Information from "Burke’s Encyclopeadia of Heraldry or General Armoury, 1844".

Found in Cardiff Library

LYON (Glamis,co.Forfar; Earl of Strathmore).

Derived from the marriage of Sir John Lyon, feudal baron of Forteviot with the Lady Jane, youngest daughter of King Robert II.

Ar. a lion ramp. az. armed and langued, within a double tressure flory counterflory gu. Crest: Within two branches of laurel, a lady to the girdle habited, and holding in her right hand the royal thistle, all ppr. commemorative of the alliance with the royal house of Stewart. Motto: In te, Domine, speravi.

LYON (Auldbar,co.Fotfar).

Descended directly from Sir Thomas Lyon, of Auldbar, in the county of Forfar, who was second son of John, seventh Lord Glamis.

Arms and Crest: as Lyon of Glamis.


As borne by John Lyon, Esq.; by James Lyon of Woolavington,co.Sussex, Esq.; by David Lyon of Goring, in the same county, Esq. late MP. for Beeralsaton; by George Lyon, Esq.; and by William Lyon of New Lodge,co.Berks, Esq. late MP. for Seaford; sons of the late David Lyon of Portland Place, London and of Jamaica, Esq.; and grandsons of John Lyon of Castle Lyon, co.Perth, Esq. (a descendant of the ancient family of Lyon of Aulbar) by Jane Ochterlony, his wife, aunt and representative of General Sir David Ochterlony, bart. GCB.

Arms and Crest: as Lyon of Glamis, quartering Ochterlony, Stewart of Rosyth, Read of Cairney and Guthrie of Cleppington. (Additional crests, for Ochterlony- First out of an Eastern crown or. the rim inscribed with the word "Nepaul", an arm embowed, habited gu. cuff az. the hand grasping a baton wreathed with laurel, ppr.; second, a swan, wings elevated ar. collared, chain reflexed over the back, and ducally crowned or, charged on the breast with a rose gu. Mottoes: for Lyon- In te, Domine, Speravi; for Ochterlony- Animos et prudentia.

LYON (Hetton,co.Durham).

As borne by John Lyon, of Hetton House, Esq. son and heir of the Honourable Thomas Lyon, third son of Thomas, eighth Earl of Strathmore.

Arms and Crest: As Lyon of Glamis.

LYON (Appleton Hall,co.Chester).

As borne by Thomas Lyon, of Appleton Hall, Esq. a magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant for the counties of Chester and Lancaster; son of the Rev.James Lyon, Rector of Prestwich; grandson of Matthew Lyon, of Appleton, Esq. by Ellen his wife, daughter and co-heiress of James Fairclough of Wigan, Esq. and great great grandson of Thomas Lyon of ancient Scottish descent, born about the year 1626, who served in the Scots Greys, and settled eventually at Warrington in Lancashire.

Ar. a lion ramp. vert. Crest: A lion’s head erased ppr. Motto: Pro rege et patria.


Borne by Lieutenant General Sir James Lyon KCB.

Ar. a lion ramp. az. between three cinque-foils gu. and the royal tressure of Scotland. Crest: A demi lady ppr. attired or. and az. holding in the dexter hand the royal thistle, and in the sinister a chaplet of laurel ppr. Mottoes: over the crest-Lauro redimita quiescam; under the crest-Speravi.

LYON (Hertfordshire; London; and West Twyford,co.Middlesex).

Ar. on a fesse or. between three plates, each charged with a griffin’s head erased sa. a lion pass. between two cinquefoils gu.

LYON (Scotland).

Ar. a lion ramp. az. armed and langued gu. Crest: A demi lady, ppr. habited ar. stomacher fretty az. holding in the dexter hand a key or. and in the sinister a thistle, slipped and leaved ppr. within two oak branches in orle, fructed of the last.


Az. on a chev. or. between three plates, each charged with a griffin’s head erased sa. a lion pass. enclosed by two cinquefoils gu. Crest: On a pink flowered gu. leaved vert, a lion’s head erased paly, quarterly erm. and ermines.


See Bowes.


Ar. a lion sejant guard gu. armed and langued az. holding in his dexter paw a thistle ppr. and in his sinister a shield of the second, sa. on a chief az. a St.Andrew’s cross of the first; the seal of office is the above, between two palm branches, the whole encircled with the inscription, Sigillum officii leonis regis armorum.

LYONS (Island of Antigua).

Sa. a chev. between three lions sejant guard. ar. Crest: On a chapeau gu.turned up erm. a lion’s head erased. Motto: Noli irritare leones.


As borne by Sir Edmund Lyons, bart. HBM. Minister Plenipotentiary at Athens.

Arms and Crest: as the preceding.


Ar. a lion ramp. gu.


Ar. a lion ramp. vert.


Ar. a chev. sa. between three lions dormant coward gu.

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