Moses LYON (1731-1813)

Moses LYON born at Lyons Farms, New Jersey in 1731 and died there 27 March 1813. He was the son of Benjamin LYON. Mary (Harris) Lyon died 12 June 1809 and both are buried in the old churchyard.
Moses Lyon(3) was a revolutionary soldier and served as a private in Capt. Abraham Lyon’s Company, second Regiment, Essex County, New Jersey Militia, during the war.
His sons James, Henry, and Nathaniel aided the cause of American Independence, the first two as artificers, and the third as private in the second Regiment, Essex County Militia and Continental Line. His son Moses was a drummer boy in the same regiment.
Married MARY HARRIS1, daughter of James HARRIS and Miss BOLEYN2 was
born in 1732 in New Jersey. She married
1. Mary Harris was not listed in the Keifer book.
2. Perhaps a daughter or grandaughter of James Bollen, son
of Capt. James Bollen who came to New Jersey with
Governor Phillip Carteret in 1665.
3. Lyon Memorial, Editor, Sidney E. Lyon, 1907.

The will of Moses Lyon, of Newark, Essex County, New Jersey, was dated March 18, 1800; probated April 2, 1813. To wife Mary, (who died before him) he gave 100 English Pounds, a horse and a chair, and use of one-third of real estate; to three daughters, Hannah, Abigail and Mary, each 10 Pounds “in 40 days after my death”, to five sons, James, Henry, Moses, Obediah and Richard, the balance of the estate, equally divided.
Executers: sons Henry and Obediah. Witnesses: Jonathan Meeker, David Lyon Jr., Denman Meeker. Inventory, April 2, 1813; amount $7346.66; appraisers, David Lyon and Joseph Wilbur. [Lyon Memorial S.E. Lyon, Editor, 1907]
1. Hannah Lyon b. ca. 1752 d. ca. 1842 m. Abraham HARRISON (no issue) b. 1751 d. 30 Aug 1832
2. Mary Lyon b. 1752 d. 1842 m. James WHEELER b. 1740 d. 12 Mar 1777
m 2nd Abner PURCELL
3. James Lyon b. 31 Aug 1755 d. 20 Sep 1841 m. Eliz. WILLIAMS 21 Apr 1782 b. 20 May 1759 d. 10 Sep 1800 m. 2nd. Mary HAMEL 30 Nov 1801 b. ? d. 4 Nov 1813 m.3rd Mary WILLIAMS 22 Sep 1814 b. 22 June 1763 Dec 1834
4. Henry Lyon b. 1756 d. 19 May 1824 m. Joanna _? b. 1766 d. 1 Oct 1859
5. Nathaniel Lyon b. 3 July 1759 d. Sept 1833 m. Mercy_____? b. 1755 d. 4 Dec 1849
6. Abigail Lyon b. 1760 d. 4 Sept 1828 m. Aaron GRUMMAN b. 1756 d. 20 Aug 1803
7. Moses Lyon b. 1761 d. 1763
8. Moses Lyon b. 21 Dec 1763 d. 2 May 1823 m. Elizabeth ARNETT May 1787 b. 24 Apr 1769 d. 7 Sep 1822
9. Harris Lyon b. ca. 1764 d. 1798
10 Obediah Lyon b. 1765 d. 6 Sep 1847 m. Catherine CRANE 13 Sept 1788 b. ? d. 13 Jne 1789 m. 2nd Sally MEEKER 1791 b. 1765 d. 12 Mar 1852
11. Richard Lyon b. 1766 d. Dec 1821 m. Sarah HENDRICKS b. ? d. 1 Jan 1810 m. Effie VAN HOUTEN 13 Feb 1811
[Lyon Memorial, Sidney E. Lyon, Editor, 1907.]
MARY LYON, daughter of Mary Harris and Moses LYON was born about 1752 at Lyon’s Farm and died in 1842. She married first Capt. James WHEELER who was born in 1740 and died 12 March 1777. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. She married second Abner PURCELL. Mary had four children by her first husband and five or six sons by her second husband of which no information.
1. Stephen Wheeler
2. James Wheeler
3. Joseph Wheeler
4. Phebe Wheeler

