Warkworth Castle Northumberland England

As I search the Internet for Family History Records to review. I am continuously coming across entries referring members of the LYON Family having been born at, living at, married at or dying at Warkworth Castle Northumberland England.

Although this is conceivably possible it is highly unlikely as most such family members reviewed to date are known to be associated with Warkworth Manor in Northamptonshire England. Pevsner in his study of the county’s buildings describes Warkworth more as a fortified manor house (a mansion with a big gatehouse and semi-circular towers) than a castle.

Primary example of this is Sir John de Lyons and his descendants. This branch of the LYON Family was in possession of Warkworth Manor Northamptonshire from 1160 through 1371 and continuously showup associated with Warkworth Castle Northumberland.

Sir John de Lyons (son of Nicholas de Lyons and grandson of Sir John de Lyons a Norman Baron) was granted the estates of Warkworth in Northamptonshire by King Henry II circa 1160. The estate took in land as far as the River Cherwell and included Grimsbury (then part of Northamptonshire). Warkworth remained in the possession of the LYON Family until 1371 when the last male heir Sir Richard de Lyons died without issue and the estate was inherited by his sister Elizabeth and through her Warkworth passed to the Chetwode family.

Members of the LYON family born at Warkworth Manor:

1. Sir John de Lyons born about 1167
2. Sir Richard de Lyons born about 1192
3. Richard de Lyons born 1242 married Emma
4. Sir John de Lyons born about 1268 married Margery de Oakley
5. Sir John de Lyons born about 1289 (some sources say 1299) married Alice de St Liz (some sources say Senlis)
6. John de Lyons born 1320 married Margaret St John
7. Elizabeth Lyons born about 1324 married 1st Sir Nicholas Chetwode married 2nd Richard de Wydeville

If during your research you come across web pages with LYON family members associated with Warkworth Castle Northumberland, I suggest that you seriously consider discounting any information they contain, especially if the site provides no citations or source references. The authors of these sites have simply copied information from elsewhere without checking its validity.

More About Warkworth Manor Northamptonshire England

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