LYON Family

LYON Family

The earliest Lyon ancestor I have information on was Norman de Leonne, from France, who fought with William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings, 1066. His son was Sir Roger de Leonne, 1040, also born in France. His descendents were: Sir Paganus de Leonne, 1075, France, then name changed. Hugo de Leonibus (or Leonne), 1121, France, Ernoid de Leonibus, 1150, France, John de Leonibus (alias Lyon), 1176, Norfolk, England, Pagan de Leonibus, 1195, Norfolk, England, and then name changed again. Sir John de Lyouns (info states: grandfather at head of Lyon family in Scotland), 1225, Norfolk, England, next generation was John de Lyon, 1250, Norfolk, England and his son was the first LYON; Sir Adam Lyon, 1285, Norfolk, England. This inormation was copied from the Salt Lake City Library by a co-worker of my uncle

00. Niall "Noigiallach", [1st] King of Ireland 396-423
00. Eogan, 1st King of Ailech c 435 (d465/6)
from whom descends
01. Aedh VI "Athlamhan" [or "The Handy"], [42nd] King of Ailech
1030-1032 (d1033)
02. Anrothan
03. Niall [omitted in some mss.]
04. Aedh "an Buirrche"
05. Dunsleve, Lord of Knapdale
06. Farquhar (Ferchar)
07. Malcolm
08. Laumon (Laomainn) (Lamont)
= Jean de Lyon, dau of Roger de Leonne ["Leonis"; "Lyoun"; "Laing"]
09. Malcolm "Lyon" of Cowall, ancestor of the Lyon Family [his older
bro was the ancestor of the Lamont Family; and, his younger bro was
the ancestor of another family]
10. John Lyon, had a bro Hugh Lyon (1320)
11. John "The White Lyon", Thane of Glamis 1372 (d1382) [so-called for
adopting as his arms a reversal of the colors of the white lion on
blue arms of the collateral-line of the Lamont Family]
= Jean, dau of Robert II, King of Scotland, who granted him an estate
12. John Lyon (d1435)
= Elizabeth Graham
13. Patrick Lyon, 1st Lord Glamis (d1459)
= Isobel Ogilvy
14. John Lyon (d1497), 3rd Lord Glamis [his older bro, Alexander, was
2nd Lord Glamis]
= Elizabeth Scrymgeour
15. John Lyon (d1500), 4th Lord
= Elizabeth Gray
16. John Lyon (d1528), 6th Lord [his older bro, George, was 5th Lord]
= Janet Douglas
17. John Lyon (d1559), 7th Lord
= Janet Keith
18. John Lyon (d1578), 8th Lord
= Elizabeth Abernethy
19. Patrick Lyon, 1st Earl of Kinghorne (d1615)
= Anne Murray
20. John Lyon, 2nd Earl (d1646)
= Elizabeth Maule
21. Patrick Lyon, 3rd Earl (d1695)
= Helen Middleton
22. John Lyon, 4th Earl (d1712)
= Elizabeth Stanhope
23. Thomas, 8th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne (d1753)
= Jean Nicholson
24. John Lyon, 9th Earl (d1776)
= Mary Eleanor Bowes, heiress
25. Thomas Lyon-Bowes, 11th Earl (d1846)
= Mary Carpenter
26. Thomas Lyon-Bowes, Lord Glamis (d1834)
= Charlotte Grimstead
27. Claude Bowes-Lyon, 13th Earl (d1904)
= Frances Dora Smith
28. Claude Bowes-Lyon, 14th Earl (d1944)
= Nina Cecila Cavendish-Bentinck
29. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (d2002), the late "Queen Mum"
= George VI Albert, King of Britain
30. Elizabeth II, Queen, now reigning
[note that the late Queen Mum's father was a male-line descendant of
Niall "Noigiallach", [1st] King of Ireland 396-423]
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