St Fergus Church

St Fergus Church stands at the end of Kirk Wynd in the village of Glamis, close to one of the gateways onto the grounds of Glamis Castle. The church as you see today was completed in 1792 as a replacement for the stone church which was consecrated in 1242.

When the new church was built in 1792, a part of the older church, known as the “Strathmore Aisle”, was left as a separate structure immediately south of the church. The Strathmore Aisle was built as a south transept to the medieval church some time between 1459 and 1484 by Isabella Ogilvy, in memory of her husband, Patrick Lyon, the 1st Lord Glamis. The aisle became a free standing building when the rest of the church was pulled down to make room for the new church and stood derelict until it was renovated in 1971 and reconnected to the church.

The aisle is evidently much older than the rest of the church and has a vaulted ceiling and a range of detailed features and carvings. One of the highlights of the aisle is the raised tomb in which lie the remains of both Patrick Lyon and Isabella Ogilvy. Beneath the floor of the aisle is a burial vault in which successive generations of the House of Strathmore, the residents of Glamis Castle, have been buried.

A more recent addition to the Strathmore aisle is the superb stained glass window in the south wall. This was installed in 2001 in memory of Fergus, 17th Earl of Strathmore, and though carrying themes inspired by the Bible is strikingly modern in style.

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