Robert de Brus (xxxx-xxxx)

of Skelton and Danby Cleveland York

(1st Lord Skelton Lord Cleveland and 1st Lord Annandale)

Also known as Robert le Meschin or “the Cadet”

Son of Robert de Brus and Emma de Ramsay

Married 1st Agnes Bainard Daughter of Geoffrey Bainard (Sheriff of York)

Married 2nd Agnes Pagnall Daughter and heiress of Fulk de Pagnall (Lord Carleton of North Yorkshire)

Had grant of Skelton from King Henry I 1106 and exchanged other lands for Danby Cleveland Yorkshire

Attested a charter of William of Mortain before 1107 and charter of Henry I at a council in Nottingham confirming gifts to the church of Durham 1109

In 1119 Robert de Brus, his 1st wife Agnes daughter of Fulk Paynell and son and heir Adam founded a monastery at Guisburn (now Guisborough) in Yorkshire and amply endowed it with lands and possessions.

‘Roberti de Brus ‘, witness (together with Robert de Brus, Robert fitz Nigel, Hugh de Morville, Hugh ‘bret’ and Robert Corbet, Walter de Lindsay and Walter fitz Winemer) to the charter of Earl David granting 100s from Hardingestrona for the use of the church of Glasgow with the concession of his wife Matilda; dated ca. 1123 [Lawrie, early Scottish Charters, pp. 41-2, no. XLVI5]

In 1124 served as a companion in arms under Prince David, afterwards David I King of Scotland and received from him a grant of the lordship of Annandale. For this princely gift he did homage to the Scottish king. However in 1138 de Brus renounced his allegiance and resigned his lands in Annandale to his son by his second marriage. The battle of the Standard followed on the 11th August 1138, in which the army of King David was completely defeated. At this famous battle Robert de Brus took prisoner his second son, Robert fourteen years of age, who being a liegeman to the Scottish king for the lands of Annandale had fought for the Scottish King.

‘Robert de Brus’ had charter from King David I of Scots for ‘Estrahanent [i.e., Annandale] and all the land from the boundary of Dunegal of Stranit [Nithsdale] to the boundary of Randolph Meschin…. Witnesses: Eustace Fitzjohn, Hugh de Morville, Alan de Perci, William de Somerville, Berengar Engaine, Randolph de Sules, William de Morville, Hervi son of Warin and Edmund the chamberlain’, dated Scone, ca. 1124 [Donaldson, p. 196]

‘Robertus de Brus’, made gift of 20 carucates and 2 bovates of land along with the town of Guisborough to the canons of Guisborough 1124 (confirmed by grandson Adam de Brus before 1190)

‘Robertus de Brus’, made grant of the manor of Appleton Wieske [‘vocatur Appletona’] and the land between it and Kirk Levington to St. Mary’s, York, ca. 1125-35; witnessed by son Adam de Brus [EYC II: 1-2, no. 648, citing Chartulary of St. Mary’s] 2

‘ Robert de Brus ‘, witness to charter of King David dated 1126: ‘Charter addressed to all throughout his kingdom in Scotia and Lothian granting to St Cuthbert and his monks, in alms, the following lands in Lothian:- Coldingham, Old Cambus, Lumsdaine, Reston, “Remintun”, Swinewood, Prenderguest, Ayton, the other Ayton, “Crammesmuthe”, Lamberton, the other Lamberton, Paxton, Fishwick and Swinton with all rights, customs, appurtenances, etc for the good of his soul and the souls of his son Henry, his parents, his brothers and sisters. Witnesses: John, Bishop [of Glasgow] , Robert de Brus , Herbert the Chancellor , Ascelin the Archdeacon , Pagan de Braose , Hugh Brett , Berengar Engain , Gospatric the sheriff , Aimar . ‘ [Confirmed in the third year of his reign, at Peebles . 1126 Language: Latin Parchment. Size: 11 x 4″ Seal: David I. Broken. Natural wax varnished. Attached to strip cut from foot of document. To strengthen the seal tag someone has stitched it for 1″ to the foot of the charter. [Misc.Ch. 568; Cart. Vet. f. 101v [x] ; Misc.Ch. 6805 ; Raine ND App. XV ; Lawrie LXV ; Carr, App no. 2 p 323 ] [Durham University Library Archives & Special Collections, Misc.Ch. 5687]

renounced allegiance to Scotland and resigned lands to younger son Robert before Battle of the Standard, 1138 cf. Richard Borthwick, ‘Researching de Brus and Descendants’ (cites Sanders, I J *English Baronies: a study of their origin and descent 1086-1327* (Oxford, 1963 [1960]) 77; DNB III:114; K S B Keats-Rohan *Domesday People: A Prosopography of Persons occurring in English Documents, 1066-1166* (The Boydell Press: Woodbridge, 1999) I:414-415)

Robert de Brus died 11th May 1141 at which time his English estates were inherited by his eldest son Adam, whose male line ended with Peter III de Brus of Skelton (constable of Scarborough castle) who died 18th September 1271 leaving his extensive estates to four sisters as co-heiresses, each married to a powerful English baron.

Robert de Brus is buried Priory church of Guisborough Yorkshire

Children of Robert and Agnes:

  1. Adam I de Brus

Died 1143

  1. Robert de Brus (2nd Lord Annandale)

Born circa 1102

Married Euphemia

Ancestor of the BRUCEs of Scotland

Died 1194 Died 1142

  1. Pagan de Bruce possibly ancestor to BRUCEs of Pickering
  2. Agatha de Brus

Born about 1069 in Skelton Castle Yorkshire England

Married Ralph Taillebois lord of Middleham (born circa 1100)

  1. William de Brus
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