Lyon of Kirkmichael

Information from "Burke’s, The Landed Gentry,1900" page 1011

Found in Cardiff Library

JOHN STEWART LYON, Of Kirkmichael,co.Dunfries, JP.,born 11 June 1868; survived 1881; married 9 August 1899. Esme, only daughter of Colin Dunlop of Lockerbie House,Dumfries.

ARMS: Argent, a lion rampant within the royal tressures of Scotland, az. CREST: A lady to the waist habited, holding a thistle in her dexter hand, all within garlands of laurel leaves and berries. MOTTO: In te Domine Speravi.

Lineage. David Lyon of Cossens, 2nd son of John Lyon, 3rd Lord Glamis (see Burke’s Peerage Strathmore), by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Scrymgeour of Dudhope, was killed at Flodden with his two brothers 1513; He married Elizabeth daughter of David Lyndsay, Duke of Montrose, 5th Earl of Crawford and by her he had two sons:

(1). John his heir.

(2). George, who had a charter of the lands of Balgonie, 1529, died sp.

John Lyon, of Cossens, declared next heir of entail in 1567 to the barony and estates of Glamis, held the castle of Craigmillar in 1513, married Margery daughter of James, Lord Ogilvy of Airlie, by whom he had two sons:

(1). John, his heir.

(2). Patrick, who got a charter of the lands of Balgonie 1553, died sp.

The elder son John Lyon of Cossens married a daughter of Gardyne of Gardyne, by whom he had two sons, the elder of whom carried on the Cossens branch of the family, which was lost sight of after 1677, when the estate was sold.

The 2nd son George Lyon, got a tack of the lands of Balmuchtie from his father; he is styled Younger of Cossens in a deed 1586; married Catherine Wishart, by whom he had three sons:

(1). John who succeeded.

(2). Thomas.

(3). George.

The eldest son John Lyon who acquired the lands of Wester Ogil in 1653, married Catherine Ogilvy, by whom he had four sons:

(1). George his heir.

(2). James.

(3). Sylvester.

(4). John.

The eldest son George Lyon, of Wester Ogil, married Jean daughter of James Nisbet, by whom he had eight sons and four daughters.

His son George Lyon of Wester Ogil, born 1711; died 1793; married Mary Roger, by whom he had four sons and two daughters:

(1). William of Wester Ogil, died sp.

(2). Hugh of Wester Ogil, born 1748, whose descendants carried on the Wester Ogil branch.

(3). George, of whom hereafter.

(4). James, DD.,Minister of Glamis, born 1759; died 1838; married Agnes, daughter of L’Amy, of Dunkenny, leaving issue.

(5). Jane.

(6). Margaret, married the Rev.James Playfair, Principal of St.Andrews University, and had issue. (see Burke’s Peerage, Playfair,B).

The 3rd son George Lyon, born 1735; died 1812; married Margaret, daughter of Stewart of Stenton (she married 2ndly, Sir Adam Fergusson, Deputy Keeper of the Scottish Regalia) by whom he had two sons:

(1). George of Kirkmichael and Dalruscan, Lieut-Col. 2nd Life Guards, born 1804; died 1879, sold Kirkmichael to his brother; married Phoebe, daughter of Admiral Johnston of Cowhill,co.Dumfries, by whom he had five sons and five daughters:

(1). George Adam, born 7 January 1828; died 1839.

(2). Charles James, HEICS.,born 22 December 1828, died 1856; married Maria, daughter of William Crauford, Barrister-at-law, Bombay, and left issue.

(3). John Elliot, RN., killed 1870.

(4). Cecil Edward, born 5 August 1842, late Capt. 77th Regt.;married 1872 Maude, 3rd daughter of Charles Palmer Morewood, of Alfreton,Derbyshire, and of Ladbroke Hall,co.Warwick.

(5). Walter Fitzgerald, born 29 February 1844; married in 1883, Isabella daughter of the late William Towers-Clark, of Wester Moffat,co.Lanark, by whom he had a son, died an infant.

(6). Sybella, died 1863.

(7). Margaret, married Robert eldest son of James Begbie, MD. of Edinburgh, and has issue.

(8). Phoebe, married 1860 M. Hyslop Maxwell, of The Grove and Glangaber,co.Kirkcudbright, and has issue.

(9). Catherine.

(10). Amy.

(2). John Stewart, of whom we treat.

The 2nd son John Stewart Lyon of Kirkmichael, 4th Royal Dragoons, born 1 December 1808; died 23 December 1862, bought Kirkmichael from his brother; married 1836 Mary Theresa, only daughter of Thomas Dickson, of Queenstown,Upper Canada, by whom he had three sons and one daughter:

(1). George Francis, who succeeded.

(2). Thomas Arthur, born 24 November 1838.

(3). Adam Walter, born 27 November 1841; died 1 July 1867.

(4). Arcange Marguerette, married 1870, John Pearson, Esq.,late 95th Regt. and has issue.

The eldest son, George Francis Lyon of Kirkmichael, Commander RN.,entered the service 1851, served in the Black Sea and Baltic during the Crimean war, and in China at the taking of the Teiko Forts 1859, born 6 September 1837; died 22 March 1881; married 1867 Emma Ramsay, daughter of James Stark, Esq., MD., FRS.,of Huntfield,co.Lanark, by whom he had three sons and three daughters:

(1). John Stewart, his heir, now of Kirkmichael.

(2). Adam Walter, born 14 November 1870; married September 1897, Elima, 4th daughter of Michael Balmain.

(3). Francis Howard, born 4 January 1875.

(4). Isabella.

(5). Mary.

(6). Eliza, died August 1891.

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