Information from the "Armorial Families" page 1235, by Fox-Davies

Found in Cardiff Library


Of Aldenham,co.Salop (RL.20 December 1833 and 3 November 1919)

Quarterly, I. quarterly, 1 and 4, gules, semee of cross crosslets fitchee or, two lions passant in pale argent (Acton); 2. quarterly, i and iiii, azure, six fleurs-de-lis, three, two and one, argent, a chief dancettee of the last; ii.and iii.,or, a cross patonce gules, over all an escutcheon azure, thereon a tower and a chief dancettee argent (Dalberg); 3. azure, a lion passant or, between three plates, each charged with a gryphon’s head erased sable (Lyon); II. the same arms of Acton by male descent (Vn. Shropshire, 1623); III. argent, three mascles, in fesse sable; IV. gules, two lions passant in pale argent, a label of five points or (Strange of Knockin); V. per fesse gules and vert, a fesse and in chief a chevron argent (Springhose); VI. azure, a lion rampant within an crle of cross crosslets or (Brewes); VII. argent, semee of cross crosslets azure, two organ pipes gules (Downton). VIII. Barry of six or and gules (St. Owen); IX. azure, a lion rampant argent, within a bordure or (Tirel). Crest: (Of Lyon) On a wreath of the colours, in front of a lion’s head erased argent, two hurts.

Sons of Sir Richard Maximillian Lyon-Dalberg-Action, 2nd Baron Acton, KCVO., born 1870; died 1924; assumed by RL. 1919, the additional surname and arms of Lyon; married 1904, Dorothy (died 1923), daughter and heir of Thomas Henry Lyon, Esq.,DL., of Appleton Hall,co.Chester:

(1). Rt. Hon. Sir John Emerich Henry Lyon-Dalberg-Acton, 3rd Baron Acton (LK. 11 December 1869; a Bart. (Eng. 17 January 1644), born 1907.

(1). Hon. Richard William Herbert Peter Lyon-Dalberg-Acton, born 1909.

Seat: Algenham Park,Bridgenorth; Morville Hall,Salop.

Supporters: On either side a lion guardant proper, gorged with a chain or. pendent therefrom a cross patonce gules.

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