Collins Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia

The most distinctive feature of Scotland’s history, nationally and internationally, is that of clanship. Although the clans are no longer the social force they once were, the continuing interest in them is testimony to the hold on the imagination that the sense of clan identity still has for very many people worldwide.

However, the desire for knowledge about the great clans and families of Scotland frequently outstrips the ability of published works to satisfy it. The Collins Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia will do much to redress this situation. Beautifully illustrated throughout, and featuring many specially commissioned illustrations, this is the most comprehensive and authoritative work yet published on the subject. It provides the histories and heraldic details of over 300 of Scotland’s best-known and most famous clans and families, as well as highly informative essays on key elements of clan life and society including:

· the history and development of the clan system

· the law of the clan

· tartan and Highland dress

· heraldry

In addition, an extensive collection of appendices draws together a wide range of information, which has never before appeared in a single volume.

The Collins Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia is the work of a team of renowned specialists. In addition to the team’s contributions, it has been compiled and edited by George Way of Plean and Romilly Squire, respectively the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs. This is the only book to have received the imprimatur of this important and influential organization.

The Collins Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia is the definitive single-volume reference on the Scottish clans and will appeal to everyone of Scottish ancestry throughout the world.

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