Thomas Lyon (1670-1717)

Thomas Lyon
Son of Thomas Lyon and Abigail Gould
Born 4th September 1670 Roxbury Mass
Married 1st 1st November 1692 Anne Case (Rev Samuel Sewall)
Married 2nd 8th July 1698 Abagail Clark Dedham Mass
Died 14th September 1717 in Woodstock Conn

Anne Case
Died 17th October 1693

Children of Thomas Lyon and Anne Case:

  1. Achia Lyon
    Born 15th October 1693
    Died 17th October 1693

Abigail Clark
Born about 1670 Northampton England
Daughter of William Clark and Hannah Strong
Married 2nd William son of William Chapman and Elizabeth Smith

Children of Thomas Lyon and Abigail Clark:
(all children born Woodstock Conn)

  1. Thomas Lyon
    Born 9th April 1703
    Died in infancy
  2. Seth Lyon
    Born 27th March 1704
    Resided Ashford Conn
  3. Gould Lyon
    Born 14th February 1706
    Resided Ashford Conn
  4. Abigail Lyon
    Born 12th November 1707
    Married 1st June 1727 Jonathan Chaffe Ashford Conn
    Died 19th January 1777 Ashford
  5. Noah Lyon
    Born 29th December 1710
    Died 1757 Interstate Conn (unmarried)
  6. Sarah Lyon
    Born 11th May 1713
  7. Esther Lyon
    Born 8th August 1716

Second School Master in a school built in 1704. Served as a
corporal under Israel Putnane in French Scouting &
Ranging. As heir of Thomas Lyon received lot #21 in
Woodstock Conn.

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