Peter/Piers I de Brus (1152-1222)

Son of Adam II de Brus and Juetta de Arches
Born circa 1152 circa 1170 Skelton Yorkshire
Baron Skelton and Danby Succeeded to lordship of Thorpe-Arch on death of mother Jueta 9
Married Joan le Grammarie born circa 1158 daughter of Richard le Grammaire

held 12 carucates at Mappleton and Rolston in chief, 1206 [VCH Yorks. East Riding VII:306-32118]

A similar letter to the following, written ‘ to Peter de Brus concerning the brother of Robert de Brus ‘ [unidentified] a hostage of the King of Scotland placed with Peter for safekeeping, to be transferred to the King of England’s custody, 13 June 1213 : ‘ 574. Concerning the K. of Scotland’s hostages. The K. to S[aher] earl of Winchester. Commands him on receipt, immediately to send the K. by   good and safe messengers, Reginald his own son, and the son of William de Veteripont, hostages of the K. of Scotland, who are in his custody by the K.’s order; so that they may be with the K. at Portsmouth on the vigil of St. John Baptist instant. Beaulieu. ‘ [Bain I:100-10119, cites Foedera I:113; and Close Roll 15 John, p. 1, m. 4]

Died: circa 1222

Joan le Grammarie
Born about 1172 Knottington Yorkshire England

Children of Peter I le Brus and Joan le Grammarie:

  1. Peter II le Brus Baron Skelton and Danby Born Skelton Yorkshire Died 1264
  2. Agnes le Brus Married William de Lancaster Died after 1264
  3. Simon le Brus Born circa 1183
  4. Roger le Brus Born circa 1184 Died after 1237
  5. Thomas le Brus Born circa 1186
  6. Robert le Brus

Born circa 1187

  1. William le Brus Born circa 1189

Information Sources:

  2. Title: The Brus Family in England and Scotland, 1100-1295
    Author: Ruth Margaret Blakely
    Publication: Boydell Press, 2005 ISBN 184383152X, 9781843831525
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