Adelicia of House Louvain

Windsor was a favourite summer residence of Henry and it was there, in 1121, that he married Adelicia of Louvain, the ‘Fair Maid of Brabant.

Lorraine, Adelicia de Queen of England
(b. ABT 1100 Brabant d. 23 APR 1151 Affingham Flanders)
Date: 23 APR 1151 Abbey Reading Berkshire England
“The Fair Maid of Brabant”
Princess of Brabant
Father: Lorraine, Godfrey I “Bearded” de D/Lorraine
Mother: Chiny, Ide de Namur de Duchess/Lower Lorraine
Marriage: 1138 England D’Aubigny, William II “Strong Hand” E/Arundel
Birth: ABT 1102 Buckenham, Norfolk, England
Death: 12 OCT 1176 Abbey Waverly, Surrey, England
Father: D’Aubigny, William I (D’Albini) E/Albermarle
Mother: Bigod, Maud (Mary)


Louvain, Alice “Adelise”
D’Aubigny, William III E/Sussex
D’Aubigny, Maud


Marriage: 1120
Spouse:Normandy, Henry I “Beauclerc” K/England

Ingleram de Lyon (Lions) aka Ithleram Louvein (1)*…

There is a Lyon Family tradition which suggests that Ingleram’s sister was “The Fair Maid of Brabant”, Adelicia, Queen of England, second wife of Henry I “Beauclerc”, King of England.

1.   Charlemagne, Emperor of the West, born A.D. 742; married Hildegarde, third wife,
and had —
2.   Louis I., King of France, married Judith, the fair,
and had —
3.   Charles II, King of France; married Ermentrudis,
and had —
4.   Louis II, King of France; married Adeheir,
and had —
5.   Charles III, King of France; married Princess Edgiva, Granddaughter of Alfred the
Great, King of England, and had —
6.   Louis IV, King of France; married, A.D. 939, Princess Gerberga De Saxe, daughter of
Henry the Fowler, Emperor of Germany, and had —
7.   Charles, Duke of Lorraine, eldest son, excluded from the throne of France, who
married First Bonne, daughter of Godefroi d’Ardenne, and had —
8.   Gerberge, Countess of Lorraine, who married Lambert I, Count of Mous,
and had —
9.   Lambert II, Count of Mous, who married Ode, daughter of Gothelon, Count of
Lorraine, son of Duke Charles, son of Louis IV, and had —
10. Henry II, Duke of Brabant; married, Adela of Thuringia,
and had —
11. Godfred I, Duke of Lower Lorraine Brabant, and Lother; married Ida, daughter of
Albert, third Count de Namur; also married Sophia, daughter of Henry IV, Emperor
of Germany; his daughter —
12. Adelicia, the Fair Maid of Brabant, second wife and widow of Henry I, King of
England, who married secondly William d’Albini, Earl of Sussex and Arundel,
and had —

Adeliza or Adelaide of England Brabant Queen

NAME: also shown as ADELICIA LOUVAIN, the Fair Maid of Brabant.

NOTE: she had no children with King Henry of England.

During her second marriage (to William d’Albini) she had her first child in the second year of marriage, and had 8 others in 11 years (2 stillborn).

NAME/TITLE: also shown as ADELICIA and Adeliza de LOUVAIN, Princess
and Queen of ENGLAND.

Adeliza de Louvain1 (F)
b. circa 1103, d. circa 23 April 1151, #102038
Last Edited=17 Jul 2004
Consanguinity Index=1.6%

     Adeliza de Louvain was the daughter of Godefroi I de Louvain, Duc de Basse-Lorraine and Ida de Namur, Comtesse de Namur.1 She was born circa 1103 at Louvain, Belgium.2,3 She married, firstly, Henry I ‘Beauclerc’, King of England, son of William I ‘the Conqueror’, King of England and Matilda de Flandre, on 29 January 1121 at Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England.4 She married, secondly, William d’Aubigny, 1st Earl of Arundel, son of William d’Aubigny and Maud le Bigod, in 1138.2,3 She was also reported to have been married on 2 February 1121 at Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire. She died circa 23 April 1151 at Affligem Abbey, Afflingham, Flandre, Belgium.2 She was buried at Afflingham, Flandre, Belgium.2
Through her marriage, Adeliza de Louvain gained the title of Queen Dowager of England on 1 December 1135.3 She was a nun in 1150 at Affligem Abbey, Afflingham, Flandre.2,3 She has an extensive biography in the Dictionary of National Biography.5

Children of Adeliza de Louvain and William d’Aubigny, 1st Earl of Arundel:

Reynor d’Aubigny
Henry d’Aubigny
Alice d’Aubigny   d. 1188
Olivia d’Aubigny
Agatha d’Aubigny
William d’Aubigny, 2nd Earl of Arundel+   b. b 1150, d. 24 Dec 1193
Geoffrey d’Aubigny   b. b 1151


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\ Godefroi I de Louvain, Duc de Basse-Lorraine (M)
b. circa 1060, d. 25 January 1140, #102501
Last Edited=10 May 2003

     Godefroi I de Louvain, Duc de Basse-Lorraine was the son of Henri II de Louvain, Comte de Louvain and Adele de Bettau. He was born circa 1060. He married, firstly, Ida de Namur, Comtesse de Namur, daughter of Albert III de Namur, Comte de Namur and Ida von Sachsen, circa 1105.1 He married, secondly, Clementia de Bourgogne, daughter of William de Bourgogne, Comte de Bourgogne, after 1121. He died on 25 January 1140.
Godefroi I de Louvain, Duc de Basse-Lorraine also went by the nick-name of Godefroi ‘le Barbu’ de (or in English, Geoffrey ‘the Bearded’). He gained the title of Duc de Basse-Lorraine. He gained the title of Comte de Brabant. He gained the title of Comte de Louvain.

Child of Godefroi I de Louvain, Duc de Basse-Lorraine and Clementia de Bourgogne:

Godefroi II de Louvain, Duc de Basse-Lorraine+   d. 1142

Child of Godefroi I de Louvain, Duc de Basse-Lorraine and Ida de Namur, Comtesse de Namur:

Adeliza de Louvain+   b. c 1103, d. c 23 Apr 1151


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