Related Families

William Ward
1597-1687 in garrison at Marlborough Mass
Oct 1 1675 deputy from Marlborough Mass
King Philip’s war
Hannah Ward
Hannah Ward
Daughter of William Ward
Married Abraham Howe May 6th 1657
Died November 3rd 1717 about 78 years old
Mary Howe
Abraham Howe
Married Hannah Ward May 6th 1657
Died June 30th 1695
Mary Howe
William Eager
Son of William Eager of Cambridge
Married first Ruth Hill of Malden
Married second Lydia
Died April 4th 1690
James Eager
John Ruggles
of England
Married Mary Curtis
Sarah Ruggles
Mary Curtis
of England
Married John Ruggles
Sarah Ruggles
John Whitney
Born 1599
Died 1673
Garrison duty King Charles wars
descendants are Eli Whitney inventor of the cotton gin
… navy under Glover Cleveland
H.M. Boston capitalist …
reside in Winchester Mass
Thomas Whitney
John Ball
of Wiltshire England
John Ball
John Pierce
of Watertown Mass
Deputy 1638-1639
Society of Colonial Wars
Elizabeth Pierce
Edmund Bowker
Resided in Dorchester and Sudbury
Married Mary Potter
Died 1666
John Bowker
John Howe
of Sudbury
selectman Ca..a.ded Garrison at Marlborough
in King Philip’s war
Society of Colonial Was
Married Mary
Thomas Howe (Capt)
Edmund Rice
Calvin Coolidge line
Born England
settled in Sudbury Mass
moved to Marlborough
died Marlborough
Society of Colonial Wars
married Jamazine Hasmer
Samuel Rice
Jamazine Hasmer
married Edmund Rice
died 1651
Samuel Rice
Edward Dix
married Jane Wilkinson
Mary Dix
Mary Dix
Daughter of Edward Dix and Jane Wilkinson
Married first Abraham Browne who died Watertown Mass
Married second Samuel Rice
Edward Rice
Samuel Rice
Son of Edmund Rice and Jamazine Hasmer
will dated February 10th 1684 mentions son Edward
married first Elizabeth King who died 1667
married Second Mary Dix
Edward Rice
Eleazer Fairbanks
Born april 8th 1655
Son of George Fairbanks and Mary Adams
Selectman 1703
Society of Colonial Wars
married Martha Lovett
Lydia Fairbanks
Martha Lovett
Daughter of Daniel Lovett and Joanna Blott
Married Eleazer Fairbanks
Lydia Fairbanks
William Leander Lyon was born 1817 died 23 Apr 1887 buried Mount Moriah Cemetery, Rosman, NC.
Baxter Lyon was born 1857.
Maggie Docia Lyon born 15 Nov 1873 died 2 Apr 1967 buried Mount Moriah Calvert Baptist Church, Transylvania Co., NC.
Fannie Lyon was born 1871.
Oscar H. Lyon was born 1874.
Mamie Lyon was born 1883.William Lyon (1620) …[A family history compiled by A. B. Lyon, M. D. of Detroit, Michigan]

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