Information from Burke’s "The Landed Gentry" page 1265, 1894

Found in Cardiff Library

LYONS, MRS. JULIA MARIA, of Old Park and Brookhill,co.Antrim, daughter of James Jones, Esq. of Mount Edward,co.Sligo, by Elizabeth his wife (daughter of John Johnston of Knappa,co.Armagh, by Margaret Hatton, of Clonard, his wife). She married 25 February 1840, William Thomas Bristow Lyons, Esq.,DL., of Old Park, whom she succeeded on his death 4 June 1887.

Arms: Arg. a lion rampant az. Crest: A demi-lion rampant holding in the dexter paw a fleur-de-lis arg. Motto: In te Domine, speravi.

Lineage: According to family tradition the Lyons, of Old Park, are of Scotch extraction.

David Lyons of Belfast (the son of Thomas Lyons, who was born 1624, and died 30 January 1693, and was buried at Shankhill, near Belfast), had, by Kate his wife, who died 1735, David of whom presently, and Anna, married Thomas Foster. He died 26 June 1717, and was succeeded by his only son.

David Lyons of Old Park,Belfast, born 1701; married 1stly, Mary daughter of Elias Boyd, and by her (who died 13 August 1739, aged 33) had issue. By his 2nd wife, Jane, who died 22 August 1777, he had issue:

(1). Thomas, of whom presently.

(2). Henry, of 2 Mountjoy Square,Dublin, born 1764; married 27 July 1786 Eliza daughter of Rev.Robert Smith, of Drogheda,co.Louth, and died May 1814. She died 5 May 1789. They had, with other issue, Thomas and William, who both died young.

(3). William, died young.

(4). Mary, married Samuel Ashmore, Esq. of Belfast and had issue.

(5). Anne, married July 1775 John Brown, Esq. of Peter’s Hill and Solitude,co.Antrim, High Sheriff for that co. 1783, and had issue.

(6). Eleanor, married Frederick Holmes, Esq.,Barrister-at-law of the Middle Temple, London, and had issue.

(7). Elizabeth, married 1775, James Bell, Esq. of Willmount.

(8). Jane died young 12 August 1772.

(9). Sarah, died unmarried April 1828.

David Lyons died 6 July 1772; his eldest son.

Thomas Lyons, Esq. of Old Park, born 1747; married 4 July 1778, Sarah, daughter of Andrew Armstrong, Esq. of Clara,King’s co., and Dublin, by Elizabeth his wife daughter of Francis Longworth, of Creggan, co.Westmeath, and by her (who died 4 March 1818) had issue:

(1). Henry, his heir.

(2). William Holmes, successor to his brother.

(3). Edward Forbes, died unmarried 1 January 1800.

(4). Eliza, died unmarried 1840.

(5). Juliana, died unmarried 1837.

Thomas Lyons died 8 June 1806, and was succeeded by his eldest son.

Henry Lyons, Esq. of Old Park, born 1779; died unmarried 2 May 1839, and was succeeded by his brother.

William Holmes Lyons, Esq. of Old Park, born 1781; married 4 February 1810, Anna daughter of Rev.William Bristow,Vicar of Belfast, and Sovereign of the town, by Rose Castle,co.Donegal, and by her (who died 31 January 1853) had issue:

(1). William Thomas Bristow, of Old Park.

(2). Sarah, born 30 August 1818.

Mr Lyons died 12 February 1849 and was succeeded by his only son.

William Thomas Bristow Lyons, Esq. of Old Park and Brookhill, JP. and DL., High Sheriff 1866, born 12 August 1812; married 24 February 1840, Julia Maria (now of Old Park) daughter of James Jones, Esq. of Mount Edward,co.Sligo, and had issue:

(1). William Henry Holmes, co.Antrim, present representative of the family, born 31 July 1843; married 5 January 1888, Mary Eliza, eldest daughter of George Evans, Esq. of Gortmerrow House,co.Tyrone and had issue:

(1). William Holmes St.John, born 28 December 1888.

(2). Vera Patricia Mabel, born 16 March 1890.

(3). Evyleen Sarah Evans.

(2). Robert Colvill Jones, born 26 October 1844, formerly 43rd Light Infantry, married 8 December 1869, Helen Caroline daughter of John de Mottee, Esq.,one of the Judges of the Royal Court of Guernsey, and has issue:

(1). Cecil Colvill, born 17 September, died 18 December 1871.

(2). Edward Colvill, born 9 January 1873.

(3). Guy Cary, born 16 October 1875.

(4). Muriel.

(3). Henry Kenneth Thomas, born 6 June 1850.

(4). James Bristow, born 14 October 1853, married 8 October 1885, Marguerite Julie daughter of Jules Festu-Villiaumez, of Calvados, Normandy, and has issue:

(1). William Barry, born 11 July 1887.

(2). James Henry, born 28 February 1889.

(5). Clarence Edward, born 10 February 1856, died same year.

(6). Eliza, married 28 March 1865, Robert Cunningham Thomson, Esq. of Castleton,Belfast, JP. for co. Antrim, formerly Capt. 2nd Queen’s Own Regt. who died 9 October 1884.

(7). Julia Maria, died 1 January 1850.

(8). Dorinda Anna Henrietta.

(9). Edith Arabella Lousia Florence, married 9 June 1877, Lieut.-Col. Henry Martin Moorsom, KCB.,MP.

(10). Constance Adela Hastings, married 26 April 1871, John Robert Colvill Lowry (who died sp. in India 18 July 1873), 4th son of James Corry Lowry, Esq.,QC.,of Rockdale,co.Tyrone, and 2ndly, 13 May 1875, John Bath Allanson, Esq. of Bryn Seiant,co.Carnarvon, eldest son of Thomas Allanson, Esq. of Tais Kyddy,St.Columb,Cornwall.

(11). Julie Marie Louise.

Mr William Thomas Bristow Lyons died 4 June 1887, and was succeeded in his estates by his widow, and in the representation of the family by his eldest son, William Henry Holmes Lyon, Esq.

Seat: Brookhilol,Lisburn; and Old Park,Belfast.

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