Adam I de Brus (xxxx-1089) Skelton Descendants

Adam I de Brusse of Skelton, Lord of Cleveland (d 1098)
m. Emma de Ramsay (dau of Sir William de Ramsay)
i. Robert de Brus 1st Lord of Skelton and 1st Lord of Annandale (d 05.1141)
m. Agnes de Paganell (b c1076, dau of Fulk de Paganell)
a. Adam II de Brus, Lord of Skelton (b c1021, d 1143)
m. Jueta/Ivetta d’Arches (dau of William d’Arches)

Children of Adam II de Brus and Jueta/Ivetta d’Arches:

Adam III de Brus

William le Brus
Born circa c1136)

Adam III de Brus
Son of Adam le Brus and Jueta/Ivetta d’Arches
Succeeded his father as Lord of Skelton
Married 1st Joanna de Meschines
Married 2nd Agnes (or Hawise) of Aumale
Died 1196

Joanna de Meschines
Daughter of Ranulph ‘de Gernons’ de Meschines 2nd Earl of Chester

Agnes (or Hawise) of Aumale
Daughter of Etienne Count of Aumale

Children of Adam le Brus and Agnes of Aumale:

  1. Peter/Piers I de Brus
  2. Isabel de Brus
    Married Henry de Percy (died circa 1198)
    Died after 1230

Peter/Piers I de Brus
Son of
Born circa 1152
Succeeded his father as Lord of Skelton
Died circa 1222

Joan le Grammaire
Born circa 1158
daughter of Richard le Grammaire

Children of Peter/Piers I de Brus and Joan le Grammaire:

  1. Peter/Piers Brus
  2. Simon
    Born circa 1183
  3. Roger
    Born circa 1184
    Died after 1237
  4. Thomas
    Born circa 1186
  5. Robert
    Born circa 1187
  6. William
    Born circa 1189

Peter/Piers II de Brus
Son of Peter/Piers I deBrus and Joan le Grammaire
Succeeded his father as lord of Skelton and Danby
Born circa 1181
arried Hawise de Lancaster
Died 07.09.1241

Hawise de Lancaster
Daughter of Gilbert FitzReindfride
Born circa 1190
Died after 09.1226

Children of Peter/Piers de Brus and Hawise de Lancaster:

  1. Peter/Piers III de Brus
  2. Avelina (1206-xxxx)
  3. Isabella (1207-xxxx)
  4. Joan (1211-1243)
  5. John (1213-xxxx)
  6. Agnes Brus(1215-1279)
    m 1st William de Lancaster Lord Kendal
    m 2nd Walter de Fauconberg of Ryse
  7. Lucy Brus (1216-1282)
    m Marmaduke de Thweng of Kilton
  8. Margaret Brus (1218-1306/7)
    m Robert de Ros Lord of Werke Castle
  9. Laderina (1219-xxxx)
  10. Alice (1220-xxxx)
  11. Margery (1221-xxxx)
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