The Lyons formerly of Rathcoursey


The Lyons formerly of Rathcoursey

Information from "The Landed Gentry of Ireland" page 451, by Burke, 1958

Found in Cardiff Library


Of Penlee, Ipplepen, Newton Abbot, South Devon, served in World War II 1941-45 as Surg.Lieut. RNVR., Surg.-Lt.-Cmdr. 1944, born 28 May 1914, educ. St.Gerard’s Sch., Bray, and Trin.Coll. Dublin (MB., BCh., BAO.1940) married 3 Oct.1942, Joan Helen Mary eldest daughter of the late Capt. Kenneth Vivian Ryan, Royal Dublin Fus., of Hoebridge House,Woking,Surrey, and has issue;

Christopher Kenneth Victor Lyons born 25 August 1947; Philip John Lyons born 29 August 1955; Caroline Mary Lyons born 8 January 1944; Margaret Ann Lyons born 5 April 1946; Penelope Mary Lyons born 15 November 1948 and Sarah Mary Lyons born 6 March 1954.

Arms: Gu.,Three Lions rampant in fesse arg. quartering az. on a bend arg. a scimitar ppr. between a cross pattee and a mullet gu. Crest: A lion rampant sa., holding in the paws a scimitar ppr. Motto: "Virtute at Fidelitate".

Lineage: James Lyons of Killingley,nr.,Carrigoline,Co.Cork, married 1771 Jane Bradley of Cork and had issue-William Lyons died unmarried; John Lyons of whom presently; Mary Lyons married John McCarthy; Helena Lyons married John H Hogan; Elizabeth Lyons married John Barry and Jane Lyons married M Young.

The younger son John Lyons sold Killingley and purchased the house and lands of Lower Rathcoursey and part of the village of Rathcoursey, in the Barony of Imokilly,Co.Cork married 1800 Emma eldest daughter of William James Corbet, of Newmarket,Co.Cork and had issue-Thomas Lyons died unmarried; James Lyons died unmarried; Frederick Lyons of whom presently; Emmeline Lyons married J Smith and Helena Lyons married E O’Collingham.

The youngest son Frederick Lyons of Lower Rathcoursey married 1831 Susan daughter of Col.Robert Lambkin of Cork and had issue-Richard Lyons of whom presently; James Lambkin Lyons servied his brother; Frederick Lyons died unmarried; Emma Lyons died unmarried; Susan Lyons married J G Blake; Mary Lyons married Richard Foley; Kathleen Lyons died unmarried and Anne Lyons married her cousin Thomas Lambkin.

The eldest son Capt.Richard Lyons of Lower Rathcoursey, the Black Watch died unmarried 1871 when he was servied by his brother.

James Lambkin Lyons of Novogong,Assam 1861-65 and afterwards of Rathcourey and Lee House,Co.Cork. Solicitor and Collector of Rates for the City of Cork,1877-1907, born 18 May 1840, educ.Trin.Coll.Dublin (LL.B.) married 23 November 1869 Annie(died 7 June 1895) youngest daughter of John Maurice Dominick Daly, of Lota Park,Glanmire,Co.Cork and died 15 June 1907 leaving issue-Frederick Joseph Lyons of Woolahra Park,Cork. Solicitor and Collector of Rates for the City of Cork 1910-33 born 30 August 1870, educ. Downside, married 13 April 1900 Florence (died 20 July 1956) the daughter of Sir Daniel Vincent O’Sullivan of Arbutus,Cork and died 22 July 1939 leaving issue-James Frederick Lyons born October 1903 died unmarried 22 December 1952; Moreen Lyons born January 1906 married 6 March 1924 Comdr. George Crosbie (Garrydare,Tivoli,Co.Cork) son of George Crosbie of Woodlands,Glanmire,Co.Cork, and has issue-George Crosbie born February 1926; Donald Crosbie born April 1927; Peter David Crosbie born April 1935 and Marjorie Crosbie born November 1928; Anita Lyons born 3 June 1909 married 4 June 1940 Garrett Noel Dalton, MB.,Ch.B. (1 Norwood Villas,Rushbrook,Co.Cork) son of Patrick Dalton of Sunday’s Well,Cork.

Maurice Victor Lyons of whom presently; James Francis Lyons of Lee House,Co.Cork born 1873, educ.Downside, married 10 May 1900 Edda Mary daughter of Dr.James Fitzgerald of Cork, and died 12 December 1905 leaving issue-Edda Mary Lyons born 22 August 1901 died unmarried 14 June 1956

Thomas St.John Lyons of Lee Holm,Sunday’s Well,Co.Cork born 2 August 1874, educ.Downside, died unmarried 23 May 1954.

