irish man named Thomas Moore, and settled in Columbiana Co. Ohio on Little Beaver and had a large hominy mill on that stream and known as Moores Mill.

Abraham married at Georgetown in 1804 to Margaret Shaw.

The father died in Richland Co. Ohio about 1850 aged 74 or 5.

Abraham Lyon) married 1804 Georgetown Ohio
Margaret Shaw) died about 1818 first wife
(Rachel Karnagy, his second wife, don’t know names of children)

Children of Abraham and Margaret Lyon

Hamilton Lyon, born August 13, 1805

Samuel Lyon

Susan Lyon

Jonathan Lyon

Ellen Lyon

Margaret Lyon

Abraham Lyon

Ellen, Father’s sister, lives near Lisbon Ohio.

Margaret Shaw was the daughter of a Scotsman, Hamilton Shaw born 1716 in the Highlands and died in 1812 Columbiana Co. Ohio. He fought at the battle of Colloden, 1746, for the Pretender.

Writen by Samuel Lyon, brother of Hamilton Shaw Lyon

Hamilton Shaw Lyon, born August 13, 1805, son of Abraham & Margaret
[Married] Francis Royce
Second wife a Mrs. Dwyer.


Hamilton Shaw Lyon, born Cincinnati Ohio 1832 [1850/60/70 Census = 1843]

Vere Lyon

Southwell Lyon

Samuel Lyon, Last heard from Green Briar Tenn. 1890

Missouri Lyon, Last heard from Ohio about 1896 wedded name Mazer [Mazier]

Margaret Lyon

James Lyon [b. 1845, 1870 Johnson Co. Ohio Census]

John Lyon

William Lyon [b. 1860, 1870 Johnson Co. Ohio Census]

Francis Lyon [b. 1845, 1870 Johnson Co. Ohio Census]

Ellen Lyon

Charlotte Lyon [b. 1852, 1870 Johnson Co. Ohio Census]

Cora [Cara] Lyon

[Anna Lyon b. 1855, 1870 Johnson Co. Ohio Census]

Hamilton Shaw Lyon

Sarah Dunn Harper

Born Cincinnati, Ohio, August 13, 1832 Born Freeport, Ohio, July 5, 1833
Died St. Louis MO, September, 1883 Died Winfield KS, January 3, 1919
At home of daughter Belle.


Hamilton Percy Lyon Born January 13, 1860
Henry Harper Lyon June 29, 1864
Isabella Gertrude Lyon July 11, 1866
Samuel David Lyon August 24, 1872

Samuel Lyon came from England 1770
Son, Samuel Lyon born in Penn. or Maryland 1706, died 1807/08

Abraham Lyon born Red Stone Block House April 1780
Margaret Shaw married 1830

Hamilton Shaw Lyon died in 1850 married 1830

Hamilton Shaw Lyon born Cincinnati Ohio 1832
Sarah Dunn Harper born Freeport Ohio 1833 married 1858.

Samuel David Lyon

Hamilton Shaw Lyon

Sarah Dunn Harper


Percy Hamilton Lyon

Married Jessie Mack, St. Louis MO, November 8, 1896, no children. Percy died about 1911.

Henry Harper Lyon

Married about 1902, St. Louis MO, Grace Chapman of Kentucky. Grace died 1904.

Henry Harper Lyon second marriage 1906, Florence Eibler, St. Louis MO. One child, Edward. Henry died November 10, 1931, New Marcus Cemetery.

Isabella Gertrude Lyon

Married about 1889 Leon Sears of New York. He died 6 weeks after marriage.

Isabella G. Lyon Sears second marriage, April 16, 1895 John Sumpter of Okla. They had 3 children.

Belle died December 4, 1935 home of son. Wichita, burried Winfield Kansas.

Samuel David Lyon

Laura Jessie Shay

Brothers and Sister of Samuel D. Lyon

Henry Harper Lyon

Florence Eibler Lyon

One child

Edward H Lyon born June 6, 1907, St. Louis, MO

Mable Lyon married St. Louis, MO

Child, Patricia Lyon, born St. Louis MO

Isabella Gertrude Lyon

John Sumpter of Okla.

3 children

James Hamilton Lyon [Sumpter?] born December 6, 1897, Sumpter Okla.
Henry Lyon Sumpter, born October 21 1899, Sumpter Okla.

married Mary Donavon

2 children:

Henry Lyon Sumpter

Sally Sumpter

Helen Laura Sumpter born December 19, 1903, Sumpter Okla.

married Harold Lee Sheaperd November 14, 1929 Wichita.

2 children:

Harold Lee Sheaperd

Mary Louise Sheaperd


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