John Lyon (1770-1855)

John Lyon
Son of Eliphalet Lyon and Jane Pond
Born 5th July 1770 in Salisbury Massachusetts
Married Lucy Bowker
Resided in New London NH
Died 7th March 1855 in New London NH
Buried Lunenburg Corner Vermont

Lucy Bowker
Born 15th April 1786 in Guilforg Vermont
Daughter of Gideon Bowker and Hannah Fletcher
Died 11th May 1867 in Newport Township Quebec
Buried Grove Hill Cemetery Sawyerville Quebec

Descendents of John Lyon and Lucy Bowker

John Lyon 1770 – 1855
married Lucy Bowker 1757 – 1866
1 Eliphalet Lyon Born 1809 Died 1878
2 Hanna Lyon Bef. 1804
married Allcott
A. Henry Allcott
3 Orra Lyon Bef. 1804 – Abt. 1898
A. Elmore
i Elsie
ii Will
iii Ed
iv Minnie
v Russell
4 Lucy Lyon Bef. 1804
5 John Bowker Lyon born 30th December 1804; died 28th June 1885
1828 married Arvilla Alcott born 27th November 1808; died 26th February 1866; buried Lunenburg Corner Vermont
A. Charles Lyon February 1830 – 15th May 1830 buried Lunenburg Corner Vermont
B. Abagail B Lyon 1830 – 1893
married John Dodge Bef. 1893 – Aft. 1930
i Herbert Dodge Aft. 1843
ii Lousia Dodge Aft. 1843
iii Arvilla Dodge Aft. 1843
iv Eugene Dodge Aft. 1843
v Emmet Dodge Aft. 1843
vi Will Dodge Aft. 1843
C. Albert Lyon 1832 – 1916
married Susan ?
i Lyon Aft. 1845
ii Lyon Aft. 1845
D. Lucy Lyon 1834 – 2nd April 1835 buried Lunenburg Corner Vermont
E. Clarissa Lyon 1837 – 1930
married Dale Dodge Bef. 1930 – Aft. 1937
i Edwin Dodge Aft. 1850
ii Julian Dodge Aft. 1850
iii Frank Dodge Aft. 1850
iv Cora Dodge Aft. 1850
v Etta Dodge Aft. 1850
F. Alma Lyon 1841 – 1921
married Stephen Dodge Bef. 1921 – Aft. 1941
i Ellen Dodge Aft. 1854
ii Addie Dodge Aft. 1854
iii Elsworth Dodge Aft. 1854
iv Ernest Dodge Aft. 1854
G. Merrill Lyon 1843 – 1913
married Cynthia Smith
i Herbert Lyon Aft. 1856
ii John Lyon Aft. 1856
iii Rosetta Lyon Aft. 1856
iv Lyon Aft. 1856
v Florence Lyon Aft. 1856
H. James Andrew Lyon 1846 – 1921
married Ruth Dowse Bef. 1859
i Gertrude Lyon Aft. 1859
ii Lyon Aft. 1859
iii Katie Lyon Aft. 1859
I. Ellen F Lyon 1847 – 14th September 1851 buried Lunenburg Corner Vermont
J. John Warren Lyon born 13th September 1850 Lunenburg; 1888 moved to Wentworth New Hampshire;  1914 moved to Covington; died 1929
married Elizabeth Matilda Carter of Concord 24th June 1855
i Elmer Eugene Lyon 1874
married Emma Virginia Whepley 12th June 1906; daughter of Samuel M Whepley and Emma Hoffman
a. Meredith ?
b. Lyon Aft. 1889
c. Lyon Aft. 1889
ii Virginia Rose Lyon 1876
married David N Eaton
married Edward Runnels Graulaw
married Betsy Bliss Adams
K. George Herbert Lyon June 1852 – 23rd March 1854 buried Lunenburg Corner Vermont
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