John LYON (1431-1497)

John LYON 3RD Lord Glamis

  • Son of Patrick LYON and Isabel Ogilvie
  • born about 1431 Courtastaumo, Angushire, Scotland
  • died 1 April 1497 Glamis, Angushire, Scotland age 66
  • buried Glamis.

Married Elizabeth SCRYMGEOUR about 1450 Glamis, Angushire, Scotland

  • daughter of John SCRYMGEOUR of Dudhope
  • born about 1435 Dudhope, Angushire, Scotland
  • died prior to 20 Oct 1492


  • Violetta born about 1449 Glamis, AngusShire, Scotland

married 1st Lord FRASER of Lovat

  • John born about 1452 Glamis, AngusShire, Scotland
  • George born about 1453 Glamis, Angus, Scotland

died 9 September 1513 Flodden age 60

  • David born about 1454 Baky, Southerland, Scotland

married Elizabeth daughter of the 5th Earl of CRAWFORD

died 9 September 1513 Flodden age 59

ancestor of the LYONs of COSSINS

  • William born about 1455 Glamis, Angus, Scotland

Died 9 September 1513 Flodden age 58

  • Janet born about 1461 Glamis, Angus, Scotland
  • Christian born about 1463 Glamis, Angus, Scotland

married 4th Earl of Erroll

died before 30 April 1529

  • Agnes born about 1465 Glamis, Angus, Scotland

married Arthur 5th Lord FORBES

died before 30 April 1529

  • Margaret born about 1467 Glamis, Angus, Scotland

married James RYND of Broxmouth

  • Mariota born about 1469 Glamis, Angus, Scotland

married William Ochterlony

  • Elizabeth born about 1471 Glamis, Angus, Scotland

married William Forbes

died sp before 24 September 1509

Descendents of John Lyon (1431)

1. John Lyon, 4th Lord Glamis (d 1500)
m. (1487) Elizabeth Gray (dau of Andrew Gray, 2nd Lord Gray)
A. George Lyon, 5th Lord Glamis (d unm 1505)
B. John Lyon, 6th Lord Glamis (b c1491, d 08.04.1528)
B. m. Jonet Douglas (d 17.07.1537, dau of George Douglas, Master of Angus)
Alexander Lyon (d 1541, precentor of Moray)
2. David Lyon of Baky, later of Cossins (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
A. John Lyon of Cossins ancestor of Lyons of Cossins and of Wester Ogil
3. William Lyon (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
4. George Lyon (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
5. Violetta Lyon
m. (before 1464) Hugh Fraser, 1st Lord Lovat (d before 11.1501)
6. Janet Lyon
m. Gilbert Hay of Templeton
7. Christian Lyon
m. (mcrt 24.04.1492) William Hay, 4th Earl of Erroll (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
8. Agnes Lyon (d before 30.04.1529)
m1. Arthur Forbes, 5th Lord (dsp 1493)
m2. John Ross of Craigy
9. Margaret Lyon
m. (mcrt 10.06.1495) James Rynd, younger of Broxmouth
10. Mariota Lyon
m. William Ochterlony (of the family of that ilk)
11. Elizabeth Lyon (dsp before 24.09.1509)
m. Wiliam Forbes (of Echt family)
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