Rev. George Lyon. of Wester Ogle, in the county of For­far, and minister of Longforgan

A member of the ancient house of de Leanne in France, attended William of Normandy in his conquest of England. His son, Roger de Leonne, accompanied King Edgar, son of Malcolm Canmore„ to Scotland about 1091, and in guerdon of his services against Donald Bane, the usurper, received lands in Perthshire, which were consequently named Glen Lyon. From him descended Sir John Lyon, who, about 1342, had a charter of the lands of Forteviot, in Perthshire, and of Curtestork and others, in the county of Aberdeen. His son John, a man of superior abilities, was Chamberlain of Scotland, and in reward of service received from Robert H., in 1372, the thanedom of Glamis. In 1376 he married the King’s second daughter, Jean Stewart, receiving with her the barony of Kinghorm. The grandson of Sir John Lyon and of the Princess Jean was, before 1450, raised to the peerage as Lord Glands. By his first and second sons were perpetuated the family honours. William, his third son, received the lands of Ogle, in the county of Forfar; his descendant, George Lyon of Wester Ogle, had a son, William, who in 1700 was admitted minister of Airrie. He died in 1743, leaving a son, George, who in 1738 was admitted to the ministry at Longforgan. George succeeded to the paternal estate, and died in 1793. He married as his second wife, 16th June 1744, Margaret Roger (who died 9th April 1793), with issue, James, DD., minister of Glamis, and two other sons ; also two daughters, of whom Margaret, the elder, became wife of Principal Mayfair.’

Of the marriage of Principal Mayfair and Margaret Lyon were born five sons and four daughters:—

George, eldest son, was born at Meigle on the 4th January 1782. Educated at the Universities a St. Andrews and Edinburgh, he entered the medical service of the East India Company on the Bengal Establishment, and attained the rank of Inspector-General of Hospital& He died 26th November 1846. He married, 8th November 1814, Janet, daughter of John Ross, Edinburgh (born 16th April 1795, died lath April 1862), with issue five SORB and four daughters:—

William Davidson, second son of Principal Playfair, was born at Meigle on the 23d September 1783. Entering the Indian army in 1803, he was in 1809, while adjutant of the old 8th Bengal Native Infantry, appointed Paymaster- General of the troops sent from Calcutta and Madras to capture the Isle of France. He was subsequently em­ployed in the Nepaul campaign against the Goorkas. Among other important staff appointments, he was for many years Superintendent on the Grand Trunk Road from Calcutta to the North-West. Latterly he com­manded RS Lieutenant-Colonel the old 62d Native Infantry. In 1830 he retired from active service, establishing his residence at St Andrews, Fifeshire. He died on the 31st January 1852. Colonel Playfair married at Calcutta, on the 3d November 1812, Mute, daughter of John Ross, Edinburgh (she died 26th April 1858), with issue nine sons and four daughters :—

Hugh Lyon, third son of Principal Playfair, was born at Meigle, 17th November 1786. Having studied at the Uni­versity of St. Andrew, he, as a cadet of artillery, proceeded to Woolwich in 1804, and in the following year sailed for India. In 1807 he was appointed to the command of the artillery at Bareilly, and in 1809 was preferred as adjutant and quartermaster to the corps of HOTSO Artillery. In 1814 he was engaged in the storming and capture of the fortress of Ralunge. After a three years’ furlough spent in Europe, he returned to India in 1820, when he was

appointed superintendent of the great military road be­tween Calcutta and Benares. In 1827 he was promoted as

Major, and appointed to the command of the 4th Battalion of Artillery at Dunadtun. In February 1834 he retired from military service—thereafter establishing his residence at St. Andrews. Elected Provost of that burgh on the 4th November 1842, he devoted his powerful energies towards the restoration of the place. His important services were duly acknowledged both by the citizens and the general public. By the University he was created LLD., and at a public entertainment was presented with his portrait. In 1856 he received the honour of knighthood. Sir Hugh died at St. Leonard% St. Andrews, on the 21st January 1861. He married, 7th March 1820, Jane, daughter of William Dalgleish of Scotscmig (born 14th June 1798; died 24th March 1872), and of the marriage were born six sons and seven daughters:—

James Lyon, fourth son of Principal Playfair, born 8th February 1789 died in infancy.

James (seeundus), fifth son of Principal Playfair, born at Meigle 12th August 1791. Engaging in merchandise in Glasgow, he sometime held office as a magistrate in that city ; he died. in 1866. He married, first, 17th July 1821, Jane Speirs ; secondly, Mary Somerville. Of the first marriage were born three sons and one daughter

sons and tour daughters :—

Margaret, baptised at Newtyle, Forfarshire, 28th October 1775, died young.

Jean, baptised at Newtyle 22d April 1777, married, 4th February 1802, Patrick Mayfair of Dalmarnock (see supra).

Janet, born at Meigle 24th August 1778, married the Rev. James Macdonald, minister of Anstruther-Wester ; she died, without issue, 20th October 1864.

Maria Lyon, baptised at Meigle ad April 1780, married, 14th May 1808, General David Campbell of Williamston, Perthshire; she died in 1810, leaving one son, James David Lyon Campbell of Williamston. He married Alicia Iticharda Houghton, with issue—Charles Henry, George Lyon, a Colonel in the% Army, and Arthur.

Elizabeth, fifth and youngest daughter, born at Meigle 18th April 1785, married, 23d January 1810, Samuel Caw, merchant, Glasgow, with issue—John, and James, an artist.

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