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At the time of the expedition against Harold, the Saxon King of England, 1066, one of the Leonne, an adventurous personage, with his followers, joined the banners of Duke William of Normandy. This de Leonne, the progenitor of the Lyon family of England and Scotland, held a considerable command in the invading army. … The Leonne of the armament, who followed the blood-red flag of the Mora from St. Valleri to Pevensly; who sang the war song of Rollo at Hastings and did much battle, realized his opulent anticipations, for he remained in England, and brought over to patrimonial expectation his son, Sir Roger de Leonne, born in France 1040.

Sir Roger de Leonne furthered the fortunes of the family in an adopted country. War was a profitable pastime, and to go to the rescue of King Edgar, the son of Malcolm Canmore, a righteous piece of errantry. So he donned his harness and rode with Atheling into Scotland to depose Donald Bain. For this good and faithful service, in 1091 he obtained from King Edgar certain lands in Perthshire, to which he gave the name of Glen Lyon– the Glen Lyon of today, extending from Fortingal about twenty-four miles, a vast cul-de-sac, flanked by steep lofty mountains traversed from end to end by the river Lyon, rushing down in torrents and cataracts from Loch Lyon. … Sir Roger de Leonne stood by his Scottish possessions, and retained the friendship of the Scottish Monarch, for he was witness in a charter of King Edgar to the monastery of Dumfermline, dated 1105.

His son. Sir Paganus de Leonne or Leonibus, was born in England about 1080.

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