Charlemagne (circa 747) thru Reginar II (890)

1-Charlemagne (Charles) King of the Franks, King of Italy and
Holy Roman Emperor (2 April 742-28 January 814)
+Hildegarde of Vinzgouw (758-April 783)

2-Louis I (Ludwig) “The Pious” King of Aquitaine, King of the Franks, Holy Roman Emperor (16 April 778-20 June 840)
+Ermengarde Princess of Hesbaye (778-3 October 818)

3-Lothair I Holy Roman Emperor (795-29 September 855)
+Ermengarde of Orleans and Tours
(about 805-20 March 856)

4-Ermengarde (Helletrude) de Lorraine (about 830-about 864)
+Giselbert II von Maasgau (about 815-after 877

5-Reginier (Rainer, Reginar) I de Hainault (about 850-916)
+Hersent de France? (about 865-after 919)

6-Regnier (Rainier, Reginar) II de Hainault Count of Hainault (about 890-after 932)
+Adelaide of Burgundy (about 903-)

Information Sources:
My Family and Other Emperors
Various Wikipedia Pages

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