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Information from "Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage" 1867

Found in Cardiff Library

Lyons of Ledestown


Of Christchurch,Hants. in the peerage of the United Kingdom, and a Baronet:, born 26 April 1817; late Envoy Extraordinary at Washington, now British Ambassador at Constantinople; succeeded his father as 2nd Baron, 23 November 1858.

Creation: Baron, 23 June 1856, Baronet 20 May 1840.

Arms: Sa., on a chevron, between three lions, sejant-guardant, arg., as many castles, triple towered, of the field. Crest: On a chapeau, gu., doubled, ermine, a sea lions head, erased, arg., gorged with a naval crown, az., holding in the mouth a flag staff, in bend, sinister, ppr., therefrom flowing a banner, az., having inscribed theron "Marack", in letters of Gold. Supporters: On either side a lion, guardant, sa., charged on the shoulder with a castle, triple towered, arg. Motto: Noli irritare leones.

Lineage: William Lyons purchased in 1622, the estate of Clonarron (now called River Lyons), and the lands of Mullalengh,Cavenwrunt,Killeen, and Killgreen (3000 acres), in the King’s County, from Lord Dunsany, and died 1633, having married Margaret Moore, of Croghan, great aunt to the 1st Earl of Charleville, and cousin to the Earl of Drogheda, and had issue:

Charles Lyons, temp. Charles II.,who was father of the Earl of Belvedere, and of John Lyons, a Major in the Army in the reigns of King William and Queen Anne. He obtained, with his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Williams, Deputy-Governor of Antigua, considerable property in that island. Their 3rd son.

Samuel Lyons, settled at Antigua,and was the father of.

Henry Lyons,Esq. of Antigua, sometime of Philadelphia who married 24 August 1690, Sarah daughter of Samuel Winthrop (grandson of John Winthrop,1st Governor of New England) and was grandfather of.

John Lyons,Esq. of Lyons, in Antigua, and Sturtlow House,Huntingdonshire, born 31 August 1731; married 1 February 1753 Jane daughter of Col. S Harman, of Harmans,Antigua; and died 30 January 1775, leaving issue. The 3rd son.

John Lyons,Esq. of Lyons,Antigua and St.Austins,Hants; married 1stly, 1784, Catherine daughter of Main Swete Walrond,Esq. of Montrath,Devon, by Sarah his wife, sister and heir of William Lyons,Esq.,and had issue:

(1). John, Vice-Adm.RN.,born 1 September 1787; married 1stly, Caroline daughter of Major Bowen; and 2ndly, 31 August 1865, Anna Maria, widow of Col. John Lealand Mowatt, RA.

(2). Theodore, died unmarried 1825.

(3). Henry, Lieut. RA.,killed at Copenhagen, 18 August 1807.

(4). Edmund, created Lord Lyons.

(5). George Rose, HEICS., died 1828.

(6). William Mills, born 1797; married Mary daughter of J Adams,Esq.

(7). Maine Walrond, mortally wounded at Navarino, 1827.

(8). Humphrey, Major-Gen. Indian army, born 8 July 1802; married Eliza daughter of Henry and Matilda Bennett, of Fir Grove,Liverpool, by whom (who died 17 March 1859) he has issue:

(1). Edmund Willoughby, born 23 February 1830; married 6 December 1855, Emily youngest daughter of H Thomas Esq.,surgeon, EICS. and has issue:

(1). Emma Frances.

(2). Edmund Humphrey.

(2). Algernon Mc Lennan Lyons, born 26 August 1833, Commander RN.

(3). George Maughan Lyons, born 27 August 1835, Lieut. Indian forces.

(4). Charlotte Salter, born 16 February 1839, married 2 April 1859 to Alexander Learmouth, Lieut.-Col. 17 Lancers.

(5). Minna Louisa, married 3 November 1858, to Jameson-Alers Hankey,Esq.

Major Gen. Humphrey Lyons married 2ndly, 7 July 1860, Adelaide Matilda, 3rd daughter of Barry John, present Viscount Avonmore.

(9). Charles Bethel, married Henrietta, widow of Capt. Sockett.

(10). Anne, died unmarried.

(11). Catherine, died 30 December 1857.

(12). Caroline, married Henry Shepherd Pearson,Esq.

Mr Lyons married 2ndly, 17 May 1804, Elizabeth eldest daughter of W Robbins,Esq.,and by her (who died 1821) had:

(1). Samuel Athill, Col. HEICS., married Sophia daughter of Colonel Logie and has issue:

(1). Samuel.

(2). Edward Robbins, Capt. HEICS., died unmarried 1849.

(3). Frances Walrond.

The fourth son.

Edmund Lyons, born 21 November 1790, entered the Royal Navy in June 1801, and after an early and distinguished career during the French war, having been in several actions, and having escorted Louis XVIII. to France, as commander of the "Rinaldo",he became a Captain in 1814, since which he continued to do able public service, both as a naval officer and a diplomatist, and was created a Baronet 20 May 1840. He was appointed to the chief command of the Mediterranean Fleet, in 1855, and achieved the highest renown by the brilliant and effective assistance he gave to the Crimean expedition, and to the allied forces in the late Russian war. For these services he was created 23 June 1856, Baron Lyons. His lordship was also a GCB., GCMG.,KCH., Vice Admiral of the White, knight grand cross of the Legion of Honour, and a knight 1st class of various other foreign orders. He married 18 July 1814, Augusta Louisa daughter and co-heir of the late Captain Josias Rogers, RN.,and by her (who died 10 March 1852) had issue:

(1). Richard Bickerton Pemell, present peer.

(2). Edmund Mowbray, Capt. RN.; born 27 June 1819; highly distinguished in the Crimea; killed in action 1855, unmarried.

(3). Anne Theresa Bickerton, married at Athens 24 December 1839 to Philip Hartman Veit Baron von Wurtzburg in Bavaria.

(4). Augusta Mary Minna Catherine, married 19 June 1839 to Henry Granville, late Duke of Norfolk.

His lordship died at Arundel Castle,Sussex, 23 November 1858.

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