JAMES LYON, son of Mary Harris and Moses LYON was born at Lyon’s Farm 31 August 1755 and died 20 September 1841 at Woodburn, near Cincinnati, Ohio. As New Jersey was the battle ground of the American Revolution, and the Lyon’s were of democratic principles, James Lyon inevitably took up arms against King George. A certificate of service shows that he “served as an artificer, Capt. Jeremiah Bruen’s Company, Col, Jonathan Baldwin’s artillery artificers Regiment, Continental
army; enlisted July 7 1777, for three years, age 23, residence Elizabeth, N.J.; discharged at Morristown, N.J., July 7 1780; expiration of term of service during the Revolutionary War”
James Lyon made an application for pension on August 20, 1832, at which time he was 77 years of age and residing in Hamilton County, Ohio. A pension was allowed “for three years’ actual service as an artificer in the New Jersey State Troops. A part of the time he served under Captain Bruen and Colonel Baldwin” (Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D.C.)
Two years after he left the army, James Lyon married, 21 April 1782, Elizabeth WILLIAMS of Elizabethtown, N.J. She was born 18 May 1759, a daughter of Jonathan WILLIAMS and Joanna WILLIAMS.
Tradition says that Joanna Williams was a very beautiful woman, and a woman of autocratical disposition. They lived for a time in New York City, in Maiden Lane, and some of the children were born there. In 1791 James Lyon emigrated with his family to Hamilton County, Ohio and settled on Walnut Hills, in what is now a part of Cincinnati. Here he bought 1,000 acres of land of the Symmes’ Purchase, at 37 1/2 cents
an acre, an here he lived for the last fifty years of his life.
Elizabeth died 10 September 1800. James married second Mrs. Mary HAMEL 30 November 1801. She died 4 November 1813. He married third Mrs. Mary WILLIAMS 22 September 1814. She was born 22 June 1763 and died in December 1834. She was the widow of Thomas Williams and sister-in-law of his first wife. James had seven children by his first wife and no children by his second or third wives.
1. Jonathan Williams Lyon b. 17 Mar 1784 d. 20 Dec 1871
2. James Lyon b. 30 Oct 1784 d. 6 Jan 1865
3. Oliver Lyon b. 13 Jan 1786 d. 26 Nov 1848
4. Joanna Lyon b. 6 Nov 1789 d. 1820 m. Elijah NORTON
5. Moses Lyon b. 24 Feb 1792 d. 3 Jly 1793
6. Moses Lyon b. 22 Apr 1794 d. 22 Oct 1841
7. Elizabeth Williams Lyon b. 14 Jne 1797 d. 13 Apr 1855 m. Lewis Huntington LEE m. 2nd James KELLEY

HENRY LYON, son of Mary Harris and Moses Lyon was born at Lyon’s Farm in 1756 and died 19 May 1824. He married Joanna ________? who was bor in 1766 and died 1 Oct 1859 at the advanced age of 91 years nine months surviving her husband 33 years. Four years previous to her death she was bereft of the last of her nine children, six of whom were victims of consumption and died unmarried. Henry Lyon, a soldier of the
Reveoutionary War, served as artificer in Capt. Caleb Bruen’s Company of Artificers, Essex County, New Jersey Militia; enlisted at Long Island, March 1776 for one year; discharged March 1777 at expiration of term of service; re-enlisted as an artificer in Capt. Jeremiah Bruen’s Company, in Col. Juduthan Baldwin’s Regiment of Artillery Artificers,
Continental Army, for three years; discharged at Morristown, N.J., expiration of term of service, during Revolutionary War. In 1840 his widow was granted a pension, at which time she was living at Newark, aged 74 years. Henry and Joanna and their nine children are buried at Connecticut Farms, N.J.
1. Jotham Lyon b. 24 Feb 1784 d. 22 Sep 1792
2. Israel Lyon b. 30 Oct 1789 d. 14 Nov 1790
3. Joanna Lyon b. 19 Apr 1792 d. 14 Aug 1794
4. Mary Lyon b. 1793 d. 21 Nov 1822
5. Phebe Lyon b. 1795 d. 23 Jan 1820
6. Joanna Lyon b. 1795 d. 16 Apr 1820
7. Henry Lyon b. 1797 d. 27 Mar 1830
8. Ann Elizabeth Lyon b. 1800 d. 24 Sep 1828
9. Hannah Lyon b. 1 Jan 1808 d. 11 Apr 1853

