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Ancestors of Laomedon van Troye

Laomedon van Troye Dardanus Electra Roma Zerach Tamar

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Ancestors of Charlemagne

Information Extracted from GENI Generation 1 1 – CHARLEMAGNE Patricius Romanorum 742-814 Generation 2 2 – Pepin III le Bref 714-768 3 – Bertrade II de Laon ca 720-783 Generation 3 4 – Charles Martel 686/689-741 5 – Rotrude de … Continue reading

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History of the Franks

Extracted from the History of the Franks by Eupedia Origins of the Franks The Franks, like other West Germanic tribes, is thought to have descended from Denmark or Schleswig-Holstein in the Early Iron Age (c. 500 BCE) through Lower Saxony. … Continue reading

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Charlemagne (circa 747) thru Reginar II (890)

1-Charlemagne (Charles) King of the Franks, King of Italy and Holy Roman Emperor (2 April 742-28 January 814) +Hildegarde of Vinzgouw (758-April 783) 2-Louis I (Ludwig) “The Pious” King of Aquitaine, King of the Franks, Holy Roman Emperor (16 April … Continue reading

Posted in Descendents | Leave a comment ERROR erroneously reports John Lyon of Ryslippe; born about 1520; husband to Joan; and father of William born about 1550; is the same person as John Lyon son of John Lyon and Janet Douglas; born about 1521; and husband to … Continue reading

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DNA Testing Results

My latest DNA testing results are in and my DNA ancestry is confirmed as being R-L21 Atlantic Celtic branch (R1b1a2a1a1b3e) [formerly known as S-145] David

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