Information from the “Armorial Families”


Information from the "Armorial Families" page 1236, by Fox-Davies

Found in Cardiff Library

LYONS (Confn. UO.)

Argent, a lion rampant azure. Mantling: azure and argent. Crest: On a wreath of the colours, a demi-lion rampant, holding in the dexter paw a fleur-de-lys argent. Motto: "In te Domine Speravi". Livery- Blue and white.

Sons of Robert Colvill Jones Lyons, Gentleman of Lime Hill House,Tunbridge Wells, formerly an officer 43rd Light Infantry, born 1844, died 1923, married 1869, Helen Caroline daughter of John Le Mottee of Le Vanqiedor,Guernsey, Judge of the Royal Court

(1).Edward Colvill Lyons, Gentleman born 1873, married 1901 Sybil Hill daughter of Henry N. Miers of Ynyspenllwch,Swansey Valley,Glamorganshire, and had issue-Robert Henry Cary Lyons, Gentleman, BA.(Oxon), born 1905; and Pamela Adelina. Res.-Hilcote Hall,Eccleshall,Staffs.

(2).Guy Cary Lyons, Gentleman born 1875, married 1901 Heather Mary the daughter of the late H T T Salvin of Croxdale Hall,co.Durham and has issue-

Roger Salvin Lyons, Gentleman born 1902; and five daughters. Res.-

Son of Henry Kenneth Thomas Lyons, Gentleman born 1850, died , married 1903 Geraldine daughter of John Edward Fitzgerald.

(1).Henry Fitzgerald Lyons, Gentleman born 1904. Res.- Denver, USA.

Son of James Bristow Lyons, Gentleman born 1853, died 1905, married 1885 Marguerite Julia daughter of Jules Festu-Villiaumey of Calvados, in Normandy.

(1).James Henry Lyons, Gentleman born 1889. Res.-

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