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From: Martha Miller < millerspost>
Subject: [VAALBEMA] PACE LYON GRAVES and others
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 17:29:06 -0800 (PST)

This is a copy of a letter written by Winnifred (LYON)
PACE to her sister, Mary (LYON) GRAVES, in 1859. Mary
and her family had just moved to Pike Co, Missouri. I
thought it might be of interest to others and I don’t
know anything further about this PACE family. Would
appreciate if anyone recognizes anyone to please let
me know. Items in brackets [ ] are my comments and I
have made some notes at the bottom.
Martha Miller

No. 37

March 1st, 1859
Albemarle Co, Va.

My Dear beloved sister and brother,

I now seat myself to write you a few lines to let you
know that we are all in tolerable health at this time.
I have been sick for 2 weeks with a cold and my head
and teeth. I thought they used to have _____. I had
to get Dr. Johnson to take four out. It has been very
sickly here this winter. I hope when these lines
comes to hand they may find you all enjoying good
health. I received your letter and was glad to hear
from you all. Brother Robert [Lyon] was here to see
us not so long since. They was all well. He says you
must write to him. Sister you must write to me often,
for I can tell you it gave me great satisfaction to
hear from you all. Mrs. Clements and Munday Walker
has been to see me. Munday sends her love to you.
Now Sister I have bad news to write you, poor John has
lost his wife. [John is her brother-in-law, John Pace]
She died the 24th of March. [this cant be correct as
the letter is dated March 1st] I was there when she
died. I closed her mouth and eyes. She was taken
worse about 12 oclock and died about sunset. I
shrouded her. I sent to Scottsville to Mrs. Harris
and had her shroud made. It was very nice indeed. It
was as nice a coffin as I ever saw. Poor John, I
thought it would have broken his heart. I never saw
anyone take on so in all my life. They had just been
married eight weeks today. I stayed there Saturday
after the corpse started, and packed up all of her
clothes to go to her mothers. They carried her home
to bury her. Kitty Gilispe has been staying with Lucy
five weeks. Mr. Coles [Coules?] sent up his carriage
and me and Kitty came down to his house to dinner. We
had been to dinner. We had been to dinner and he had
company, but he said he didnt intend to let us off,
we must eat some with him anyhow. He then went to the
mountains the next day and brought Mrs. Pace down in
his carriage to stay with John. Myself and Mrs. Pace
and Kitty spent the day at Mrs. Clements yesterday.
Kitty went with their Aunt Dicy up to Johns. I expect
them down sometime this week. His papa went down with
the corpse and came back to my house.

He says she might stay and go back with her Aunt Dicy.
She send her love to you all and says she intends
writing Mag [Margaret E.F. Graves-Marys dau.] as soon
as she goes home. They are all well at Old Billys.
He has gotten your letter. Sister I think if I could
see you I could talk a week. Sister I do hope to meet
with you again in this world. But should we not, I
trust we will meet where parting will be no more.
Tell Mag, Kitty had her deguarratype taken yesterday
in Warren, but her papa says he cant get the first
features of Kitty. He says she must have it taken
again. I saw some of the prettiest Deguarratypes ___
here I ever saw in my life. Whole family in one
frame. Poor Lucy, she did want hers taken so bad.
She said if she ever got so she could dress herself
she wanted mine and hers taken in one frame and send
it to her mother saying she would think the world and
all of it. She thought a great deal of me. She said
she loved me as well as if I had been her own sister.
She was in her senses to the very last. She got a
letter from her mother just before she died. She saw
the letter and read it not ten minutes. Sister I have
no more news to write to interest you. Mr. Pace and
the children joins me in love to you all. Tell baby
neor? Is the sweetest thing he ever saw. Give my love
to all and accept a full share for yourself. Nothing
more at present, but remain your ever loving sister
until death, so farewell sister.

Winifred C. Pace
James H. Pace
To Mary F. Graves

Sister you wished to know if I got all my things. I
dont know. Mrs. Pace says you named a bolster and
things you left on the farm, she says Gracy Ann got
them. She says you gave them to her. I reckon I got
all the rest you left for me. Mrs. Martain says she
doesnt owe you anything. She says you had better pay
her for the sugar dish you sold her and then sold it
again. Mr. Martain has gotten well. Willey [Pace]
sends his best love to John [Graves] and Jimmy
[Graves]. Nothing More.

Winifred Winney C. (Lyon) Pace b. 1828 in Nelson Co,
dau. Of Gutridge Thurmon and Polly (Melton) Lyon.
James M. Pace b. ca 1829 VA
They were married ca 1844 in VA (maybe Fluvanna,
Nelson, Amherst or Albemarle Co, VA) They were found
in the 1850 Fluvanna Co, VA Census. James and Winney
have at least one child, Sarah Jane and possibly
Willey as asks to be remembered to Marys sons in this

Winney is writing to her sister, Mary Frances (Lyon)
Graves b. 1820 Nelson Co, VA. Mary and her husband,
Ruebin Y. Wyatte Graves had just moved from
Albemarle Co, VA to Paynesville, Pike Co, MO. This is
about 100 miles north of St. Louis. Ruebin had
worked as an overseer possibly for Col. Cole or
Coleman in Albemarle Co., VA. That probably explains
the reference to a sale and things being left for

James M. Pace had a brother John Pace who had married
1)Lucy who died of a lengthy illness in 1859 and
married 2) Miss Jones.

Mary (Lyon) Graves names as her executor my friend
John C. Pace. After Ruebin Graves death, she married
John F. Huckstep, a widower, who had moved to MO from
the same area in VA as Mary. I dont know if this
John C. Pace is the brother of James M. Pace or a
different person.

Gracy Ann may have been a servant, as in a different
letter she asks if Mary will please send for her to
come to MO as she was the nicest white lady she ever
worked for.


Name: Anna Gross
E-mail address: memalady33
Comments: Dear Sharon,
I am a descendant of Gutridge Thurmon(d) Lyon, thru his son Hiram Kincade Lyon. I read your Thurmon info. and I found Elizabeth Goode Thurmon's will on usgenweb.com. I copied it and it is on my ancestry.com site. In her will, she mentions all of her children. You have Elizabeth as the dau. of (oops forgot the first name) Thurmon. Unless she had a previous marriage by the name of Goode, I have her maiden name as Goode. You can email me if you have questions.

Monday, April 2nd 2007 - 04:11:08 PM


Born 01/23/1948
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