John Stewart Lyon

Information from Burke’s "The Landed Gentry" 1937

Information as entry for 1900 with the following added

John Stewart Lyon, 2nd of Kirkmichael, 4th Royal Dragoons, born 1 December 1808; bought Kirkmichael from his brother; married 1836, Mary Theresa only daughter of Thomas Dickson, of Queenstown,Upper Canada, by whom he had three sons and one daughter. He died 23 December 1862 and was succeeded by his eldest son.

(1). George Francis Lyon, 3rd of Kirkmichael, Comm. RN., entered the service 1851, served in the Black Sea and Baltic during the Crimean War, and in China at the taking of the Teiko Forts 1859, born 6 September 1837; married 1867, Emma Ramsay daughter of James Stark, MD.,FRS., of Huntfield,co.Lanark, by whom he had three sons and three daughters.

(1). John Stewart, 4th of Kirkmichael.

(2). Adam Walter Scott, born 14 November 1870; educ. Haileybury; married September 1897 Elima (Westcroft,Dumfries), 4th daughter of Michael Balmain of Woodland, co.Dumfries, and died 8 January 1929, leaving issue:

(1). Francis Thomas Balmain, born 2 September 1898; married Irene daughter of ____, Burgess, of Tobinstown House,Ireland died 27 December 1931 leaving issue:

(1). Adam Ian Vivian, born 11 December 1930.

(2). Helen Gwendoline, born 8 January 1902.

(3). Francis Howard, DSO., Eng. Comm. RN. (ret) (The Firs,Appledore,Kent), born 4 January 1875; married 9 April 1908, Evelyn Bayard (died 2 April 1928) only daughter of Major Henry Hall, late 15th Hussars.

(4). Isabella Alice (Castle Toward,Argyll) married 28 July 1903, Major Andrew Coats, DSO., who died 17 February 1930.

(5). Mary Theresa, married 28 January 1901, Col. William Scott Elliot, DSO., late RASC. (The Prelude,Coleman’s Hatch,Sussex) youngest son of the late James Scott Elliot, of Newton, Dumfries and has issue:

(1). James Elliot, born 6 November 1902.

(2). Eva Lyon Elliot, born July 1907.

(6). Eliza, died August 1891.

Comm. Lyon died 22 March 1881, and was succeeded by his eldest son.

John Stewart Lyon of Kirkmichael, JP.,co.Dumfries, born 11 June 1868; educ. Wellington; married 9 August 1899, Agnes Mary Ellen (Esme) (died 25 June 1930), only daughter of Colin Dunlop, of Lockerbie House,co.Dumfries (see that family), and died 24 March 1934, leaving issue:

(1). John George (Witcombe Park,Witcombe,Gloucester), born 13 January 1901, married and has with other issue a son born 9 October 1929.

(2). Colin Arthur, now of Kirkmichael.

Colin Arthur Lyon of Kirkmichael,co.Dumfries, born 11 July 1907; succeeded his father as 5th Laird, 1934.

Seat: Kirkmichael,co.Dumfries.

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