Thomas Lyon (1786-1859)

Information from “Burke’s Landed Gentry” vol.1, 1853


Of Appleton Hall,co.Chester, born 2 December 1786, married 28 February 1820 Eliza youngest daughter of George Clayton Esq. of Lostock Hall, Lancashire. (by Dorothea, his wife, sister of Allan, first Lord Gardener, and widow of Robert Barrie,Esq.,by whom she was mother of the late Admiral Sir Robert Barrie, Knt.) Thomas had issue;

(1).Thomas Lyon born 29 June 1823; (2).Henry Lyon in the Royal Navy, born 28 October 1825; (3).Charles Lyon born 29 November 1832; (4).Francis Lyon born 11 January 1834; (5).Agnes-Gardener Lyon; (6).Eliza Mary Lyon; (7).Georgiana Lyon; (8).Adelaide Lyon.

Mr Lyon, who is a magistrate and a Deputy-Lieutenant for the countries of Lancaster and Chester, survived to the family estates on the death of his uncle, 18 September 1818.

Arms: Arg.,a lion, rampant,vert. Crest: A lion’s head, erased, arg. Motto: “Pro rege et patria” Seat: Appleton Hall,Cheshire.

Lineage- The family of Lyon is of Scottish descent and ranks amongst the most ancient and distinguished families of the North. The ancestor of the branch before us, Thomas Lyon, born about 1626, served in the Scots Greys and having left his native country, settled at Warrington, in Lancashire, where he purchased property and died in 1694 leaving issue, by Dorothy his wife,

John Lyon of Warrington, who purchased estates in Appleton. He was born in 1688 and married Margaret daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Edwardson of Peel House,Lancashire, by whom he had issue; Thomas his heir; Matthew, of whom hereafter as successor to his brother; Ellen married Edward Pemberton,Esq.,MD.,of Warrington, grandfather of the Right Hon. Thomas Pemberton Leigh, one of her Majesty’s Counsel, late MP. for Ripon.

The elder son Thomas Lyon,Esq.,of Warrington, succeeded to the Appleton property, but died unmarried 29 December 1776 when the estates devolved on his brother.

Matthew Lyon,Esq.,born in 1716, who married Ellen daughter and co-heiress of James Fairclough,Esq (by margaret his wife, sister of the Rev.Dr. Baldwin, Prebend of Carlisle and Rector of Aldingham, whose daughter married Sir Robert Clayton,Bart. of Adlington Hall,Lancashire) of Wigan by whom he acquired property there, now enjoyed by the present Mr Lyon. By her he left issue, at his decease, 8 June 1782, with a daughter, Ellen married to Joseph Parr,Esq. of Fir Grove,West Derby, two sons;

(1).Thomas his heir.

(2).James, in Holy Orders, Rector of Prestwich,Lancasher, married Mary only daughter of Edmund Radcliffe,Esq. and had issue; (1).James-Radcliffe in Holy Orders, Rector of Pulford,Cheshire, born 11 July 1785, married 18 May 1814 Frances daughter of George Clayton,Esq.,of Lostock and has issue.

(2).Thomas, devisee of his uncle and present possessor of Appleton Hall; (3).Edmund,MD.,of Machester born 28 January 1790; (4).John in Royal Navy born 5 February 1797 died at the Cape of Good Hope in 1821; (5).Matthew born 12 July 1800; (6).George born 14 October 1801; (7).Ellen married to the Rev.Edmund Corser; (8).Sarah Anne married to the Rev.Henry Fielding; (9).Mary married to the Rev.George Dugard,MA.

The elder son Thomas Lyon,Esq.of Appleton, a magistrate for the countries of Chester and Lancaster and Lieut.Col. of the Warrington Volunteers, was born 15 November 1756 and died a bachelor 18 September 1818 having devised his estates to his nephew, the present Thomas Lyon,Esq. of Appleton Hall.

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