NATHANIEL LYON, son of Mary Harris and Moses LYON was born 3
July 1759 at Lyon’s Farm. He died in September 1833 in Marion County, Indiana. He was a soldier of the Revolutionary War, a private in Capt. Daniel Wood’s Company, First Regiment, Essex County Militia; enlisted in fall of 1776, and served two weeks, age 18; private Capt. Jacob Crane’s Company, Eastern Battalion, Morris County Militia; enlisted December 1776 for three months; at battle of Springfield, N.J., December 17,
1776; private in Capt. Abraham Lyon’s Company, Fourth Battalion, New Jersey Continental Line, Col. Ephraim Martin; enlisted May 30, 1778 for nine months; at battle of Monmouth, N.J., June 28, 1778; discharged Elizabeth, N.J., February 1779; afterwards served in militia to close of the Revolutionary War. He applied for a pension September 11, 1832 at which time he resided in Montgomery County, Ohio.
Nathaniel Lyon married Mercy ________? in November 1777. She was born in 1755 and died 4 December 1849. She applied for a widow’s pension October 10, 1838 at which time she lived in Marion County, Indiana. No children.
ABIGAIL LYON, daughter of Mary Harris and Moses LYON was born
at Lyons Farm, Essex County, New Jersey in 1760. She died 4 September 1828. She married Aaron GRUMMAN [Grumman is a corruption of Germmond, a French Huguenot family] born in 1756 and died 20 August 1803. Abigail and her husband are buried in the churchyard of the old Baptist Church at Lyons Farm. As a widow Abigail returned to the home of her parents, Moses and Mary Harris Lyon and remained with her aged father and mother until the close of theitr lives. She was a childless woman. The will of Abigail Grumman of Lyons Farm, probated 1828 mentioned sister Hannah wife of Abraham Harrison; bequests to niece Phebe Parsel, to Betsy, wife of Samuel Bird, to Abby Barnet, to niece Abby, daughter of brother Obediah Lyon, to Abby Lyon, daughter of Samuel Baldwin. Remainder of estate “one-half to brother Obediah
Lyon, and one-half to the children of my brothers and sisters” Witnesses: D. Lyon and Phebe Woodruff.

MOSES LYON, son of Mary Harris and Moses LYON was born 21 August 1763 at Lyon’s Farm, New Jersey. He married Elizabeth ARNETT in May 1787 at Lyon’s Farm. She was the daughter of Dr. James ARNETT and Mary BOND. Moses was a drummer boy during the Revolutionary War in 2nd Regiment, Essex County Militia. Elizabeth was born 24 April 1769 in Elizabethtown, Essex County, New Jersey. She died 7 September 1822 in Plattsburg, Steuben County, New York. Moses died at same place 2 May 1823. They had thirteen children. The first son, James, was born in New Jersey. All the other children were born in New York.
1. James Lyon b. 27 Apr 1788 d. 15 Mar 1864 m. Lydia MORLEY 11 Nov 1819 (no issue)
2. Moses H. Lyon b. 18 Nov 1789 d. 21 Apr 1863 m. Sarah BENTON 18 Sep 1814 (4 sons)
3. Mary Bowman Lyon b. 15 Apr 1791 d. 13 Apr 1872 m. William WOODS 24 Oct 1815 (6 children)
4. Elizabeth Arnett Lyon b. 10 Feb 1793 d. ? m. Ebenezer RICE 8 May 1820 (5 children)
5. Abigail Grumman Lyon b. 28 Nov 1794 d. 27 Nov 1883 m. Samuel RICE 12 Jan 1817 (4 children)
6. Robert Bond Lyon b. 27 Sep 1796 d. 5 Oct 1859 m. 1st Catherine BACON 28 Oct 1822 (5 children) m. 2nd Clarissa KELLOGG 16 Jan 1841 (4 children)
7. Abner Purcell Lyon b. 22 Jan 1799 d. 10 Mar 1878 m. 1st Helen HUMPHREY 5 Feb 1822 (7 children) m. 2nd Lavra SHELDON
8. Thomas Bowman Lyon b. 19 Aug 1801 d. 18 Dec 1878 m. Diana SMEDLEY 28 Sep 1826 (1 son)
9. Sarah Gibbs Lyon b. 26 Feb 1803 d. 6 May 1884 m. Norman TOWN 1 May 1822 (no issue)
10. Lewis Sherrill Lyon b. 6 Apr 1805 d. Aug 1806
11. Jane Ann Lyon b. 23 Jan 1807 d. 31 Jan 1864 m. Norman LITTLE 22 Jly 1828 (9 children)
12. Charles Proctor Lyon b. 1 Sep 1808 d. 4 Apr 1809
13. Helen Rayette Lyon b. 16 Feb 1811 d. 21 Apr 1886 m. Ten Eyck GANSEVOORT 14 Oct 1828 (4 children)

