Thomas Lyon (1756-1820)

Information from Burke’s “The Landed Gentry” 1871

Information as 1853 entry with the following which was added for the elder son Thomas Lyon

The Elder son Thomas Lyon,Esq. of Appleton, JP.,Lieut.-Col. Warrington Volunteers, Born 15 November 1756, died unmarried 18 September 1820, having devised his estates to his nephew.

Thomas Lyon,Esq. of Appleton Hall, JP. and DL.,born 2 December 1786, married 28 February 1820, Eliza youngest daughter of George Clayton,Esq. of Lostock Hall,Lancashire and died 17 August 1859, leaving issue;

Thomas Lyon born 29 June 1823, married December 1863 Helior Pope; Thomas Henry Lyon, now of Appleton Hall; Charles Lyon born 29 November 1832; Francis Lyon born 11 January 1834,Capt.RHA. married 1863, Flora, 2nd daughter of the Hon.A Annesley and sister to Lord Valentia and has two sons; Agnes Gardener Lyon; Eliza Mary Lyon married to the late Archdeacon Grunall, who died sp. 27 November 1867; Georgiana Lyon married May 1852 to R A Cross,Esq.,MP.,for South West Lancashire; Adelaide Lyon.

Thomas Henry Lyon Esq. of Appleton Hall,Co.Chester,JP. and DL.,High Sheriff 1867, sometime and Officer RN. born 28 October 1825, married 24 July 1860 Vanda, 3rd daughter of Col.Wilson-Patten, of Bank Hall,Co.Lancaster, DL. and MP., which lady died in childbirth 1861.

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