Henry Lyon

Henry Lyon
• BIRTH: ? [Ref#66,#67]
• DEATH: 1703 [Ref#274]
• BURIAL: Old Orange Graveyard, Orange, Essex County, New Jersey, America [Ref#253]
Family 1: Elizabeth Bateman ….(? ~ ? ) P»
• MARRIAGE: 4 May 1652, Fairfield, CT [Ref#253]
1. Mary Lyon ….(ABT 1654 ~ ?) Fairfield, Connecticut, America S» C»
2. Samuel Lyon ….(1655 ~ BEF 21 Feb 1706/07) Fairfield, Connecticut, America S» C»
3. Joseph Lyon ….(1658-1660 ~ 1726) Fairfield, Connecticut, America S» C»
4. Benjamin Lyon ….(1668 ~ BEF 7 Apr 1720) Elizabethtown, Union County, New Jersey, America S» C»
5. Thomas Lyon ….(? ~ ABT 1694) S» C»
6. Nathaniel Lyon ….(? ~ 1702)
7. John Lyon ….(? ~ Nov 1694)
8. Ebenezer Lyon ….(1670 ~ ABT 1739)
Family 2: Mary ? ….(? ~ )
• MARRIAGE: ABT 1690 [Ref#253]
1. Mary Lyon ….(? ~ )
2. Dorcas Lyon ….(? ~ )
Henry Lyon (c1624-23 Mar 1707) was from Glen Lyon, Perthshire, Scotland. [CRAP]
His parents may have been Thomas & Mary Lyon.
Two of Henry’s brothers, Thomas and Richard, also immigrated to Connecticut; reportedly, all three brothers fought in Oliver Cromwell’s armies.

Henry lived at Milford, CT by 1646, when he took the freeman’s oath.
Henry married 4 May 1652 Elizabeth Bateman (cc1630-89), daughter of
William Bateman, in Fairfield, CT. Henry may have moved there at the
time; initially, however, he may have moved following his brother,
Thomas, who lived in Fairfield. Henry and his son, Thomas, were among
the Newark founders in 1666. They both moved to Elizabethtown, NJ by
1673, when they swore othes of allegience (however, son Benjamin was born
in Elizabeth 1668). Henry returned to Newark by 1796. He served as
Newark’s first treasurer (1668-73), first tavern keeper, and Burner of
Woods and Meadows (1673); upon his return to Newark, he served as town
Fence Sitter (1705). For Elizabethtown, he served in the East New Jersey
Assembly, the Governor’s Council, and as an Essex County judge. Among
his lands was what became known as Lyon’s Farm in Newark. He was
interred at the Old Burial Ground, Orange.

Henry and Elizabeth (Bateman) Lyon had nine children: Thomas (c1653-fall
1694); Mary (c1654-pre1684 m. Sgt. John Ward; Samuel (c1655-Jan/Feb
1707); Joseph; Nathaniel (cc1663-1702); John (c1665-2 Nov 1694); Benjamin
(1668-177 Apr 1720); Ebenezer (1670–c1739). Henry married 2d c1690 Mary
(?) and they had two children: Mary (c1691-); and Dorcas (c1692-).

He helped to build John Cunningham’s Newark Ordinary (Tavern & Boarding
House) now known as the Robert Treat Hotel in Newark, NJ.

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