Vermont LYONs

From: Gazetteer of Caledonia and Essex Counties, Vt. 1764-1887

Listed under the town of Burke

John Dodge married first, Louise Powers, who bore him three children, and second, Abigail Lyon, by whom he had six children as follows : Her bert L., Louise P., Arvilla A., Eugene, Emmett and Willie. He now lives in Lunenburgh. Herbert L. married Laura M. Nichols, has one son, Murray A., and lives in this town on road 48.

Listed under the town of Waterford

Alpheus Bugbee came to Waterford, from Woodstock, Conn., about 1797, and located on the place where his granddaughter, Mrs. George S. Russell, now lives. His son Charles, born in 1797, married Lucy Carpenter, in 1821, and reared five sons and six daughters, of whom Lewis, Fieling E., Riley, Lucy E., Louisa A., Maria L. and Adaline are living. Lucy E. married George S. Russell, in 1845, and has had two daughters, one of whom died in infancy, and Mary Emma, who was born in 1852. The latter married Edgar O. Cushman, in 1878, and has three sons, Edgar R., Fred S. and Walter C. Mr. Russell resides on the Bugbee homestead, on road 1. Fieling E., son of Charles, was born at Waterford, in 1829, married Julia A., daughter of Curtis and Abigail Nichols, in 1851, and has had one son and four daughters, viz.: Ada E Bugabee (Mrs. Henry O Lyon), who had two sons and one daughter, and died in 1 88 1 ; Eleanor J., who died in 1875, aged seven years; Walter F., who died at the age of three years; Inez F., at home; and Vinnie A. (Mrs. Adron Brown), of St. Johnsbury. Mr. Bugbee served in the late war, in Co. E, 2d Vt. Vols., and now resides on road 9.

Listed under the town of Concord

Lydia Lyon married Daniel Gregory son of Daniel Gregory in 1789. Daniel Gregory was born in Framingharu, Mass., in i766, and came to Concord for the first time in 1788, when he began a clearing. He married Lydia Lyon, in 1789, and returned to Concord when his son Josiah was a year old, performing the journey in six weeks. He built the first frame building in town, the same now occupied by A. Caswell as a sugar- house. His son Charles F. was born in 1800, married Lois Rowell, of Littleton, N. H, in 1834, and reared one son and one daughter, Charles D., of St. Louis, and Lois. The latter married Alba Caswell, of Littleton, N. H., in 1855, and has one son and one daughter, Charles S., of St. Louis, and Anna M. They reside on the homestead, which has never been owned out of the Gregory family.

Andrew J Lyon, son of John B. and Arvilla (Alcott) Lyon, was born in Lunenburgh, in 1846, married Ruth A., daughter of F. H. B. Dowse, in 1879, and has had born to him two daughters, Gertrude A., and Katie A., who died in 1882, aged six years. Mr. Lyon is a farmer and lives on road 26.

Goodreau Fred, (W. Concord) r 26, farm laborer, leases h of J Lyon.

Andrew J Lyon, (W.Concord) r 26,300 sugar trees, 10 grade Jersey cows, hop grower, and farmer 210.

Listed under the town of Lunenburgh

Eliphalet Lyon married Jane Pond, and came to this town about 1799. His son John was born in 1770.

John Lyon married Lucy Bowker, and had born to him three sons and one daughter, viz.: John B., Eliphalet, Hannah, Orra and Lucy. He died in 1855.

John B Lyon was born in 1804, married Arvilla Alcott, and reared five sons and six daughters, of whom Abigail (Mrs. John Dodge), Alma H. (Mrs. Stephen Dodge), Merrill, James, Andrew J. and Warren are now living. Warren was born in 1850, married Lizzie Carter in 1873, and has one son and one daughter, Elmer E. and Virginia B. He resides on road 50.

Dan A. Dodge, son of John and Vashti (Stickney) Dodge, was born in 1835, married Clara Lyon, daughter of John B and Arvilla (Alcott) Lyon, in 1859, and has had born to him three sons and two daughters, viz. : Edwin M., of Burke, Albert J., John F., Cora E. and Etta M. Mr. Dodge resides on road 33.

Merrill Lyon, r 33, 300 sugar trees, farmer 150.

Warren Lyon, r 20, 400 sugar trees, hardware peddler, farmer 210.

Listed under the town of St.Johnsbury East

Henry O Lyon (St.Johnsbury E)

Listed under the town of Brighton

Charles Lyon (Island Pond) emp. G. T. Ry., h Ferrin.

James Lyon (Island Pond) r 14, emp. G. T. Ry., Lake.

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