Blanche Lee Lyon (1894(

My grandmother, Blanche Lee Lyon, was born in 1894 in Toronto. she had two brothers, Frederick and Edgar. Iknow that Frederick had a daughter but I don’t have the name with me tonight. I go to the library and ued the computer. Anyway,
when his first wife died, he moved to Victoria,B.C.He died in the 1950’s. He and his first wife are buried with his parents(my
great grandparents), William and Blanche Lyon. During the First World War My great grandparents lived on Beech St My great grandfather’s parents name were William and Annie Lyon. The other children they had were Charles T., Harold, Alberta, Verena, and Victor. The family is in the 1881 census.
They lived in the St. James Ward of Toronto. I believe that my Lyon side owed property along Yonge St. before the subway system was put in. I don’t have the proof yet, but I am related to Sir Walter Raliegh through my Lyon side of the family. I hope I have helped. I know I have alot of Willmot relatives that lives throughout Ontario.
Diane Willmot

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