Ledestown LYONS

Information from Burke’s, 1894 "The Landed Gentry" page 1266-67

Found in Cardiff Library

LYONS, JOHN CHARLES, ESQ. of Ledestown,co.Westmeath, JP., born 1 February 1861; married 29 November 1882, Evelyn Maude daughter of Frederick Pilkington, Esq. of Newberry Hall,co.Kildare and has issue.

(1). John Charles Geoffrey Pilkington, born 17 November 1883.

(2). Gladys Maude Pilkington, born 14 June 1887.

(3). Coral Cecil Constance, born 27 September 1889.

Arms: Sa, a chevron erm. between three lions sejant guardant arg. Crest: On a cap of maintenance gu. turned up erm. a lion’s head erased arg. Motto: Noli irritare leones.

Lineage: In the reign of James I. Capt. William Lyons purchased the estate of Clonarrow, afterwards called River Lyons, and other lands in King’s co., and received a grant, 3 Charles I., of the townland of Tullynally, with part of the great wood of Fercall,King’s co.

Henry Lyons Esq. of River Lyons, married Anne 6th daughter of George Rochfort,Esq. of Gaulstown, by Lady Elizabeth Moore his wife, youngest daughter of Henry, 3rd Earl of Drogheda, and had three daughters:

(1). Anne, married John Nixon, Esq.

(2). Elizabeth, married Robert Barry, Esq.

(3). Henrietta, married 1780 Robert Garden, Esq.

Henry Lyons brother.

John Lyons Esq. Major in the army, purchased Ledestown,co.Westmeath, 1715. He married Elizabeth relict of Lieut.-Col. Richard Ashe, and daughter of Henry Williams, Esq., Deputy-Governor of Antigua, and had issue:

(1). Charles, his heir.

(2). John, of Drogheda, Capt. in the army, married Dorothea daughter of Sir Thomas Montgomery and had three sons, of whom the 2nd, Hugh, took the additional name of Montgomery, and was ancestor of Lyons-Montgomery of Bethavel.

(3). Henry, of Belmont, Deputy-Clerk of the Council and Deputy Muster Master General, married and had an only child, Louisa, married 1752, Chambre Brahazon, only son of Major Gen. the Hon. Henry Ponsonby, brother of the 1st Earl of Bessborough.

(4). Samuel, settled in Antigua and is presumed to have been ancestor of the Lord Lyons.

(5). Margaret, married Hans Widman, Esq. of Hanstoun,co.Westmeath.

(6). Mary, married Hugh Bowen, Esq. of Mullingar.

(7). Anne, married Isaac Smith, Esq. of Anneville.

(8). Elizabeth, married Glasgow Thompson, Esq.

The eldest son.

Charles Lyons, Esq. of Ledestown, High Sheriff,co.Westmeath, 1731, Col. of Militia, married 1723 Christiana daughter of Robert Mason, Esq. of Mason Brook,co.Galway, and had issue:

(1). John, his heir.

(2). Charles, Major 60th Regt. died unmarried 1799.

(3). Margaret, married 1764 Theophilus Bolton, Esq.

(4). Alicia, died unmarried.

The elder son.

John Lyons Esq. of Ledestown, High Sheriff 1778, married 1765 Caroline 3rd daughter of Lieut.-Col. John Degennes of Portarlington, and had issue:

(1). Charles John, Capt. 12th Light Dragoons, born 1766; married 1791 Mary Anne youngest daughter of Sir Richard Levinge, 4th Bart., and by her (who married 2ndly, 1798 Anthony Adams Reilly, Esq. of Roebuck,co.Cavan and died 1855), he left at his decease, vp., May 1796, an only child John Charles Lyons, Esq. of Ledestown.

(2). John Robert, Capt. 69th Regt. died unmarried 1801.

(3). Tenison, Capt. 12th Dragoons, born 1769; married 1812 Eleanor daughter of David Frazer, Esq., Barrister-at-law, and died 1832, leaving issue.

(1). Henry, died young.

(4). Margaret Christiana, married 1806, Rev.Samuel Auchmuty.

(5). Caroline, married 1812 Mark Anthony Levinge, Esq., and died 11 March 1856. He died 1847.

(6). Frances died unmarried 1793.

Mr Lyons died 1803 and was succeeded by his grandson.

John Charles Lyons, Esq. of Ledestown, JP. and DL., High Sheriff 1816, Capt. Westmeath Militia, born 22 August 1792; married 1stly, 14 March 1820 Penelope Melesina only daughter of Hugh Tuite, Esq. of Sonna, and by her (who died 10 February 1855) had issue.

(1). Charles, born 7 February 1821, died unmarried 24 February 1859.

(2). Mary Ann Melesina, married 1848 James Malley, Esq.

He married 2ndly, 12 November 1856 Frances Ellen, 3rd daughter of Thomas Walsh, Esq., of Belleview,co.Westmeath, and had further issue:

(3). John Charles, now of Ledestown.

(4). Charles John, born 17 February 1863.

(5). Caroline Constance, married 1885 William Owen Daly, Esq. late Leinster Regt. and has issue:

(1). Owen.

(2). Constance.

(3). Letitia.

(4). Mary Ann Camilla.

Mr Lyons died September 1874 and was succeeded by his son, the present John Charles Lyons, Esq. of Ledestown.

Seat: Ledestown,Mullingar,co.Westmeath.

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