Daniel Lyon (1831)

(located in Latimer Cemetery, Frontenac County, Ontario CANADA, near Kingston)

Daniel LYON (1763 (CT)-?) and 2 other brothers settled in Storrington Township, Frontenac County, Ontario (near Kingston) on lands originally granted to them from the King of England. Daniel and wife Gift WATSON LYON had 6 children: Philander (1790(NY)-1857) who married Margaret FRIEL (1798-?), Oliver (1791(NY)-?) who married Elizabeth BUCK (1793-?), Lyman (1795(NY)-?) who married Rebecca WILLIAMS (1798-?), Nancy (1801-1884) who married Samuel AYKROYD (1797-1864), Henry (1808-?) and Seth W. (1799(NY)-1868).

In 1823 Seth W. LYON married Mary Catherine RANSIER (1801-1887) who was the daughter of Wilhelm (1759-1834) and Elizabeth BABCOCK (1763-?) RANCIER both born in New York. Wilhelm was the son of Andres (1731 (Germany) -1789) and Agnes Franey (1735 (NY) -?) RANTZIR and are noted as being in a family of "Founding German Loyalists" in Ontario.

Seth W. and Mary Catherine LYON had 8 children, Joanna (1824-1899) who married Cornelius HUGHSON (1818-1900), Elizabeth (1825-1900) who married John W. CAVERLY (1832-1878), Sarah (1829-?) who married Levi LYON, Daniel (1831-1907) who married Jane PAYNE (1833-1908), Rachel (1835-1901) who married Andrew JARDIN (1841-?), C. Rebecca (1844-1926) who married J. Levi HUGHSON (1839-1922), Seth W.2 (1846-1937) who married Charlotte RICHARDS (1848-1939) daughter of John and Charlotte Elizabeth GRIMSBATH (1813-?) RICHARDS, and William (1827-1897) who married Margaret PAYNE (1830-1918) sister of Jane PAYNE, both daughters of Robert and Jane SCOTT PAYNE.

William and Margaret PAYNE LYON had 8 children: Charles (1856-?); Laura (1854-1929) who married William SLEETH (1849-?); Johanna (1865-1936) who married William GUMMER (1860-1925) and after his death, Thule CLARKE; Robert (1870-1938) who married Ethel SLACK; Lydia (1868-?) who married Robert SHANNON (1853-?); Lyman (1860-1939) who married Elizabeth HORNING (1863-1899); Elizabeth (1862-?) who married Charles BURT and Amanda, the latter born in Inverary, Ontario in 1858 who married Charles WARD of Boonville, NY.

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