Extract from Lyon Memorial – Massachusetts Families

Richard de Leone to Mathew his brother lands.

Matilda his wife. Robert, Philip, Richard, William, Roger, son of Richard and others witnesses.

Roger wife Hawis to Richard de Sutton in marriage of Margaret (daughter); Nicholas de Leuns witness lands

Robert de Papes to Richard son of John de Leonibus witness Lord Roger de Leonibus, Gerard de Leonibus, Nicholas de Leonibus.

Richard de Leonibus son of Nicholas de Leonibus to Richard de Bekenton, “land next to Petronilla, my sister;” witness Roger, Gerard, Richard and others

Nicholas de Lyons to Alan le Hesper in marriage with “Emma, my daughter,” land between that of Nicholas and of Agnes de Lyons; witness Lord John and others.

Robert de Pompes to Richard son of Lord Roger de Leuns; witness Nicholas and Gerard de Leuns.

Richard de Lyons for the salvation of his father and mother and for the souls of his ancestors to God and the blessed Virgin and the Master and brothers of St. Leonard of Banbury; witness Richard de Lyons, Lord, etc., Richard, his uncle, and others.

John de Pampisworth to Richard, son of Roger de Lionibus; witness Roger and Nicholas.

Richard Lyuns to Radulph Buckull ; witness Nich. de Lyuns, Round .seal: a lion passant regardant contourne. Sigillum Ricardi Levns.

William Pauper de Parston to Roger de Lionibus; witness Nicholas and Richard de Lions.

Richard son of Henry de Lyuns of Wareworth to Richard son of Walter son of Peter (Lyon?) of Wareworth; witness Richard and others.

Richard, Kt., Lord of Wareworth 6 Edw. I, II Edw. I, 17 Edw. I (1277, 1282, 1288).

Settlement in King’s Court at York between Hugh de Okele, plf., and John and Margerie, deft. Grant to John and Margery and son Richard 31 Edw. I (1302).

Lady Margery, widow Lord John de Leouns, Kt., with consent of John, his son, to’ Laurence, son of Richard de Overthropp 16 Edw II (1322).

Release to John de Leouns pasture and fishing rights which William de St. John recovered from Margerie, mother of said John 5 Edw. Ill (1331).

John de Sutton, Kt, grants to John de Lions 6 Edw. Ill (1332).
[Apparent] dispensation from the Prior and brothers of St. Augustine of Northampton to John and wife Alice and for souls of ancestors, Roger de Lions, John, Richard and wife Emma, John and wife Margerie, A. D., 1330.

Grant of John de Lyouns, Kt., 35 Edw. Ill (1361). Round seal: a lion rampant, crest a lion’s head couped. Sigill, Johannis de Liouns.

Mention of Richard de Liouns, son Richard and sire (father?) John de Lyons. 35 Edward III. [In Norman French — some terms not plain.]

Indenture between Lady Isabel de St. John and John de Lyouns, heir of Monsr John de Lyouns. John will espouse Margerie St. John, daughter of Isabel, and Isabel will enfeoff John of her manor in Middleton, co. Northampton. 44 Edw. Ill (1370).

John de Lionus to Robert Chaplain of St. Leonard’s Banbury and John Hornet, Chaplain, John Stedman, etc. 50 Edw. Ill (1376). Round seal: a lion rampant, a label of three points. Crest a lion’s head couped. Sig: Joh’is Liouns.

[Apparent] power of Attorney to Nicholas Martyn in regard to above John Homet and John Stedman. 7 Rich. II (1383). Same seal.
John Gerard of Banbury to John de Leone, Margery his wife and Richard, their son, 33 Edw. I (1304).

Release by Adam, son of John of Gruttworth to Nicholas de Liouns. 4 Edw. II (1310).

John de Liouns to son John, land in Swerford parva dower land of mother, Emma, with reversion to Richard, his brother. Witness, Thomas Lionus of Dunstowe and others. 5 Edw. II (1311).

John, son of Lord John, Kt., to Alice, daughter of Will de Licio. 13 Edw. II (1319).

John de Leonibus, clerk, father of Thomas de Leonibus of Warkworth, CO. Northampton, son and heir of Richard de Leonibus deed. 2 Edw. IV (1462).

Margery, daughter John de Lions, Lord of Warkworth, married Bgidius de St. John, Lord of Plumpton St. John, died 1381. (Coll. Miscel. Geneal. et Heraldica, Vol. I.)

Grant of arms to Robert Jason of Enfield, 1588. Quartered with arms of John Lyon, Esq. of parts beyond the sea in Holland, naturalized of England in tyme of K. Henry VIII., viz.: ye field gules a lyon passant gardant d’ argent with a canton of the Red Cross in right of his mother, Susan, dau. of John Lyon (ibid Vol, III.).

Lincoln wills:— Richard Clipsham of Wanthorpe, gent., proved 1618; father of George Lyon deed, wife Dorothy, mother of George executrix. See Harrow pedigree, page 13.

Commenting on the new records given above. Dr. G. W. A. Lyon writes: “The Northampton pedigree confirms the theory of the interrelation of the Lyon families of the middle counties. It will be observed that the Rolls office pedigree (pages 11, 12) mentions the holding at an early date of land in divers counties, and it is in precisely these counties in which are found the branches of the Lyon family.

Many of the names mentioned in the notes do not appear in the Northampton pedigree, but they form a group unquestionably related to those of that pedigree. At two points the two lines, otherwise apparently distinct, show unexplained relationships. We find Richard of the Rolls Office line holding the manor Reckbroke, co. Oxford, but John of Northampton gave the manor of Reckbroke to Alice St. Liz. Again the Thomas contemporary with Elizabeth, who married Richard Wydville, seems to have been connected with the Northampton family, yet his grandson, Thomas Wydville impales the arms of Lyon in right of his mother, and those arms are not those of Warkworth, Northampton, but those of Essex.”
[It may be remarked that it is no uncommon thing to find items of family history misappropriated especially in connection with coincidences in given names.] The Northampton pedigree is likely to be of especial interest to descendants of the Fairfield County branches since in these we find a tradition that their ancestors came from Northern England.

The following item seems to furnish an important clew in the search for the origin of the Dorchester Lyon family.
The will of John Bigg of Maidstone, proved 7, 2, 1642, devises to Brother Stowe, sister and mother living in New England, Cousin James Bate of New England and Cousin Lyne of same. Now the persons named in this will were of Dorchester, viz.: John Stow, legatee of John Bigg, co, Kent, Eng., Rachel Bigg (widow, came from London, 1635, will, Dorchester 1646), Mary, daughter of Stephen Terry (came 1630), b. Dorchester 1635, James Bate (came 1635, ae. 53, wife Alice). [There was also a James Bates of Hingham, probably nephew and James Bates of Hadam, probably son, who went back to England and returned.] There seems therefore strong probability that Cousin Lyne was either Peter or George Lyon of Dorchester.

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