Peter LYON

I. Peter LYON (Weaver)
born Middlesex or Essex, England
Wife: Ann —
Emigrated to Dorchester, MA.
Proprietor in Dorchester 1638/9.
Freeman in Dorchester May 2, 1649.
Mary b. 4th day, 9th month 1650
Elhanan b. 23rd day, 7th month, 1652
Nathaniel b. 28th day, 10th month, 1654
Susannah bap. 28th day, 1st month, 1658
Ebenezer b. 20th day, 12th month, 1660
Israel bap. 6th day, 7th month, 1663; d. young.
Israel b. 21st day, 8th month, 1666
Mehitable b. 23rd day, 8th month, 1669
Eliab b. July 12, 1673
Freegrace b. Aug. 18, 1677

Ann LYON died November 26, 1689.
On January 8, 1694/5, administration of Peter LYON’s estate was
granted to his son-in-law, Danieal MOREY, carter, of Boston.


Mary LYON was born November 4, 1650.

She married Josiah WINCHESTER on December 10, 1678 in Muddy
River (now Brookline), Massachusetts. The intention was not

Children (surname WINCHESTER)

Hannah b. January 11, 1679/80. m. c. 1698 Isaac Bowen
of Roxbury.
Josiah b. December 23, 1681; m. Sarah — by 1708.
Ebenezer b. March 1, 1683/4; d. August 1684.
Mary b. September 15, 1685. m. Caleb HOVEY June 4, 1713
at Brookline.
Amariah b. April 4, 1687.
Elhanan b. March 14, 1691.

Mary (LYON) WINCHESTER died at Brookline, Massachusetts, on
July 27, 1730.

My LYON ancestry:

Peter LYON
Ezekiel HOVEY
Josiah HOVEY
Luther HOVEY
Martha S. HOVEY
Burton Hovey QUIVEY
John Edward QUIVEY
Me: Margaret Elizabeth QUIVEY

Margaret Quivey DeMarco
5597 Blake House Court
Burke, Virginia 22015

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