James Fitzjames Lyons born 19 September 1875, educ.Downside, married 4 February 1914 Monica (West View,Sunday’s Well,Co.Cork) daughter of John Harding of West View,Sunday’s Well,Co.Cork and died 18 February 1934 leaving issue-James Philip Lyons,mem.pneumoconiosis Medical Panel, formerly Dep. Med. Supt. Grosvenor Sanatorium,Ashford,Kent, author of Shorter postural reduction as a prelude to active treatments, and Artificial Pneumothoray Treatment Today (95 Bothwell Street,Glasgow,C2) born 6 October 1918, educ.Newbridge Coll.,and Univ.Coll.Cork (MD.,NUI. 1954, MB.,BCh.,BAO. 1942,TDD. Wales 1948) married 23 February 1957 Eucaria youngest daughter of Alexander Michael McCreery of Larch Hill, Kilkenny; Edward Lyons born 26 March 1925; Carmela Mary Lyons born 25 July 1916, married 22 July 1937 Wilton Flynn (Kilboy House,Cloyne,Co.Cork) son of Dr.D Flynn of 12 Patrick’s Hill,Cork. and has issue-William James Flynn born 26 November 1940; Kenneth Bernard Flynn born 16 April 1943; Roy Anthony Flynn(twin) born 16 April 1943; Brian Oliver Flynn born 6 April 1947; Mary Gillian Flynn born 30 April 1938; Valerie Elizabeth Flynn born 9 September 1939; Leslie Gertrude Flynn born 17 November 1941; Ann Madeline Flynn born 12 December 1945 and Carmela Monica Flynn born 5 October 1948. Monica Lyons born 4 May 1921 died unmarried 20 July 1941.

John Louis Lyons, served in World War I. 1914-18 as Capt.Royal Munster Fus. born 21 June 1878, educ. Downside, married 28 July 1913 Alice Josephine (died 24 February 1920) daughter of James Cooper of Cork and died 25 May 1953 leaving issue-John William Lyons ("Sanzio"Beaumont Park, Ballintemple, Co.Cork) born 20 January 1916, educ.Presentation Coll.Cork, married 19 September 1942 Catherin Veronica daughter of William Francis Tracy of Diamond Hill,Blackrock,Co.Cork and has issue-James Lambkin Lyons born 13 July 1947; Jacqueline Marie Lyons born 1 September 1943.

James Francis Louis Lyons, Major RAMC., served in World War II.(17,Homeville Road,Colchester,Essex) born 4 July 1918, educ.Univ.Coll.Cork (MB., BCh.,BAO. 1941) married 20 May 1943 Mary daughter of J D F Olivere of 60 South Mall,Cork.

Louis Coleman Lyons born 29 October 1879 died 27 July 1880; Ernest Lyons of Lee Holm,Sunday’s Well,Co.Cork born 1882, educ.Downside died unmarried 28 October 1951; Mary Lyons of Lee Holm,Sunday’s Well,Co.Cork born 23 February 1877 died unmarried 9 March 1955; Anne Lyons married 4 February 1910 James Dwyer Madden of Riverview,Sunday’s Well,Co.Cork and died 2 March 1943 leaving issue two daughters. He died 23 January 1927.

The second son Maurice Victor Lyons of Currabinny,Carrigoline,Co.Cork and Tyronnel, Perrott Avenue, Cork, born 3 June 1872, educ.Downside, married 12 July 1912 Maria Elinor (died 6 June 1947) 2nd daughter of George Abraham Sutton of Windsor,Douglas,Co.Cork and Bunnyconellen, Myrtleville,Co.Cork and died 15 January 1943 leaving issue-Reginald Francis George Lyons of whom we treat; Lydia Mary Lyons born 12 August 1916, married 22 June 1938 Wallis Maynard Goslett (Troloy House,Abbots Langley,Herts) son of Gordon Goslett of Holmberry, Bushey Heath

Herts and has issue-Peter Maynard Goslett born 25 October 1941; Rowland William Goslett born 27 September 1946; Ann Rosalie Goslett born 3 April 1939. Daphne Elizabeth Lyons served in World War II. 1944-46 in American Ambulance Corps. born 11 September 1921, married 9 October 1946 Robert Paterson (Temple Lawn,Ballintemple,Blackrock,Co.Cork) son of Robert H Paterson of Temple Lawn, Blackrock, Co.Cork and has issue-Andrew Paterson born 11 October 1949.

Residence-Penlee, Ipplepen. Newton Abbot, Devon.

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