(Of interest in connection with the foregoing.) 
Richard de Leone to Mathew, his brothei^lands. MaUlda, his 
wife. Robert, Philip, Richard, William, Roger, son of Richard and 
others witnesses. 
Roger, wife Hawis, to Richard de Sutton in marriage of Mar- 
garet (dau?); Nicholas de Leans witness— lands. 
Robert de Papes to Richard, son of John de Lieonibus, witness 
Lord Roger de Leonibus, Gerard de Leonibus, Nicholas de Leonibus. 
Richard de Leonibus, son of Nicholas de Leonibus to Richard de 
Bekenton, "land next to Petronilla, my sister;" witness Roger, Gerard, 
Richard and others 
Nicholas de Lyons to Alan le Hesper in marriage with "Bmma, my 
daughter," land between that of Nicholas and of Agnes de Lyons; 
witness Lord John and others. 
Robert de Pompes to Richard, son of Lord Roger de Leuns; witness 
Nicholas and Cterard de Leuns. 
Richard de Lyons for the salvation of his father and mother and 
for the souls of Us ancestors to Gk>d and the blessed Virgin and the 
Master and brothers of St. Leonard of Banbury; witness Richard de 
Lyons, Lord, etc., Richard, his uncle, and others. 
John de Pamplsworth to Richard, son of Roger de Llonlbus; wit- 
ness Roger and Nicholas. 
Richard Lyuns to Radulph BuckuU; witness Nich. de Lyuns, Round 
seal: a Hon passant regardant contoum^. Slglllum Rlcardi Levns. 
William Pauper de Parston to Roger de Llonlbus; witness Nicho- 
las and Richard de Lions. 
Richard, son of Henry de Lyuns of Wareworth to Richard, son of 
Walter, son of Peter (Lyon?) of Wareworth; witness Richard and 
Richard, Kt., Lord of Wareworth 6 Edw. I, II Bdw. I, 17 Bdw. I 
(1277, 1282, 1288). 
Settlement in King's Ck)urt at York between Hugh de Okele, plf., 
and John and Margerle, deft Grant to John and Biargery and son 
Richard 31 Bdw. I (1302). 
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