An Interesting pedigree of a Northampton (E3ng.) Lyon family 
comes to hand Just as this volume is going to press, communicated by 
Dr. G. W. A. Lyon, translated by him from the Latin and archaic 
French oi^ginals. Exact dates are wanting but the line begins about 
the middle of the twelfth century with an unnamed Leon bearing arms: 
Argent; a Hon rampant gules, armed and langued azure. The following 
generations run: 
n. Richard de Leone, m. Maulde; had a brother Mathew. 
III. Roger de Leone, son of Richard, son of Roger, m. Howis, 
IV. Roger de Leone^ Kt, son of Roger, Lord of Warkworth; had a 
brother Richard. 
V. Richard* de Leone, Kt., son of Roger, m. Ladie Emma, who 
was a widow in 1311. Richard was living in 1260 and 1288. He had a 
brother John de Leone. 
VI. John de Leone, Kt., son of Richard (living 1311), m. Margerle 
(a widow in 1317). 
. VII. John de Lions, Kt., son of John, Lord of Warkworth (living 
In 1318 and 1336), m. Alice (living in 1328). His younger brother, 
Richard de Llone (living in 1311), m. Margerie (living 1311). Richard 
bore arms as above but with "crescent sable" for difference. John had 
also two sisters, Margerie (living 1322 ) and Agnes (living 1322). 
VIIL John de Lions, Kt, son of John (living 1377 and 1383), m. 
EUice dau. WiUim de Sancto Lucio (or St. Liz) Esq. 
IX. Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Sir John, married, first Nicholas 
Chetwood (Chetwode) and second, Richard Wydeville (WideviU). 
Elizabeth was living 1346 and 1370. 
X. John Wydeville, son of Richard and Elizabeth, maried a 
daughter of "Thomas and Margaret Lyon," relationship, if any, to Sir 
John not stated in the record. 
XI. Thomas Wydeville. 
XIL Richard Wydeville, ** Earl Rivers. 
*The date of Richard's birth is definitely fixed as A. D., 1246, by the 
following record: Joanna de Lyuns lonff since defuxict (7. EMw. I, 1. e., 
1278), say the Jurors, held at her death, 44 A. of Adam de Napton; she 
gave no service therefor to the said Adam because Adam gave the lands 
to Roger de Lyuns with the aforesaid Johanna, his dausrhter In marriage, 
and because Richard, his son. Is nearest heir and is of full age, forsooth 
80 years. From this It appears that Roger 5 married Joanna de Napton 
and that their son, Richard, was bom about 1246. 
**In Bromham, co. Bedford, are the brasses of Thomas Wldevill of 
Orafton, Esq. of about 1486. *'He wears the collar of Essex." There are 
two shields of WydvlUe Impaled with 1st, a chevron between three lions 
sejant, the two In chief facing each other for Lyon and 2nd, on a chief a 
fleur de lis. It Is unfortunate, says the author, that the arms upon the 
shields are not known. The coat of lions sejant did not belong to LiyonB 
of Warkworth, who bore a lion rampant [Topog. and Oenealoglst]. 
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