A LYON Pedigree by Mr. Philippe (London Rolls Office)

The following is a paraphrased extract based on research done by Mr. Philippe of the Rolls Office in London for Mr. Amos Maynard Lyon, as published in the Lyon Memorial (Massachusetts Families).

Sir Roger de Leonne
son of a follower of William the Conqueror
born France 1040;
joined himself unto King Edgar (son of Malcolm Canmore) in 1091 and received lands in Perthshire.

[NOTE: The name of Leonne is not found in any confirmed list of those who came over with William the Conqueror. The following names do occur: Loious/Loions, Loueney, Loveyne, Lovein, Lovan, Leuuin, Lieuvin. Louveyne (Fr. Louvain) seems likely to have been the name corrupted into Lyoun]

Paganus son of Roger
went to the Holy Land with Geoffrey Plantagenet
afterwards settled in England.

Hugh de Leonibus son of Paganus
had lands In Norfolk Henry II 1175.

Ernald son of Hugh
born Norfolk 1160 is mentioned in John I 1199.

John Lyon son of Ernald
born Norfolk; had lands in divers counties; paid a fine for a false claim in Essex 2 Henry III 1226;
children: (1) Pagan and Walter.

Walter son of John Lyon
married Alicia; died Just before 51 Henry III 1266;
children: (1) Sir Henry 1230 and (2) William de Lyon 1235.

Sir Henry de Lyon  son of Walter
born Norfolk 1230; had lands In Sussex; summoned to defend the seacoast 24 Edward I 1297.

William de Lyon son of Walter
born Norfolk 1235; held lands of the king In capite; died 5 Edward II 1312.

Pagan son of John Lyon
married Ivette de Ferrers of Cambridge;
children: (1) Sir John de Lyoun 1225 and (2) Thomas 1230.

Sir John de Lyoun son of Pagan and Ivette de Ferrers
summoned for service against the Scots 21 Edward I 1294.
married Margery de Ackle.
children: Baron John 1250 and Sir Knight Adam 1255.

Baron John de Lyon (1250)
son of Sir John de Lyoun and Margery de Ackle born 1250.
Baron John’s arms (d’Argent un Lion Rampant de Goules) were exhibited at the tourney of Duncastle in 1314.
children: (1) Sir Adam born 1285; (2) Richard born 1287; (3) Sir John born 1290.

Sir Adam (1285)
son of Baron John de Lyon (1250)
children: (1) Sir John 1320 and (2) Adam de Lyon 1325.

Sir Richard (1287)
son of Baron John de Lyon (1250)
children: three daughters and a son Richard who was a vintner in London; created sheriff 1374; died 1381.

Sir John (1290)
son of Baron John de Lyon (1250)
settled In Scotland. His son Sir John of Forteviot 1320; was a favorite of Robert II; married the King’s daughter Jean; was killed in a duel 1383; and from him have descended the Scottish Earls of Strathmore.

Sir John (1320)
son of Adam (1285)
children: (1) Sir Richard 1350 of Oxford, Cambridge and Huntingdon; (2) Sir John 1353 of Klngsland, Suffolk and Norfolk; (3) Sir Henry of Ruislip; born Norfolk 1355.

Henry (1355)
son of Sir John (1320)
children: (1) John of Ruislip Middlesex 1380 who was at the battle of Agincourt.

John (1380)
son of Henry (1355)
children: (1) Henry 1410; (2) John 1415.

Henry (1410)
son of John (1380)
children: (1) Henry of Ruislip 1440; (2) John of Preston 1460; (3) Thomas of Perifere 1463; (4) William 1460.
[Shown as Children of John Lyon and Joan in Percy M Thornton’s LYON Pedigree]

Henry of Ruislip (1440)
son of Henry (1410)
children: (1) John 1470; married Emma Hedde; (2) William 1476.

John of Preston (1460)
son of Henry (1410)
children: (1) John (founder of Harrow School).
[Shown as son of John Lyon and Joan in Percy M Thornton’s LYON Pedigree]

Thomas of Perifere (1463)
son of Henry (1410)
children: (1) Sir John 1490; Lord Mayor of London 1664; married Alicia; died November 6th 1664; (2) Henry 1496; married Dorothy.
[Shown as son of John Lyon and Joan in Percy M Thornton’s LYON Pedigree]

son of Henry (1410)
children: (1) Henry 1600; (2) Thomas 1603; (3) Richard 1606; (4) John 1610 who married Joan.

John (1610)
son of John ()
founder of Harrow School
married Joan; died October 3rd 1692)
children: Zachary 1660 who died 1683 without issue.

Sir John ()
son of
children: John who married Mary and died without issue.

John (1470)
son of Henry (1440)
married Emma Hedde
children: (1) John

Henry (1496)
son of Thomas of Perifere (1463)
children: (1) Richard of West Twyford; married 1st Agnes and 2nd Mabilla Darnell; (2) Henry 1535, married Katherine Rithe.

John son of John and Emma Hedde
children: (1) William 1540; (2) Elizabeth 1546; (3) Thomas 1550; (4) William of Heston 1555; died 1624, married Isabel Wightman.

son of Henry (1496)
children by wife Agnes: (1) Henry 1550; died October 16th 1590; children by wife Mabilla: (2) John 1560; died 1616 without issue; (3) Dorothy 1565; married Humphrey Hyde; (4) Catherine 1570; married William Gifford.

William of Heston
son of John and Emma Hedde
married Isabel Wightman;
children: (1) William 1680; married 1615 Anne Carter; died 1634; (2) Thomas 1585; (3) Robert 1590.

William (1615)
son of William Lyon and Isabel Wrightman
married Anne Carter
children: (1) Katherine 1616; (2) John 1617; (3) John 1619; (4) William 1620.

It is the contention of Mr. Phillippe that it is this last William who was reported at the Rolls Office as having embarked in the Hopewell in 1635.

NOTE: The William Lyon that embarked on the Hopewell on September 11th 1635 is reported as being age 14; and given that the son of William Lyon and Anne Carter was baptized in December of 1620 there appears to be a discrepancy in the dates.

Descendants Chart (Roger de Leonne)

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