Robert de Burges (1010-xxxx)

Born about 1010

Suspected illegitimate son of Lambert I Count of Louvain.


Louvain Connection

This connection showing Robert as a younger son of Count Lambert I has been put forward by “Baronage Press” in an article on BRUCE Family Ancestry and is based on Heraldic Evidence, the Primary Charge on the Coat-of-Arms carried by the BRUCEs in England being the same as the Count’s Coat-of-Arms (Lion Rampant Azure).

Castellan of Burges Castle in 1046

Becoming Castellan of Burges Castle for the Count of Flanders would be an extremely attractive position to a younger son, as Bruges was of huge strategic importance and it could be expected to lead to other opportunities.

Married Emma of Brittany born about 1015 in Brittany, France


Children of Robert de Bruges and Emma of Brittany:

  1. Allan de Brus born about 1033 Normandy France
  2. Robert de Brusse born about 1035 Normandy France




In the reign of Richard II (1377-1399), a Robert de Burges held lands in Melton and his son called himself de Melton.

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