The town is referred in the Domesday Book as Cosseham

Corsham is recorded as Coseham in 1001 and as Cosseha in 1086

Originally named Cosseha, there has been a settlement in Corsham since Anglo-Saxon times. Corsham Court has royal connections (Corsham Regis) dating back centuries. King Ethelred kept house on the site of this old manor.

Situated on a Roman Road from Bath to Silchester, Corsham is said to have thrived on sheep, stone and cloth and to have held markets and fairs.

Full text of “A history of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight”
See Crondal Cosham [Coseham, Cosseham], i, 434. …… 195, 197 Lynton, Rich., ii, 163 Lyon, Ezekiel, iv, 169 Lyons, Edm., Ld., v, 85 Lyons (de), H. F., v, ……/indexfhampshi00doubuoft_djvu.txt

Full text of “Fasti ecclesiae Hibernicae : the succession of the …
In 1504 we find him instituted to the Vicarage of Coseham, in Wiltshire. …… LYON, William, i. 353, 223, 293. Lyon, John, ii. 199, 172, 163, 155. ……/fastiecclesiae05cottuoft_djvu.txt

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