HARRIS LYON, son of Mary Harris and Moses Lyon was born at Lyons Farm about 1764. In young manhood he removed from New Jersey to New Orleans and was a merchant in that city. In 1798, while in New York he died of yellow fever, and was buried in the old churchyard, Spring Street, near Bleeker. On October 16, 1798, Richard Lyon administered on the estate of his brother, Harris Lyon, late of Essex County, New Jersey, who died intestate.

OBEDIAH LYON, son of Mary Harris and Moses LYON was born at Lyons Farm in 1765. He lived on a farm half way between Newark and Elizabethtown, and died there 6 September 1847. He married Catherine CRANE 13 September 1788 who died 13 June 1789. He married second Sally MEEKER in 1791 who was born in 1765 and died 12 March 1852. Obediah Lyon and his wife Sarah Meeker Lyon and their son Stephen Meeker Lyon are buried in the churchyard of the first Presbyterian Church at Elizabethtown, New Jersey. They had six children:
1. Stephen Lyon b. Oct 1791 d. 25 Jne 1864
2. Catherine C. Lyon b. Mar 1792 d. 5 Apr 1878
3. David Lyon b. July 1793 d.
4. Betsy Lyon b. June 1795 m. ______? BROWN
5. Harris Lyon b. Sep 1799
6. Abigail Lyon b. Feb 1808 d. m. David JOHNSON

RICHARD LYON, son of Mary Harris and Moses LYON was born at
Lyons Farm about 1766. He was the youngest child of Moses and Mary. He died in New York City 24 December 1821. Richard Lyon married first Sarah HENDRICKS who died 1 January 1810 and was buried in the churchyard of the First Presbyterian Church at Elizabethtown, New Jersey. She was the dayughter of John Hendricks who came to Elizabethtown as early as May 1721 from Piscataway, where David and Jebez Hendricks, brothers, and Leonard Hendricks were numbered among the original settlers.
At the time of the opening of the Northwest territory, Richard Lyon, with his wife and their three children, Abby, Sarah, and Richard, emigrated from New Jersey and settled at Osage, Illinois, a town planted by New Jersey men, among them several of the Lyons. Here in 1789, he lost his oldest child. This may have occasioned his return to Elizabethtown, where the remains of his first born were interred in the churchyard
of the first Presbyterian Church with her kindred. On 13 February 1811 Richard Lyon married for his second wife, Effie VAN HOUTEN of Bergen, New Jersey. Richard and Sarah had six children and he had four children by his second wife.
1. Abigail Hendricks Lyon b. 5 Aug 1792 d. 1798
2. Sarah Hendricks Lyon b. 10 Dec 1794 d. 4 Feb 1880 m. Asa PRIOR
3. Richard Lyon b. 19 Sep 1796 d. m. Martha WALDRON (moved to Michigan where he died)
4. Mary Lyon b. 10 Jan 1799
5. Moses Lyon b. 25 Feb 1802 d. 31 Aug 1841
6. John Joseph Lyon b. 15 Nov 1809 d. at sea.
7. Mary Harris Lyon b. 24 Feb 1812 d.
8. David Demarest Lyon b. 26 Mar 1814 d.
9. Aaron Grumman Lyon b. 9 Feb 1816 d.
10. Rachel Demarest Lyon b. 29 Nov 1817 d.

