The Origin of the Name Lyon

The Origin of the Name Lyon

Information from different sources for the Origin of the Lyon Name


It is intended that, with time, this document will become a narrative account of the known history of the Lyon family of which the author is a member.

Initially, and of necessity, much that follows will be more of a statement of facts known to date, interspersed with some conjecture, rather than a real narrative. It is hoped that in due course and with the gradual addition of information about the way our ancestors lived, what they did and why they did it, we will be able to flesh out the bones of dry fact and the story will emerge.

The first part of this book contains information on the Origin of the Lyon name found from different sources such as the Record Office and the Public Library, much of the information coming from very early publications.

With the death of my grandmother in 1991 and finding information about some of my ancestors, started me off on the road to try and find out as much as I could about my family. This went well until I came to a standstill with my great-great-grandfather a William Lyon a gunner in the Royal Artillery. William stated on his discharge papers that he was born in Edinburgh about 1813 the son of a Peter Lyon from Edinburgh a Stocking Maker. Up to date have not been able to prove the fact, have got a couple of leads but nothing that I can be sure, to be able to put down on paper for definite, as the correct facts of my ancestors.

Coming to a stop on my side of the Lyon tree, started me off trying to find out about other researchers into the Lyon name, hoping that one day I may find somebody who had a little bit more information to add onto my tree. Over the last couple of years have managed to build up a very large database of Lyon researchers and families from around the World.

Periodically this Story will be updated and re-issued and it would be helpful if the readers of these words would offer whatever background information they can as well as any recollections of things said or rumoured about the Lyon name, which could be added to our tale. At some stage, if enough information becomes available, I will be trying to put it all into one book.

In Memory of my son Francis Samuel Lyon who died 11th June 1998 at the age of 26

Reg Lyon

Llantwit Major,South Glamorgan. January 1999

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