Mr. Thornton’s LYON Pedigree as Published

I John, admitted to lands in Kingsbury 1370.

II Andrew, married Agnes; died 1395.

Ill John.

IV Andrew, d. 1402 (no issue) and William, m. Rose; d. 1422.

V John, son of William; d. 1445.

VI William, married Matilda; died 1476.

VII John, married Joan; died 1518.

VIII William, died 1522, and John of Preston, married Joan, died
1534 [sons of Henry^ in the preceding pedigree]. Thomas
of Perifere is also of this generation.

IX John, son of John, married Joan, died 1592, founder of Harrow
School. Thomas of Perifere (Thomas’ in preceding pedigree)
had (1) Sir John, the Lord Mayor, married Alicia, married 2d
Elizabeth Lee, widow of Alderman Hind; by Alice he had
John, who died before his father in 1560; by Elizabeth he had
no issue. Thomas had (2) Henry, married Dorothy, and (3) a
daughter who married a Randall.

X Richard, son of Henry and Dorothy, married 1st Agnes Smith,
and 2d Isabel Millett, died 1579, and was buried at Twyford.
He inherited the property of Sir John. Henry, the brother of
Richard, married Katherine Rithe.

XI The children of Richard were (1) Henry of Harrow, who married
Mabilla Dirnell, and died 1590; (2) John, who inherited from
Richard, and died 1633; (3) Ethelred, who married William
Gifford, and died 1601; (4) Dorothy, who married 1573 Humphrey
Hyde; (5) John (?) ; (6) Anne, who married 1573 Augustine

XII George, son of Henry and Mabilla, inherited West Twyford Manor
from his uncle John, and died 1636. He had a sister Eliza,
and a brother Richard, who inherited from his uncle John
Horsington Manor, which had come to the latter from the
Founder’s uncle William.

XIII George, son of the foregoing George, sold the manor, and died
not married 1647.

It will be observed that this pedigree differs from that of Mr.
Philippe, in that the former gives John of Preston as son of John, while the latter assigns him to Henry, who had indeed a brother John, but from the evidence of dates he could not have been the John marked VII in this pedigree. Of this discrepancy Mr. Thornton says: “It should be here stated that, according to the experts, Mr. Philippe fell into the error of merging the Walden family, established in Essex since 1226, into that of Preston, whose presence there can be proved in 1370.

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