ROBERT BOND LYON, son of Moses Lyon and Elizabeth ARNETT was
born 27 September 1796 in Elizabethtown, New Jersey. He married 1st Catherine BACON 28 October 1822 in Bath, Steuben County, New York. She was born 8 Jan 1800 in Bacon’s Hill, New York. She died 11 October 1840 in Conneaut, Ashtabula County, Ohio. She was the daughter of Ebenezer BACON and Jane BERRY. She had five children. Robert married second Clarissa KELLOGG 16 January 1841 in Kelloggsville. She was born 12 October 1819 the daughter of Amos KELLOGG and Paulina DEAN. She died 4 May 1896 in Chicago, Illinois. Robert died 5 October 1854 in Conneaut, Ashtubula County, Ohio. Robert and Catherine had four children.
1. William Bacon Lyon b. 15 Aug 1823 d. Mar 1855 (born in Ogdenburg, St. Lawrence Co., NY)
2. Lydia Jane Lyon b. 21 Sep 1826 d. 6 Apr 1913 m. George Smith CLEVELAND 17 Jan 1844 (born in Ogdenburg, NY.)
3. John Bacon Lyon b. 15 Apr 1829 d. 20 Dec 1904 (born in Canadaigua, Ontario Co., NY)
4. Helen Mary Lyon b. 9 August 1832 m. Chauncey F. BLAKESLEY
(born in Conneaut, Ashtabula Co., OH)
5. Robert Woods Lyon b. 21 May 1835 d. 16 Sep 1861 (born in Conneaut, OH) (died in Civil War)
6. Catherine Lyon b. 26 Nov 1841 m. Eber B. WARD
7. Clarissa Lyon b. 26 Oct 1843 m. James F. WADE
8. Paulina Lyon b. 24 Nov 1849 d. 3 May 1904 m. Justice STEARNS (died at Ludington, MI.)
9. Thomas Rice Lyon b. 31 May 1854 d. m. Harriet WADE 26 Oct 1875

LYDIA JANE LYON, daughter of Robert B. Lyon and Catherine BACON was born 21 September 1823 in Ogdenburg, St. Lawrence County, New York. She married George Smith CLEVELAND 17 January 1844 in Conneaut, Ohio. He was born 24 July 1821 in Schuylersville, Saratoga County, New York, son of Oliver CLEVELAND and Anna BENJAMIN. Lydia died 6 April 1913 in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota. George died at same place 19 Dec 1887. He was buried in Conneaut, Ohio, whereas she was buried in Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis. They had eight children.
1. Catherine Lyon Cleveland b. 21 Jan 1845 d. 23 Jly 1852
2. John Ball Cleveland b. 14 Aug 1846 d. 26 Mar 1924 m. Annie L. WARFIELD 16 Feb 1885
3. Helen Mary Cleveland b. 3 Jly 1848 d. 23 Mar 1924 m. Aaron Morley WILCOX 24 Apr 1873
4. Anna Jane Cleveland b. 27 May 1850 d. 28 Apr 1939
5. Robert Lyon Cleveland b. 9 May 1855 d. 17 Feb 1857
6. Lydia Jane Lyon Cleveland b. 21 May 1860 d. 7 Oct 1932 m. Thomas Sadler ROBERTS
7. George Smith Cleveland b. 5 Oct 1861 d. 26 Apr 1895
8. William Lyon Cleveland b. 27 Oct 1868 d. 3 May 1869

LYDIA JANE LYON CLEVELAND, daughter of George S. Cleveland and Lydia Jane Lyon was born 21 May 1860 in Conneaut, Ohio. She married Thomas Sadler ROBERTS 18 Oct 1887 in Minneapolis, MN. He was born 16 Feb 1858 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania son of John ROBERTS and Elizabeth Jane SADLER. Lydia died 7 Oct 1932 in Minneapolis and Thomas died 19 April 1946 at same place. They are buried in Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis. They had three children.
1. Thomas Cleveland Roberts b. 11 Oct 1888 d. 3 July 1954 m. Dorothy Yvonne REASER 10 Oct 1918
2. Catherine Lyon Roberts b. 24 Jan 1890 d. 23 July 1954 m. Joseph Long SEYBOLD 16 May 1914
3. John Carroll Roberts b. 3 Mar 1892 d. 13 Feb 1948 m. Myrtto J. SCHULTZ 25 Jan 1922

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