Adam II de Brus (1134-1196)

Born 12 November 1134 Skelton Yorkshire England
Son of Adam I le Brus and Agnes de Aumâle
3rd Lord of Skelton and Danby Cleveland York
Married circa 1170 Juetta d’Arches daughter of William d’Arches and Jueta
custody given to William of Aumale during his minority (shown by Ruth Blakely to have been his maternal uncle)9 [Note: the manor of Danby was appropriated by William of Aumale during his minority, and not returned upon his taking seisin of his other lands10]
record of a plea or convention before Ranulf de Glanville and other justices in Yorkshire, 22 Hen II (1175-6):
‘ Adam de Brus redd. comp. de .c. l. de misericordia pro foresta. In thesauro .l. l. Et debet .l. l. ‘ [Pipe Roll XXV:11213]
confirmed gifts by his men to the church of Guisborough, before 1176
previously held to have been 2nd husband of Agnes of Aumale [Farrer, Early Yorkshire Charters2; Clay; and other dependent sources]. Cristopher Nash, citing Ruth Blakely, has provided evidence that the elder Adam de Brus was the husband of Agnes of Aumale, and ancestor by her of Adam II and his posterity – including the heirs of Peter III de Brus who also claimed inheritance of the de Aumale estate 9
Died in 1180 according to Visitation pedigree 8
Died 1196 Skelton Yorkshire England

Juetta de Arches
born Scagglethorpe Yorkshire England

Children of Adam II le Brus and Juetta de Arches:

  1. Adam III de Brus Lord of Skelton
    Born Skelton Yorkshire England
  2. William de Brus
    Born circa 1136
  3. Peter d le Brus (Baron Skelton and Danby)
    Born circa 1170 Skelton Yorkshire
    Died 1222
  4. Isabel de Brus
    Born circa 1175
    Married 1st Henry de Percy (died circa 1198)
    Married 2nd Roger Mauduit
    Died 29th March 1246

Information Sources:
2. Title: The Brus Family in England and Scotland, 1100-1295
Author: Ruth Margaret Blakely
Publication: Boydell Press, 2005 ISBN 184383152X, 9781843831525

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