John LYON (1491)






  • Son of John LYON and Elizabeth GRAY
  • born about 1491 Glamis, Angus, Scotland
  • died on 8 April 1528 Leith, Edinburghshire, Scotland age 37


Married Jonet [Janet] DOUGLAS about 1515 of Glamis, Angushire, Scotland

  • daughter of George DOUGLAS and Elizabeth DRUMMOND
  • born about 1495 Angus, Scotland
  • burned as a Witch on 17 July 1537 Castle Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland age 42



  • John                 born 1509-1510 Ryslippe, Middlesex, England
  • Elizabeth           born about 1516 Glamis, Angus, Scotland

died 17 July 1537 age 21

  • Margaret           born about 1518 Glamis, Angus, Scotland

died 15 June 1610 age 92

  • George             born about 1520 Glamis, Angus, Scotland

died after 15 January 1543

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